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The Best Marine Carpet Glue in 2024

best marine carpets glue

Using the best marine carpet glue when installing your boat’s carpet is crucial as it is specially formulated to do the job. Marine carpet glues are specifically designed for the installation of boats’ carpeting.

Premium-quality boat carpet glues can withstand the wear and tear of inconsistent weather conditions. Thus, if you are someone who loves to sail all-year-round, then you should unquestionably invest in a top-grade carpet glue for your boat’s carpeting.

In this buying guide, we have gathered some of the top marine carpet adhesive glues on the market to date. We have also included a buying guide to help you in your selection.

Best Marine Carpet Glue Reviews

1. Henry 12185 Carpet Adhesive

henry 12185 carpet adhesive

This marine carpet adhesive from Henry W.W. Co. has great features. Its sticky and strong formula makes it possible for me to put up carpets indoors and outdoors. Therefore, I did not need to make separate purchases for carpet adhesive.

What I like about this carpet adhesive is its strong and viscous consistency. I do not need to wait for it to stick for a long time. After I installed my carpet, it adheres to the surface almost immediately.

I got the flat and even carpet I desire since this product lessens the curls on the edges. I also recommend it because of its long drying time. I do not have to think about drying it on myself when I use it for large-surface installations.

It is also not hard to use and spread around surfaces. I was curious if a little amount could go a long way. I tested it on a large surface, and it worked easily.

I recommend this carpet adhesive if you plan to install permanent or long-term carpets. Since it has a sticky consistency, you can expect it not to come off easily unless you intend to remove the carpet.

The thing I like about this best is that it is the ideal marine glue for boat carpets. Why? It is because it becomes resistant against water 5 days after you install your carpet.

It means an extra layer of protection for the boat floors. Also, this makes the carpet more secured to the floor of the boat.

What I do not like about it is that it does not stick to some treated surfaces. Although it sticks to most surfaces, it does not adhere to fiberglass, wood, or aluminum. Also, a boat-treated surface needs to be roughened to be cleaned completely so that the product would stick.

What We Like
  • Its strong formulation makes it adhere to surfaces fast
  • Great when doing small and large installations
  • It prevents the edges of the carpet from curling up since it immediately sticks
  • Slowly becomes water-resistant 5 days after using
What We Don’t Like
  • It does not stick to all kinds of surfaces.
  • Boat-treated surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned and roughened for the adhesive to work

All in all, this can be the best carpet glue for indoors and outdoors because it is a marine-grade carpet adhesive. It is ideal for boat floors because it is water-resistant, strong, and sticky.

2. RecPro Roll On Floor Glue

recpro roll on floor glue

If you need a marine-grade boat carpet adhesive for various surfaces, I suggest considering this floor adhesive from RecPro. It adheres to coin flooring, vinyl, and carpet surfaces.

The gallon-sized container can be used to cover a 100-square-feet floor area. I was able to test this using a medium paint roller.

What makes this carpet adhesive unique is that the formula is both water-based and marine-grade. Being a water-based carpet adhesive, it did not slowly erode my carpet’s backing unlike the solvent or alcohol-based glues I used before. For its marine-grade formulation, it is compatible with most kinds of boat surfaces. This is why the formula is my favorite feature.

Besides sticking well to many surfaces, this glue can resist even the most extreme temperatures and weather. I find this very beneficial since there are times I have to keep my boat during the dry season or if I can use it in summer.

My friend also used it to redo the floors of his boat by installing vinyl tile over a new-wood subflooring. He mentioned that it withstood the extreme summer weather without peeling or warping. Therefore, I could say that it could bear the cold winter storage, too.

One of the things I am not a fan of is that the manufacturer does not recommend using this on surfaces made of fiberglass or aluminum. Moreover, another thing I dislike is the consistency. I do not find it thick and sticky enough.

What We Like
  • It pours easily and spreads evenly on surfaces
  • Can resistant in varying and extreme weather and temperatures
  • It works with most kinds of surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Not ideal for surfaces made of fiberglass or aluminum
  • You might need to clean up after since it is watery

To sum up, I consider this marine carpet glue by RecPro one of the best to be used for boat carpets and other surfaces.

3. ROBERTS 6700 Carpet Adhesive

roberts 6700 carpet adhesive

This indoor/outdoor marine carpet adhesive by Roberts has no solvent and is non-flammable. Therefore, it ensures safety when used on boats. Because it is free from a solvent, I can clean it easily with warm water and soap though it is still wet. It allows me to adjust the carpeting if necessary.

Aside from its no-solvent and non-flammable formulation, what I enjoy is zero VOC and environmental-friendly features. If you are a pro-environmentalist, you would find this product very attractive.

Even though it has this formulation, the strength of the adhesive is not compromised. It is comparable to other marine carpet glues mentioned here. There is no need to worry that it would not hold a carpet for a long period.

Moreover, when it cures another best thing about it is that the adhesive transforms into water-resistant carpet adhesive. It gives more protection to the floors of the boat because the water is prevented from being trapped between the carpet and the floor. If not prevented, this could cause gradual and grave damages after a long period.

I tried using this to put down rubber-backed carpeting that is always exposed to water on my boat

I tried using it so

I found it easy to use since it setups fast. Nevertheless, it allowed me to work with the carpet and move some parts to complete the task. The components held up well, too.

It is also great in sticking carpet to different kinds of surfaces such as fiberglass and plywood. Thus, I recommend this as your marine carpet adhesive for fiberglass.

Although it is great to stick your carpet on a fiberglass surface using a gel coat, one downside is that it might not adhere to the way you expected it to.

What We Like
  • Ideal for sunrooms, basements, and decks
  • The non-flammable formula has no solvent
  • Zero VOC and environment-friendly
  • When it cures, it becomes water-resistant
  • Sticks to many surfaces types, including boat surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • The product may take a minimum of 2 weeks to be completely dry
  • Might not stick well to treated surfaces such as gel-coated fiberglass

All in all, I think this Roberts marine carpet glue is great for those who want a strong adhesive that is good for the environment.

4. BoatCarpetCentral Carpet Glue

boatcarpetcentral carpet glue

Boat Central Carpet’s glue has a special formula that is designed for sticking boat carpets with large size. The gallon-sized pail could cover a floor area of 8 x 10 feet. I was also able to secure my new carpet safely and install it all by myself.

Besides the special formulation that it has for gluing boat carpets, what I liked best about this marine glue for boat carpet is that it is non-flammable and non-toxic. Therefore, I do not have to worry about it being harmful to me and my family’s health and safety.

It has a water-based consistency. Therefore, carpets that have a rubber packing adhere perfectly. As time passes by, the glue will not weaken.

I observed that other boat carpet glues tend to weaken when water or rain gets in the carpet. For this carpet glue, it keeps the carpet down, regardless of the moisture level.

From pontoons to Jon boats, the carpet adhesive can be used to various kinds of boats because it is marine grade. I love how versatile it is. It can be used on different boat types with different surfaces. I tried it on aluminum, fiberglass, and concrete surfaces, and it worked fine. Some glues have limitations when it comes to fiberglass surfaces.

It is no surprise that many boat manufacturers consider this as their go-to marine carpet glue.

One of the things I do not like about it is the marketing. It seemed like a shady brand due to its terrible marketing. Nevertheless, the quality of this adhesive surprised me.

Another downside is that the directions for using it have to be strictly followed. If not, there is a high probability that it will not work.

What We Like
  • Has a formulation made especially for marine surfaces
  • Has great versatility and functionality
  • Sticks well to carpets with rubber packing because it is water-based
  • Recommended by a lot of boat manufacturers
What We Don’t Like
  • A mistake in following the directions can make the carpet not stick well to the surface

The downsides are minor, so I think this will not cause a major problem. I can consider this as one of the most trustworthy marine carpet glues for fiberglass available in the market.

Since it is made specifically for marine surfaces, it would work well on your boat. You just need to keep in mind to follow the directions carefully.

5. Dap 00442 Weldwood Carpet Adhesive

dap 00442 weldwood carpet adhesive

For people who are looking for versatile marine carpet glue, I recommend that you check out this glue from DAP. It is not only ideal to be used outdoors but also great for marine use.

It is a solvent-based glue that provides ample bond strength when used outdoors or in extremely bad weather conditions, such as extreme heat or cold or with much moisture.

DAP is a brand I and many other people trust because of its durability. Thus, it is great for the permanent installation of carpets. I can see that it would give lasting protection to my boat floors and make my boat carpet durable.

What I like best about this all-weather carpet glue is that it sticks extremely well. The adhesion strength makes it possible to have the carpet sticking to the floor for a very long time.

The fast bonding time of this DAP marine glue is hard to ignore. It sticks quickly onto the surface after it is applied. When installing a boat carpet, a small amount goes a long way.

Also, it has a decent grab, and it resists curling better than other carpet glue brands. Therefore, I do not have to worry about someone tripping over the edges of my carpet. Tripping-related accidents can also be prevented. The glue works on most outdoor carpet types and other artificial exteriors.

One thing I did not like is the difficulty of spreading the glue. Before I get to spread it evenly on the surface, it becomes dry in a few minutes. This can be a problem if you do not work on it fast enough.

What We Like
  • Accidents can be avoided since it resists curling
  • Has an all-weather formulation
  • Has an intense solvent-based adhesive
  • Sticks fast to virtually any kind of surface
What We Don’t Like
  • Because it is super thick, it is hard to spread
  • Dries up too fast after application

I think the downsides do not change the fact that this outdoor carpet adhesive is a great choice for boat carpet installation projects. I highly recommend this for installing outdoor carpets because of its weatherproof formula.

6. Polymat 777 Spray Adhesive Glue

polymat 777 spray adhesive glue

This clear glue spray from Polymat is quite different from the previous ones I listed since it comes in an aerosol can. Aside from being specially designed for marine surfaces such as boat upholsteries, it is great for other purposes. It can even be used for carpeting speaker boxes.

If you are thinking of using the adhesive on industrial and professional materials, I suggest you consider this. It sticks instantly, and it is very durable. These features make it ideal for putting boat carpets.

Not only is it great for marine use, but it can also be specifically used for automotive purposes. It has very high resistance against salt, oil, and gas. That is the feature I like about it the most.

Furthermore, it can also resist mildew, mold, and stains. I do not have to worry about the build-up of water caused by unwanted elements under the carpet.

It has no CFCs, so it is environment-friendly. There is also a solution-dyed polypropylene which provides protection against harmful UV rays.

Because it is heavy-duty, it is perfect if you want to install your boat carpet permanently on your floors. What makes it even better is it is easy to use since it comes in a spray can. It also saves time since I do not have to wait for a long time before it dries up.

One minor thing I did not like is that there is a possibility that the nozzle could get clogged up at times. This could waste some glue.

What We Like
  • Has a heavy-duty formula, so it adheres well
  • Highly resistant against, oil, gas, and salt
  • The aerosol can provide convenience
  • It also resists stain, mold, and mildew well
  • Gives protection against UV rays because of solution-dyed polypropylene
What We Don’t Like
  • Might not work well with vinyl surfaces
  • The spray nozzle could get clogged up which could waste some of the adhesive

All in all, this 777 glue spray is strong and bonds fast. It is ideal for those who want to have a marine carpet glue that is easy and convenient to use. I could say that if other adhesives have limitations in terms of carpeting, this spray is the opposite.

7. CMC Boat Carpet Glue

cmc boat carpet glue

This adhesive from CMC is specially formulated for carpeting, specifically for boat carpeting. It comes in a single gallon pail that can cover an estimated floor area of 8 by 10 feet.

Because it is designed for installing boat carpets that are glue-down, its water-based adhesive is great for putting new carpets. I advise you to use a trowel when gluing down your carpet to get the best results. When I laid down my carpet, I used a heavy roller to press the back of my carpet to the glue lines that I made using my trowel.

For me, the best things about this boat carpet marine glue apart from its water-based consistency are its non-toxic and non-flammable features. It has little to no odor which I think is great. Some toxic fumes cause damages to the body.

Its formulation is also strong, so I can use it for installing permanent or long-term carpers. Even though it has a thick consistency, I find it easy to spread and use. Moreover, it will not cause your boat carpet to deteriorate. As mentioned, it is water-based.

What I did not like is that this carpet glue would not stick well to certain surfaces. I tried it on metal surfaces, and it did not work well.

I also do not recommend installing carpet floorings on surfaces made of fiberglass or aluminum. It is best to purchase a solvent-based glue for this kind of installation. Since water-based glues need to evaporate to create a bond, these surfaces would not allow this process since they obstruct the needed airflow.

What We Like
  • It is specially created for marine surfaces
  • It has powerful and firm adhesion
  • Safe because it is non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Has little to no odor
  • It will not cause your carpet to wear away due to its water-based formulation
  • Easy to use and spread especially when a trowel is used
What We Don’t Like
  • It might not work well with surfaces such as metal, aluminum, or fiberglass

Put simply, this can be the marine glue for boat carpet for you if you plan to use it for lasting installations.

8. AAT 390 Carpet Adhesive

aat 390 carpet adhesive

This is another carpet glue that is worth considering. It is specially made for carpeting, more specifically for marine and outdoor carpets. Thus, I think Advanced Adhesive Technologies stepped up their game with this marine carpet glue.

What I loved about this marine carpet glue is that it is highly resistant to water due to its design. This is the reason I think this one of the best for boat carpeting installations. It adheres well to boat carpets with different kinds of backing. It works on structurally good and flat surfaces such as aluminum, fiberglass, or fully-cured and cleaned concrete.

Moreover, I also love that it is low maintenance. Once it becomes fully dry, I just clean it up using warm water. Nevertheless, when you plan to remove it after it dries, you need to purchase Advanced Adhesive Technologies’ special adhesive remover. It is because of its very strong formulation and extreme durability.

Since it is difficult to remove, I highly suggest using this for permanent installations so that you will not have to shell out extra money to buy its remover.

Another feature I love is it has a non-flammable and solvent-free formula. Aside from not damaging the backing of my carpet as time passes by, it is safe for my health. It also provides more protection to my boat floors.

One thing I dislike about it is the preparation needed if it will be used on fiber and aluminum surfaces. You need to sand and clean these surfaces first so that the carpet will stick to the surface properly.

What We Like
  • Has a safe and non-flammable formula
  • It is designed especially for marine and outdoor carpet installation
  • When wet, it can be cleaned with warm water
  • It is ideal for lasting and permanent installations since only an exclusive adhesive remover can be used to remove it
What We Don’t Like
  • Sanding and cleaning on fiberglass and aluminum surfaces are required
  • There are cheaper alternatives available

All in all, this boat carpet glue is a must-have if you do not want to hassle yourself with the guesswork since this is intended to fully work for outdoor and marine carpets.

9. Henry 12183 Carpet Adhesive

henry 12183 carpet adhesive

This Ardex carpet glue is I think one of the best choices in the market. You could go for this if you want to try other brands apart from the ones that made this list. This is a solid brand in the adhesive market.

The company is known for its reliable and solid products. Not surprisingly, its carpet adhesive is one of these products. It stands out from other carpet glues because of its easier application.

This glue is also considered one of the best latex adhesives for surface installations of indoor and outdoor carpets. I was also able to test it on artificial turf and indoor or outdoor carpets on concrete, asphalt paving, and other sound paving and clean surfaces. Nevertheless, it cannot be used for asphalt roofing.

It also works great on marine-grade or exterior plywood. You do not need to worry about deterioration. It is not ideal for treated or plant decking wood. It also works great on abraded fiberglass and boat decks made of aluminum.

Other features include durable initial grab. It helps lessen the curling of the edges. It is also easier to use when you have a trowel.

If you plan to use it on stained, painted, or coated substrates, you need to check first and make sure that the glue is compatible with the surface.

What do I mean when I say easier? It simply means that when it is applied, it spreads smoothly, naturally, and evenly on the surface. Therefore, it does not get clumped. Because its drying time takes a bit longer than other adhesives, I have more than enough time to lay out any of my carpets.

What I disliked about it is that it is a little less dependable and durable in seas. When there is a bad weather condition, the bond can be more damaged easily compared to other carpet glue brands.

5 days after installing your carpet, the marine glue becomes resistant against water. Therefore, it must be protected from water 5 days post-installation of your carpet.

One downside of the product for me is its price. When I went to buy new stock, I found cheaper alternatives to it.

What We Like
  • It is great for immediate installations
  • Curling of the edges is reduced
  • It has an excellent bod integrity
  • Ideal for immediate and large carpet installations
  • Becomes water resistant 5 days after installation
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit overpriced

Despite its con of being expensive, I think it is worth the money. When you consider the name of this glue, you know that what you are using is a quality product.

10. Permatex 27828 Spray Carpet Adhesive

permatex 27828 spray carpet adhesive

Permatex’s carpet adhesive has a very strong formula. Therefore, it can withstand extreme temperatures. It is perfect not only as a boat carpet glue but also when you need to fix your car’s headliners.

It is also made for fixing interior components that have become loose or detached. The finish is also neat since it becomes clear once dried. This is great for putting boat carpets because it is impenetrable and water-resistant, making it ideal to glue down boat carpets.

What makes this different also is that this adhesive does not require you to spread it. It comes in an aerosol type of canister, so it is easy to apply. I also noticed that I was able to get an even adhesive spread on the surface.

Another thing I liked best about this adhesive is that it has a wonderful and strong formula. It does not bond or dries immediately, although it is a spray type kind of adhesives. When you make mistakes, you have a chance to make the necessary adjustments.

I also enjoy its versatility. Apart from using it on carpets and headliners, it can be used for installing inside-door panels, rubber, plastic, foam, and fabric.

One downside of this product is the size and its aerosol nature. This is good for fixing carpets that have detached or loosened. For installations in large areas, you might need to spend more since you have to purchase a lot of cans.

What We Like
  • Its strong formula can withstand extreme and high temperatures
  • Because it dries clearly, the finish is clean and neat resulting in a desirable finish
  • There is time for adjustments since it does not bond too quickly
  • Aside from being weather-resistant, it becomes resistant against water overtime
What We Don’t Like
  • Because of the size and spray nature, it is recommended for repairs and gluing back carpets that have loosened or detached.

This carpet adhesive is great if you need to stick loose edges of your carpet on your floor. This is perfect for reparations like this. It has a durable and weather-resistant formulation that helps adhere to your carpet to the floor of your boat. You do not need to worry about it causing staining since it dries up clearly.

11. 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive Glue

3m super 77 spray adhesive glue

This carpet glue from 3M is another aerosol kind of adhesive that made our list. One of the highlighted features of this product is it is quick-drying and high-tack. This is ideal if you are planning to use it on installing boat carpets.

What I enjoyed most about this spray adhesive from 3M is that it is environmentally safe. It has no ozone-depleting components. Also, it contains a low amount of VOC, but it does not compromise the bonding speed to the surface.

I also love that it is clear. Because it has no solid color, I had cleaner and neater carpet appearances after using it. It can also resist extreme and high temperatures, so you do not need to think that the glue will eventually melt.

One can of this product is estimated to cover an area ranging of up to 220 square feet.

One thing I did not like about it is that it is not as strong as other marine carpet glues. Therefore, you cannot expect from it much for permanent boat carpet installations. This is because this glue is not created to be used on big and heavy projects.

What We Like
  • It is environment-friendly because it has no chemicals causing damage to the ozone layer
  • Has low amounts of VOC
  • Can withstand moisture and high temperatures
  • It is clear, so it is neat and clean after it dries up
What We Don’t Like
  • This glue is not made for lasting or permanent boat carpet installations

All in all, this is still a good carpet glue that you should consider. It can work perfectly if you just need to temporarily repair loose or detached parts of your carpet. Plus, it is also safe for the environment.

12. Loctite 2267077 Spray Adhesive

loctite 2267077 spray adhesive

This spray adhesive from Loctite has a formulation that I believe is premium quality. It has high strength and extreme resistance to high temperatures. Thus, it can create permanent bonding.

Since it is translucent, it cleanly dries up and does not become yellow. This is created for light but demanding uses. It can also be used indoors or outdoors.

What I liked about it the best is it dries pretty fast. It dries up in around or less than 10 minutes. I could start with another project or task without having to wait for a long time.

It is also great for automotive repairs and different household projects. This is because it works well with various porous and non-porous surfaces.

I was able to save a couple of bucks because of its versatility. I could use it for temporary or permanent tasks.

It also has a clean and nice finish because it does not bubble. Therefore, I find it easier to apply. You do not need to do any reworking as well. You have the option to make it repositionable or to be permanent. When used for projects with photographs, it will not damage these. It does not cause damage to health because it is free from acids.

What I did not like much about this product is that the consistency is heavier than other adhesives. Therefore, it might not be the strongest.

Nevertheless, it is great for different kinds of projects. I find this very useful in doing arts and crafts.

I also read some reviews that although it is listed to be useful for metal and rubber surfaces, there were reports that it left a stringy, thick, gooey, and messy film on some parts. The customers mentioned this happened several days after using it.

Even though instructions were followed by having the right temperature, coating properly, and waiting for a minute, it still happened. In the end, they spent time trying to clean up, and they had to wait before they could use a new product.

What We Like
  • It does not turn yellow with age
  • It increases bond strengths
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • It is resistant against high temperatures
  • You do not need to rework
What We Don’t Like
  • It might not be ideal for large projects
  • The project could end up messily

Put simply, this spray glue from Loctite is great for various applications. Though there can be limitations for large projects, it does a decent job. I also like that I can apply multiple coats with it and worry about it bubbling up.

The reviews I shared are on a case-to-case basis. Something must have been missed or there is a problem with the product.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Marine Carpet Glue

best marine carpets adhesive

In this buying guide, you will get an idea about the key factors you need to take into consideration when shopping for marine carpet glues. Below are the key features you need to take into account before buying a boat carpet adhesive.

Type of Carpet Glue

Generally, there are three types of marine carpet glue: outdoor/indoor boat carpet adhesive, spray contact adhesive, and professional marine grade carpet adhesive. The outdoor/indoor boat adhesive works best for pontoon boats that have marine plywood flooring. Spray contact is best or those who want to permanent adhesives while professional adhesives is designed for boat carpet, aluminum fishing boats and more. So, it is advisable to determine the best type of carpet glue suited for your carpeting needs.

Type of Surface

Remember that not every type of adhesive can stick to all types of surfaces. Therefore, the very first thing you need to check is the type of surface you are going to install your carpeting on.

If you have a fiberglass boat, then you should look for a suitable marine carpet glue for fiberglass. There is a wide range of boat carpet glues on the market that are made for various types of surfaces. Thus, you should be able to find a handful to choose from depending on your needs.

Carpet’s Backing

Just as with surfaces, not all carpet glues are made for all types of carpet backing as well. Although several boat carpets have rubber backings, this may not be the case for you.

If you choose an inappropriate adhesive for your carpet’s backing, there is a high chance that the glue will not adhere well. As a result, you will end up messing your boat floor.

Type of Marine Carpet Glue

Basically, there are two types of marine carpet glues: water-based and solvent-based. Depending on your carpet’s backing, you can choose either one of the two adhesives to meet your carpet installation needs.

If your carpet has a rubber backing, a water-based boat carpet glue is the best option to go for. Solvent-based carpet glues are a lot harsher and may end up damaging the rubber material over time.

Size of The Area

The size of your boat’s floor area that you plan on installing the boat carpet will determine the quantity of carpet glue you are going to need. If you have a large carpeting area, then it is practical to go for a carpet glue that comes in a bigger quantity such as a gallon size.

Adhesive Strength

This factor will depend on whether you want you carpet to be installed permanently or not. Certain carpet glues can be extremely strong and will need the use of adhesive removing solvents to dissolve the glue from the carpet. Some carpet adhesives, on the other hand, provide moderate adhesive strength and will come off eventually over time. These type of marine carpet glues are a great choice if you intend to change your carpeting over a period of time.

Drying Time

Certain carpet adhesives take longer to completely dry up than others. Although quick-drying carpet glues will make the job faster, it can also be a huge problem if you make a mistake while installing your carpet. On the other hand, carpet glues with longer drying time allow you to easily adjust your carpet in case you make any mistake. However, they may not be a good choice if you want to use your boat within a short time of installing the glue.

Carpet Glue in a Tub or Aerosol Form?

Carpet glues typically come in a gallon container and aerosol sprays. Adhesives in gallons will give you a lot more use out of one container than aerosol spray adhesives. Therefore, if you are working on a larger carpeting area, a gallon of carpet glue is the most economical choice to go for.

Aerosol adhesives, although not as cost-efficient, they provide a more straightforward carpet installation process.

Added Protection

Certain marine carpet adhesives are formulated with added protection. If your boat’s carpeting is often subject to water, then you should invest in waterproof carpet glue. Some carpet glues are also mildew and mold proof which are ideal given that the environment can undermine your carpet’s quality over time.

Your Installation Skills

Your installation skill is a vital factor to keep in mind as it will help you determine which marine carpet glue to choose. If you are a novice user, then it is best to steer clear from marine glues that are labeled “fast acting” or “quick drying.” This is especially true if you intend to do the installation yourself without any professional help. On the other hand, users with experience will these products safe to use.


If versatility matters to you, then you should scout for carpet glues that are designed for multiple uses. For instance, some products are formulated to use on marine carpet, as well as fiberglass, aluminum, marine plyboard, concrete and particle board. Versatility will enable you to get the best value for your money.


Last but certainly not least, opt for a marine glue that meets all the safety requirements. It is important to note that some carpeting glues are designed with toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, which can interfere with the air quality of your boat.

If safety and air quality matters to you, then it is best to go for products that are free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and have low odor. You should also choose solvent-based products if you do not want glues that pass off gas.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are The Most Trustworthy Marine Carpet Glue Brands?

Based on our research, we have found that the current top brands for marine glue for boat carpet are Henry WW Co., CMC, and Permatex. These brands are the best-rated ones and have mostly positive feedback from customers. Thus, if you are looking for a good-quality carpet glue, we suggest looking into these brands.

Moreover, DAP, RecPro, and BoatCarpetCentral also offer some of the most cost-efficient carpet adhesive quantity options.

What Glue do I Use for Marine Carpet?

Although some people use regular adhesives when installing their boat carpet, it does not provide the best results. If you want your carpet to effectively adhere to your boat’s flooring, then you must invest in marine-grade carpet glue. This type of adhesive glue is specifically formulated to withstand outdoor damaging factors such as water, UV, mold, and mildew.

How to Glue Boat Carpet?

A common question among boat owners is how to glue boat carpet correctly. For this process, you will need tools like a trowel to spread the glue, sandpaper, heavy duty knife, and screwdrivers to help you remove screws.

If you are using a carpet glue in a tub or gallon, we suggest using a trowel when spreading the adhesive onto the surface. This will help in ensuring even distribution of the solvent across the surface areas without any bumps once you put the carpet on top.

If you opt for an aerosol adhesive, it is advisable to put on a mask to cover your nose and mouth.

Where Can I Buy One?

You can buy marine carpet glues on your local handyman, supermarket, home depots, and select auto accessories stores.

You can also purchase it online at different retail websites. Just Google “outdoor carpet adhesive marine grade” and you will see numerous online stores to buy one from. Buying online is also convenient because you get to see other customers’ reviews on certain products before you decide to make a purchase.

Once I Glued My Carpet, Will I be Able to Adjust Its Placement if I Make a Mistake?

It depends on the carpet glue’s adhesive strength and drying time. Certain boat carpet adhesives provide extremely strong stickiness with quick drying time. If you are using this type of glue, then you will have a hard time adjusting the placement of your carpet once it is fully adhered to the floor.

How Much Glue Will It Take to Install My Boat’s Carpeting?

The amount of glue you will need to install your carpet depends on the size of the area involved. If you have a larger area for carpet installation, we recommend you opt for a carpet glue that comes in a gallon container. Generally, 1 gallon of glue can cover an 8×10 feet surface area.

How Long Will It Take to Completely Dry Up?

Certain adhesives dry up within seconds after application while others will take hours or days. Most carpet glues will indicate the drying time in the packaging, thus, make sure to check on it.

Moreover, other factors such as weather, humidity, and temperature can also affect the carpet adhesive’s drying time.

What is The Ideal Weather for Installing a Boat Carpet With Marine Glue?

Warm weather is typically the most ideal temperature for carpet installation. A 65ºF temperature or higher will help the carpet glue adhere to the surface more effectively as the solvent evaporates properly.

You should however avoid installing marine carpet glue during wet and cold weather conditions. This is because these weather conditions will cause your glue not to evaporate as well and it will take longer to dry up.

What is The Difference Between Water-Based and Solvent-Based Adhesives?

Solvent-based carpet glues are formulated with harsher ingredients to provide optimum adhesiveness. This type of adhesive is the ideal boat carpet adhesive for surfaces that have a protective coating.

Water-based carpet glues, on the other hand, contain less harsh ingredients and are mostly non-toxic and environment-friendly. This type of carpet adhesive is recommended for untreated surfaces.

Can I Use a Regular Adhesive to Install My Boat’s Carpet?

Although it might work, regular adhesive glues may not provide the optimum adhesiveness to marine carpeting. Your boat is going to be subject to a number of environmental factors such as water, inconsistent weather, mold, and mildew which may affect the effectiveness of the glue over time.

Therefore, it is more efficient to invest in a carpet glue that is specifically formulated for boat carpets. Moreover, you can also find a number of weather and waterproof carpet glue options; these carpet adhesives deliver exceptional strength.

How Long do I Have to Wait Before Walking in on My Boat’s Newly Installed Carpeting?

As mentioned earlier, some glues cure fast while other may take longer. Depending on the drying time of your choice of glue, it is suggested to wait until the adhesive has fully dried up before walking into it. This is to avoid moving the carpet and messing up its placement.

Check your carpet glue’s drying time and make sure to follow the instructions in it.


Installing a carpet on your boat’s flooring offers a lot of benefits. Aside from making the boat floor look neater and more stylish, marine carpets also helps to protect your boat against potential damages. However, installing a carpet on your boat’s floor will not be possible without the use of the best marine carpet glue.

With this comprehensive product review and buying guide, we hope that you will have an easy time finding suitable marine carpet glues for your needs. Take each factor into consideration while keeping in mind that your choice of marine carpet glue will depend on your type of boat carpet.

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