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The Best Gelcoat Restorer in 2024

best gelcoat restorer

The Gelcoat plays a vital role in making the boat look shiny and bright. It is a part of the boat’s surface that makes it look attractive and inviting to the eyes of others. But as time goes by, the quality of the surface degrades with all the fading, scratches, and other damage made from the difficult marine condition. For this reason, every boat owner needs the best gelcoat restorer to solve the issue and make the surface look good and alive again.

There are plenty of marine gelcoat restorer found in the market today. And the challenge of choosing the right one for the boat is real. But for us, this should not be a problem. This review features five of the best boat gelcoat restorer that have successfully passed our test and is highly recommended by us. We also included a lot of information in each of the products to help boat owners in selecting the right choice for their boat.

Best Gelcoat Restorer Reviews

1. Perfect-It 3M 36106 Gelcoat Cutting Compound

perfect-it 3m 36106 gelcoat cutting compound

Cleaning gelcoat on boats can be a tedious process with all the different steps needed to complete the restoration. But this boat gelcoat cleaner from Perfect-It can do it with its one-step procedure. This boat care product takes pride in having the ability to polish, refine, and wax gelcoat in one easy step for the benefit of all boat owners.

What I was impressed with the product is its easy application process where you only need a rotary buffer and a 3M wool polishing pad is needed. For those small areas, you can even use the bare hands to do the polishing and restoration process. Once applied, you will immediately see the result as it removes scratches and other major damage found on the surface.

I also like the formulation that this gelcoat restorer for boats has. It comes with a balanced formula that effectively removes all the damage, scratches, and even oxidation found on gel coats. It is scientifically formulated to produce the best result and is considered to be one of the best gelcoat polishing compound that you can use in the boat. It is effective and easy to use.

I also like the flexibility in terms of using it with other surfaces. I mean, this product is not only used as gelcoat polish for boats as it can be applied to other surfaces such as recreational vehicles and other types of watercraft. Further, compared to other products, this works better and faster, thus saving your precious time.

The only issue I see in the product is the quality of the bottle. I feel that it’s low quality and has the tendency to break easily. Needs improvement in this aspect.

What We Like
  • Promotes one-step restoration that reduces time and expense.
  • Scientifically formulated to extend product life and easy usage
  • Works best in all non-silicone sensitive gelcoat surfaces
  • Effectively removes scratches and oxidation
  • Leaves a high-gloss shine surface
What We Don’t Like
  • Subpar container

If you have not used this product, then I am advising you to buy it now. This is a great fit for buffing and polishing the gelcoat of your boat to restore its shiness and make it look new again. I am telling you, it will provide the best result and is easy to apply.

2. Owatrol Gelcoat Restorer

owatrol gelcoat restorer

If you are a boat owner who wants to restore the brightness of your gelcoat, then the Owatrol Gelcoat Restorer is highly recommended. It will remove the dullness of the surface and make it look brand new using a unique formulation that is safe and effective to the boat. You will say goodbye to scratches, damages, and oxidation and will welcome a new and restored gelcoat surface.

Color recovery is an important factor to bring back the brightness of the gelcoat and this product has the unique ability to do it. With its special and unique formulation that penetrates to the surface, you will expect the best result as it revives the shiness of the surface. This can be achieved if it removes the oxidation, scratches, and other damage on the gelcoat and this boat refinishing gelcoat can effectively do that.

Another feature that I was impressed with is its easy application process. The boater will only need to buff the surface lightly to achieve the best result and make the gelcoat looks new and fresh. Furthermore, you can leave the waxing and the polishing behind and you will still get a new and rejuvenated surface that has protection from damages from the outside environment.

I also like the versatility of these boat care accessories in terms of their application to different types of surfaces. This product can be used as a polishing gel coat fiberglass, stones, plastic, and even painted surfaces. It is one of the best polishing compound for gelcoat and other types of surfaces.

The only downside I see in this gelcoat restorer is its inability to be applied on a white gelcoat. This product works well on colored gelcoat surfaces but not on plain white gelcoat surfaces.

What We Like
  • Comes with a unique formulation to provide the best results
  • Provides color recovery at the soonest possible time
  • Effectively removes oxidation, scratches, and other damages
  • Easy application process
  • Provides versatility in using a different type of surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable for plain white gelcoat surface

If you want to bring back the liveness of the gelcoat surfaces of your boat, then get this fiber gel coat restoration product. It will not only make the surface look new but also easy to apply which will bring a lot of convenience to all boat owners.

3. Poli Glow Fiberglass Gel Coat Restorer

poli glow fiberglass gel coat restorer

When looking for the best gel coat polish, you need to have a product that offers both quality and efficiency in restoring the brightness of your gelcoat. And this is what this gelcoat restorer from Poli Glow is offering with its superior quality effects without giving unnecessary flaking off or yellowing the surface. It is one of the best polish for gel coat that can also be used on fiberglass surfaces.

But for its features, I was more impressed with its formulation. This boat care product is a water-based polymer that comes with UV protector properties that can prevent damage and other effects of the sunlight. The result is a super bright surface that can withstand difficult marine conditions for a longer period.

Furthermore, we all know that buffing a boat gel coat will not be easy but this product’s easy application process is something else. It will give a unique convenience to the user by just merely wiping it for at least 4 to 6 coats. Each coat can dry in 2 minutes or less which means lesser time in cleaning the surface.

I also like this product’s ability to cover a larger area of the boat’s gelcoat to save the boater additional expense. In fact, in many of the gelcoat restorer reviews, this product has been emphasized always to cover greater area coverage. One bottle of this product can cover a 30-34 feet boat or other recreational vehicles which for me is amazing.

However, one downside I see in this product is the need to use a mitt applicator. The applicator can be an additional burden in terms of the expense as the regular sponge or will not have the same glossy effect when used in the application process.

What We Like
  • Made with water-based polymers
  • Fortified with UV inhibitors
  • Ease of application by wiping a minimum of 4 to 6 coats only
  • Does not flake off and make the surface yellow
  • Can cover a wider area of the boat
What We Don’t Like
  • The need to use a mitt applicator

Restoring oxidized gelcoat ina boat can be a challenge but this boat care product is the answer. This stuff works and will make the surface looks new. Just make sure that the surface is clean before the application and you will have the best gelcoat surface for a long time.

4. Polymer Planet Composites White Gelcoat

polymer planet composites white gelcoat

Restoring gel coat fiberglass boat can be a daunting task but with this white gelcoat restorer from Polymer Planet, everything will be easy. If you need some quick repairs, this isophthalic NPG gelcoat solution is the answer to fixing your boat’s gelcoat surfaces. It also can build and repair damage found on fiberglass boat surfaces and make it look brand new again.

What I like best about this boat care product is its durability after the application process. Even with the constant water sanding, compounding, and repolishing, this gelcoat solution will make the surface remain durable and withstand the difficult marine condition. Trust that this optimum gel restorer will not be washed off as it is made to meet the rigid safety requirements of the boating industry.

I also like the ease of application that this boat care product is offering. All you need to do is pour and apply to the damaged area and the boat’s surface will be fix in no time. The process can be comparable to applying paint to the surface. That’s how easy it is to use this amazing gelcoat restorer.

To top it all, buying this product will also save you additional expense with its large area coverage. It will cover more surface in which a bottle of this solution can fix up to 80 square feet of boat surface. Furthermore, it also comes with a hardener to help in easing the application process.

The only issue I see in the product is the lack of instruction, particularly in the mixing process. If you are a newbie, you will end up wrongfully mixing all the ingredients that could affect the result of the application.

What We Like
  • Build and repair damaged gelcoat surfaces
  • Provides durability to withstand the difficult marine conditions
  • Cover large space in fixing boat surfaces
  • Was made to meed the safety requirements
  • Cures immediately after the application process
What We Don’t Like
  • Absence of clear instruction manual

Despite the minor issue, this is still a great product to have especially in doing quick repairs and maintenance of your boat’s gelcoat surfaces. Just prepare the solution correctly to achieve the desired results you are looking for particularly in fixing damaged surfaces.

5. TotalBoat Marine Gelcoat

totalboat marine gelcoat

If you are looking for a premium marine gelcoat restorer, then this is the right product for you. This is one of the most durable gelcoat you can find and can do a lot of applications such as gelcoat repairs, boat building, hull coatings, and even exterior coatings on small parts of the boat. I feel that this product is the best choice if you want a do-it-all marine grade polyester gelcoat.

The feature that impresses me the most is the product’s ease of application. All you need to do is used a tool that suits the application you are doing such as a brush, roller, or even a spray gun. What is important is to prepare the surface and make it in good condition before the application process. This is to ensure that you achieved the maximum results that you want.

I also like the formulation of this product in terms of providing a large covered surface. With its high-viscosity and non-sagging formula, you will have an easy time applying this on surfaces to cover the large area of the boat. Besides, the cured gelcoat is easy to polish to make the surface brighter with a glossy finish.

As a bonus, this gelcoat can be tinted and mix with different colors. So if you want to match an existing color of the boat or just want to play with different colors on the surface, then combined this product with the prescribed coloring agent and make your boat more attractive and colorful.

However, one downside I see in the product is the clarity of the instruction. The product manual needs to improve especially in giving clear instruction in mixing the different ingredients.

What We Like
  • Provides high-quality and durable formulation
  • The high-viscosity property reduces sagging
  • Easy to apply using simple tools
  • Can be combined with coloring agents
  • Easy to polish to achieved glossy finish
What We Don’t Like
  • Lack of clear instruction

This is a product that is perfect not only for repairing gelcoat surfaces but also for matching different colors of the boat. The ability to color match will give you the chance to design and play with any colors to enhance the appearance of your boat. This is a highly-recommended product if you want this kind of stuff.

Who is This for?

best boat gelcoat restorer

Although it’s natural for the boat’s gelcoat to degrade and lost its once-mighty surface, every boat owner needs to restore or fix any problem coming from this part of the boat. This is part of the maintenance routine of the boat to preserve its quality and maintain with the highest standard every part of the marine vessel. But what is the role of the gelcoat restorer in fixing the damage to the gel coat’s surface? A lot.

The gelcoat restorer is for boat owners who own a boat with a faded gelcoat that looks dull and boring. When the boater lost interest and enthusiasm in the appearance of the gel coat’s surface, then he needs this boat care product in restoring this once bright surface of the boat. The gelcoat restorer is also for boaters whose boat’s gelcoat is damage and eroded due to the harsh marine condition and the need to fix all the damages such as scratches among others is needed.

Scratches and fading are natural effects resulting from the damage made by the marine environment on the gelcoat. And the boat owner must deal with it to give a new life on the surface. The gel coat restorer is the product that can help every boater fix all the mentioned defects on the surface without breaking the bank.

Meanwhile, the gelcoat restorer is also for boat owners who want to increase the appearance of their boat by putting different colors into it. There are gelcoat restorers that can be tinted with different color agents to mix and match different new colors on the boat. This will improve the overall appearance of the boat if you want it more colorful and bright.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gelcoat Restorer

There are a lot of gelcoat restorers found in the market and the challenge of picking the right one can be difficult. It is because not all products work as advertised and you should be careful in choosing the product you will buy in order not to waste your money. To be able to somehow help you before buying, we listed the different features to consider when buying a gelcoat restorer.

Ease of Application

A lot of owners told us that restoring a gelcoat can never be easy with all the steps and processes you need to undergo. I have personally done it and the task is not easy. However, the presence of a gelcoat restorer that provides an easy application feature will help reduce the difficult task somehow. For example, some products can be applied to the surface easily using bare hands or a simple buffer.

Quality and Effectiveness

These two words are crucial when choosing the right restorer for your gelcoat. And it simply means choosing the product that provides the best result and the most effective in restoring the surface. As a buyer, you need to make sure that you buy the most effective product and this can be done by doing your diligence and make some research on the quality of the product.


When buying a gelcoat restorer, you need to choose a product that provides longer restoration and brightness to the surface. Cheaper products tend to restore the gelcoat by a few weeks and will start to degrade again. If you choose the right product, this will restore the gelcoat for a much longer period and it will be at your convenience not to do the restoration procedure many times in one season.


The formulation refers to the overall quality of the chemicals being used in making the gelcoat restorer. A product that is formulated to protect the surface from sunlight and the other effects of the marine condition can help in making the surface last longer while protecting it at the same time.


To some, choosing a popular brand is not important but to me, this can be a big factor in selecting the right one for your marine vehicle. As cliche as it sounds, there are a lot of gelcoat restorers in the market, and not all of them work as advertised. By choosing a brand that has proven to the industry and has been making its name in making high-quality boat care products can somehow reduce the probability of buying the wrong one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Gelcoat Restorer

best boat fiberglass restorer

Using a gelcoat restorer can bring a lot of advantages not only to the gelcoat but to the boat in general. Overall, it will bring an improved appearance to the boat reduced by the dullness of the gelcoat. The gelcoat restorer will bring back the quality of the gelcoat by eliminating the scratches and other damage on the surface coming from the harsh marine condition.

The gelcoat restorer will also add another dimension in the protection of the boat after the restoration with its unique UV protection properties. After the restoration, the gelcoat will have another layer of protection once it is in the sea. This boat care product can also enhance the appearance of the boat by mixing different coloring agents while making the surface full of beautiful colors depending on the boat owner.

The only disadvantage I see is when buying an obscure and ineffective product to be applied in the boat. The result will just be an added expense to the boat owner without properly restoring the quality of the surface.

Care and Maintenance

Caring and maintaining the gelcoat restorer solution varies from brand to brand. The most important thing is to follow what is stated in the guideline to be able to preserve and keep the product’s quality even if not in use. For the boat owner, frequently cleaning the boat surface can somehow minimize the need to frequently do the restoration many times. This is important to preserve the quality of the gelcoat and make it new every time thus reducing the need to always do the restoration process.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Best Brand of Gelcoat Restorer?

Let me say it again, not all gelcoat restorer works as advertised and the need to choose the right one for the boat is important. This is the reason why we tested several products in the market and come up with the top five who passed our test. The products we reviewed namely 3M 36106 Perfect-It Gelcoat, Owatrol Gelcoat Restorer, Poli Glow Fiberglass and Gel Coat Restorer, Polymer Planet White Gelcoat Restorer, and Totalboat Marine Gelcoat Restorer have passed our thorough testing process and is highly recommended by us.

To some people who are not familiar with the products, I assure you that the effectiveness of these products is top-notch. We have proven it in our testing process and to the other sources, thus our recommendation and endorsement.

Can Faded Gelcoat be Restored?

It is natural for gelcoat to fade over time due to exposure to the difficult marine condition and the sunlight. When the gelcoat fade, it can reduce the interest and excitement of the boat owner and the people outside in the appearance of the boat. However, a boat owner can somehow fix the issue by repairing any damage found on the surface.

Gelcoat restoration is the best thing to do when addressing gelcoat damage. Using the gelcoat restorer to restore the color, shine, and brightness of the surface will bring back the brightness and the quality of the gelcoat. The gelcoat restorer can help wipe out the scratches and those other damages that the surface suffered overtime. It will bring back not only the quality of the surface but also to the overall appearance of the boat.

Where to Buy a Gelcoat Restorer for the Boat?

Buying a gelcoat restorer for your boat is an easy thing to do. The most important thing is to select the right one for the gelcoat and make look good again. You can purchase a gelcoat restorer to the nearest boat care supplies store near your area. The other option is to buy it online in all of the top e-commerce shops available such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and other top stores.


The gelcoat is the primary part of the boat that is always affected by the damage coming from the difficult marine condition. But the dullness and the damage can be fixed and corrected using the best gelcoat restorer. We have recommended five of the best products in the market that can help in restoring the gelcoat and make the surface looks brand new again. It up to you to make the right choice by buying the right product for the boat.

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