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The Best Carpet for Boat Trailer Bunks in 2024

best carpet for boat trailer bunks

Boat enthusiasts, both amateur and experienced, always consider their boats as investments. As one of those people, I always make sure that my vehicle can get the proper care and maintenance required to stay in top shape and endure the wear and tear of both human usage and natural elements of the climate and environment.

Another way of mitigating surface damages from regular usage and exposure is to get yourself the best carpet for boat trailer bunks.

Trailer bunk carpets will keep your hull shiny and slippery to reduce scratches, and also protects the surface of the hull when the vehicles are in storage or placed on the trailer.

Further on in this article, I will share with you the best carpets that have worked for many of my boats. Aside from that, I will also go over the things you need to know when looking for such a product.

Let’s begin.

Best Carpet for Boat Trailer Bunks Reviews

1. CE Smith Trailer Roll Carpets

ce smith trailer roll carpets

When it’s been a while and your bunk trailer needs a carpeting upgrade, you can turn to CE Smith to provide all your needs without compromising the material’s integrity and quality.

Designed with reliable weather resistance and durable backing, this is a product you can invest in and expect to last you for a long time. It does so without easily deteriorating when exposed to heavy foot traffic or harsh weather conditions like UV radiation, moisture, and cold.

This 20 oz marine bunk carpet is made with marine-grade and high-quality upholstery material that is heavy duty and can sustain an impact without visible abrasions and tears.

With its water retention reduced to the minimum and 100% PET polyester composition, I can assure you that you can rely on this product to serve as a more efficient option since it is considered safe for contact by the FDA and other health and safety agencies. You can expect no mold and mildew build-up for a long time as well, especially as long as maintenance and upkeep are kept at a regular level.

This is a product I have thrown my money on and had no regrets doing so because of its premium quality, and it shows on a good number of positive reviews that are recommending it for all enthusiasts, both old and the new.

However, unlike other products where the bottom side is rougher and abrasive, I noticed that the bottom area of the carpet can be a bit slippery, but this isn’t much of an issue during installation.

What We Like
  • The carpeting is of considerable weight and thickness but is surprisingly easy to work with that you can even install using stainless steel staples then gunning them to the floorboards
  • If you’re looking for a reliable bunk carpet replacement for your old unfurnished bunker, this is a product you won’t regret investing in.
What We Don’t Like
  • There may be changes when it comes to the delivery date because these are shipped directly from the supplier and not through third-party markets.

Leading this list doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best marine carpet for boat trailer by far. However, it has earned its keep as one of the most recommended best sellers in the market because of its quality and performance over the years.

It remains to be appreciated for its durability and resistance to disintegration, and for how the company CE Smith has dedicated itself to providing decent marine paraphernalia that improved the boating experience for all. If you’re looking to have the original drab carpeting removed and replaced, look no further.

2. Attwood 11246-1 Bunk Padding

attwood 11246-1 bunk padding

The Attwood corporation has provided the marine and boating industry several efficient products, and one of their top sellers is this bunk padding coded 11246.

Bunk carpets such as these provide coverage for the rails and bunks of your boat, as well as assistance and ease when launching and loading your boat to and from the trailer, so it serves a multitude of purposes aside from evening out your floorboards.

As it’s made of heavy-duty polypropylene, I liked how this bunk padding from Atwood is a charcoal-colored marine-grade carpet that has high weather resistance, so you can expect it to endure harsh natural elements and heavy foot traffic with continual regular usage.

This carpeting product from Attwood includes an acrylic backing that helps the carpet grip on the floorboards instead of sliding around, making the installation process easier and more convenient. This also reduces the accumulation of moisture on the underside, thus creating resistance against mold and mildew.

I can attest to the good quality of the product. Besides, it’s been hailed a bestseller with its positive comments and reviews from users who also claim this is a carpet with a long shelf life and high durability against wear and tear. This has easily become one of the best boat trailer carpet replacement options made available to those who are willing to invest in it.

Nevertheless, even with all of the good words that the positive feedback has put in, I found that this product can be a bit heavy for those who are looking to improve their boat interior but are on a budget. This is more likely to be recommended to those who like to go all out on their boating hobbies, than to those who are just starting on it.

What We Like
  • Made with high-quality carpeting material that is guaranteed to last, this bunk board carpet can endure heavy usage while remaining affixed to the floorboards.
  • This doesn’t easily get worn down even with continual and regular loading and unloading to and from the trailer.
What We Don’t Like
  • What comes with its durability is its sturdiness and weight, so installing the carpeting requires some assistance from a couple of people to make the alignment right.

There is no singular topnotch when you’re looking for the best carpet for trailer bunks, but this one surely stands out in terms of aesthetic, utility, and functionality. This is the kind of product that most new boating enthusiasts look forward to finally putting on to their boat, so this counts as a good investment to put your hard-earned bucks in.

3. Foote 18 feet Boat Trailer Bunk Carpets

foote 18 feet boat trailer bunk carpets

Carpet by the Foote isn’t one of those outstanding brands in the market, but they do put out a few of the products that had gained quite a following of boating enthusiasts.

Leading the boat carpet kits within their lineup is this UV stabilized trailer bunk carpet that is made with high quality, marine-grade polypropylene material that was engineered with low water retention capacity for a guaranteed lengthened shelf life.

When it comes to durability, this is a carpet you can expect to deliver as promised, since it can endure a high degree of usage or exposure to natural elements without easily deteriorating.

Although this trailer bunk carpet isn’t necessarily from one of those prominent brands in the marine and boating industry, I like how this product delivers with quite a lot of high-rated reviews from a variety of users. In fact, I would recommend this product for its quality, durability, and ease in installing.

The condition remains relatively nice even with all the impact and foot traffic, and the fabric is simple to clean, doesn’t absorb unpleasant smells, and doesn’t deteriorate for a good while, even when I use it regularly on my boat.

The only downside is that it looks very similar to the ordinary carpets that originally come in boat trailer bunks, so this isn’t exactly an option for those who prefer plenty of customization. They don’t make for good replacement carpeting since they visually look similar and thus won’t have that much of an impact, especially if you’re one to showcase your boat.

What We Like
  • Maintenance and installation is a breeze with this product, and it makes carpet upgrades something to look forward to.
  • This is a product that can last you a good while, even when it is subjected to frequent and heavy use over a long period.
What We Don’t Like
  • There aren’t many descriptions of the product on its page but is somehow rated well and it hailed as a good choice for those who want to invest in their bunk carpeting.

Simple and straightforward, this is a marine bunk carpet that doesn’t aim for the aesthetic but the functionality. The ease in which it can be set up and used, along with the convenience it can bring with leveled and planed flooring that protects your bunk and hull is the ultimate promise of this product.

It comes with quite a cost, but if you’re the type of person that prioritizes utility and function over other factors, then this is the product you should invest in.

4. Fulton Trailer Bunk Carpets

fulton trailer bunk carpets

Among the many brands leading in the boating industry, Fulton is known to manufacture and supply the most reliable equipment and accessories when it comes to marine machinery and vehicles, and you can only expect no regrets in choosing this bunk carpet from them.

When they released this replacement trailer bunk carpet, it became all the rage and it upped the ante for oldtimer boating enthusiasts with regards to upgrading their bunker interiors by having their drab existing bunker paddings for this product.

When I invested in this product, I wasn’t disappointed at all. The marine-grade top quality upholstery of this trailer bunk carpet comes in a chic deep black color that retains the aesthetic of the interior as well as serves as protection for your boards and hull.

One thing that really surprised me though is how it was not as expensive as the other products that promise the same quality of the material. Alongside all that, it is also resistant to the effects of weather, traffic, and fading, and comes with just the right thickness and weight for ease and convenience.

The only thing that me and other buyers have noticed is how the edges become mildly frayed over time, especially when it is not properly cut on the edges. Although this may not be the main problem, it may lead to some eventual unraveling if left unattended.

What We Like
  • It is quick to install and easy to clean
  • Features marine-grade upholstery
  • Resistant to traffic, weather, and fading
What We Don’t Like
  • This bunk board carpet works better in covering wood bunk floorboards than any other material
  • The thickness of the carpet makes it a bit difficult to cut, causing the edges to eventually become frayed

Even if this product is not exactly big in retaining its material integrity over time, given the mentioned downsides, it remains to be a reliable product because of the top-grade quality of the carpeting and how it can resist mold and mildew without disintegrating for years.

Also, Fulton is one of the brands that provide the best boating accessories and paraphernalia in the market, and they deliver as promoted.

5. Lancer Boat Trailer Bunk Carpets

lancer boat trailer bunk carpets

Universally designed with high-quality marine-grade material, this trailer bunk carpet was made especially for heavy-duty impact and traffic, so you can expect this to endure the wear and tear of regular use.

What many boating enthusiasts, both new ones and old-timers, appreciate most about this product is the upholstery’s resistance to unraveling – that means clean up edges for your carpeting. It is for this reason that I was interested in buying this carpet. As a matter of fact, it has been easily hailed as the best carpet for trailer bunks even when it wasn’t manufactured by a prominent brand in the boating industry.

Aside from being extremely pliable, I liked how this product comes with a rubber backing that allows for a reliable floor grip and a quick-drying capacity, making it easy to install and maintain because of the reduced mold and mildew build-up.

This is not only a safer and more economical option, but this also allows for better boating experience, especially when this is an activity shared by the members of the family.

However, compared to other high-end carpets, the quality and durability of this one is a bit lacking.

What We Like
  • This is the kind of carpeting that has a lengthy shelf life and a reliable resistance to traffic and natural elements.
  • Having your existing carpet upgraded with this product will improve your bunker interiors, as well as even out your floorboards, and make the surface more walkable and easier to maintain.
What We Don’t Like
  • Not as durable as the other high-end carpets

If used as a bunk carpet replacement, this is a reliable and efficient upgrade that can improve the quality of your experience without a doubt.

Your investment is guaranteed to pay off over the long years, given the number of good attributes the product has. If you have the money for it, we recommend this as one of the underrated best carpets that the market has to offer.

6. Attwood Trailer Bunk Padding

attwood trailer bunk padding

I have included another product from Attwood in this list, and it’s mainly because I appreciate the efficiency of their product and the convenience they bring to boating enthusiasts all over the world.

That being said, they released this charcoal-colored polypropylene marine bunk carpet made with durable marine-grade material that can resist the impact of usage and weather, with an acrylic backing that allows for the carpet to grip on the floorboard surface and reduce slippage, especially during installation.

With just the right thickness and weight that allows for convenient installation and easy maintenance, it also comes with a reasonable price to suit any budget. I don’t even have to worry about breaking the bank to avail of this kind of quality, and you can just as easily avail yourself of well-furnished floorboards for your bunker.

Another good thing that made me and many other buyers rate this product with good feedback is that you can expect minimal damage and reduced wear and tear over time.

On the other hand, the older products of the same brand had proved to be more durable than the ones being manufactured now, and this has come to the attention of many old-timers in the boating industry. Still, despite the perceived lowering material quality, these bunk paddings seem to have been holding up for many users.

What We Like
  • You can use a stainless steel staple gun and some heavy-duty wood glue to affix the carpet to the floorboards.
  • This can be used both as an indoor and outdoor carpet.
  • Getting this boat trailer carpet replacement can easily be considered an upgrade to your interior furnishing.
What We Don’t Like
  • The texture of the carpeting has been deemed inferior by many buyers. Although it functions with low water retention and sturdiness, it is not as visually pleasing.

Having these installed will most likely mean you won’t be making any carpet replacements for a good while because of its resistance to wear and tear, as well as its high weather ability. This is a boat trailer bunk carpet that offers a long shelf life, thus giving you the value for your money.

7. Foote 12 feet Boat Trailer Bunk Carpets

foote 12 feet boat trailer bunk carpets

One thing that’s truly commendable with this brand is how it is low-key but does not skimp on giving its customers high-quality products made with top grade material and long shelf life.

The polypropylene 20 oz marine bunk carpet from Carpet by the Foote is one of the most reliable paddings in the boating industry because of its stabilized material composition that can protect your floorboards against the long term effects of exposure to UV radiation.

It can’t be denied that the brand hasn’t risen to the top of the market, but I especially appreciated it for its versatility and ease of installation.

For a practical cost, I was able to furnish and preserve my boat floorboards and hull from damages without having to anticipate some re-carpeting after a few years. If you expect a good performance from this product, then you will most likely get what you’re looking forward to.

While there is no doubt that this bunk board carpet can deliver the best value for you, this is still not the brand’s highest quality product, so if you have the budget for a better product, you can skip on this one.

What We Like
  • Compared to other boat carpet kits, this comes off as more reliable and efficient in keeping your bunk and hull protected.
  • Though it is not as thick as the other carpets, it is still visually pleasing when installed.
What We Don’t Like
  • Installation may be a bit difficult since the sturdiness of the carpet can affect the stapling, so you may need to use some heavy-duty wood glue or contact cement to keep it affixed.

This type of marine bunk carpet serves as an option for those who opt for the practical instead of going all out in their refurbishments.

Although it is not on the top tier of the market, this just might be what you need for your boat bunker if you prefer simple carpeting and adequate protection as you do on your occasional boat trips.

8. Shoreline Marine Trailer Bunk Padding

shoreline marine trailer bunk padding

Here’s another brand that doesn’t take the top spot on the market but still provides one of the best trailer bunk paddings available in the market. Made with marine-grade weather-resistant polyester, this product comes with a reliable acrylic backing for enhanced floorboard grip but is also considerably of average durability.

Although this can work well with boats, I found that this one is notably used and suggested for Jet Ski users and enthusiasts. This is also the common choice for those who are new in the boating industry.

Simple to install and easy to clean, this trailer bunk padding is of a reasonable weight and thickness, and it can withstand the normal effects of traffic and weather.

Given all that, this polyester trailer bunk pad is the most ideal option for me and for those with small trailer boat bunks and infrequent boating activities on their calendar. It comes with the quality that you paid for, and for as long as it is not worn out, you can rely on it to work for you without fading or unraveling at the fray.

Nevertheless, however good this trailer bunker carpet seems, it has to be said that this is more likely suited for infrequent boating sessions and less intense activities. This is not a product that qualifies as heavy duty.

What We Like
  • This bunk pad is easy to cut, customize to size, align, and overall, to work with. Installation doesn’t require much assistance and some stainless steel staples and contact cement can do the trick.
  • This is the kind of marine bunk carpeting that is suggested commonly to beginners because of its affordability while retaining decent material integrity.
What We Don’t Like
  • If you do boat loading and unloading often, this is not a product recommended for you.

There’s no need to spend so much dough on a particular accessory if you’re not out to use it all the time. This is precisely for this reason that we recommend products of this standing and quality to those who are still not planning to go all out on their boating hobby.

Despite its downsides, this could still be the one you could go for if you prefer something that is on the cheaper end.

9. Tie Down Engineering 86137 Bunk Carpets

tie down engineering 86137 bunk carpets

Another underrated brand that manufactures and supplies a few of the best marine and boating paraphernalia in the market is Tie Down Engineering, and this bunk carpet from them is top-notch for affordability.

Designed for a reduced accumulation of mildew and mold, this will surely improve your trailer interior furnishings and boating experience. I was able to get what I paid for with this one, and even though it is not exactly the best carpet for trailer bunks, it remains as one of the carpets I can highly recommend for amateurs or those new in the boating industry

What it is known for, on the other hand, is how it can be used as an upgrade material, since it works quite suitably as a boat trailer carpet replacement for what originally comes with the trailer bunk.

With this one, it’s a guarantee that you won’t have to deal with any unraveling or frayed edges. It also features a dark uniform texture that can withstand impact and weather effects, with a trusty backing that will keep the carpeting securely affixed to the floorboards.

This way, you can get a product with great quality to improve your boating experience without having to break the bank.

On the other hand, I found that the packaging for this bunker carpet isn’t exactly commendable, so before purchasing or using the product, always check the product for any discrepancies in the quality and composition so you can request for a return or exchange. The return policy can be discussed with the customer assistance personnel assigned to help you out.

What We Like
  • This upholstery is easy to work with, assemble and install onto the floorboards, and doesn’t easily unravel or fray when cut with box cutters or scissors despite its thickness.
  • The pricing is reasonable and you will most likely get what you paid for this carpet.
  • It comes with a color and texture that is easy to clean and maintain, so you won’t have to worry about any dirt and bacteria accumulating on or beneath the carpet’s surface.
What We Don’t Like
  • The stated dimensions as promoted may not always be the same one when the actual delivered product is delivered. This has been the cause of many dismayed customers so they were forced to place in additional orders to fill in the uncarpeted areas.

The positive comments on the reliability of this product certainly outweigh the downside, so this can be a great investment on your end if you’re looking for a high-quality boat trailer bunk carpet that will keep you within your means. Just always be keen on checking the measurements, especially when buying from a physical store.

10. SeaSense Bunk Charcoal Carpets

seasense bunk charcoal carpets

This is a relatively underrated product and thus has not enough feedback to back it up or enough description to be endorsed. However, I have tried this marine bunk carpet from SeaSense, and I can say it gave me the value that I paid for.

With its chic deep charcoal color and high-quality upholstery polypropylene texture, you can rely on this bunk carpet from SeaSense to protect your bunk and your hull from any damages caused by users and weather and user.

Designed with custom-fit dimensions and minimal water retention, it does not have any excessive fuss, unraveling or unfurling edges, or static production on its surface, making it efficient to work with and on.

Although it is not exactly branded as one for heavy-duty usage, I can assure you that this can work adequately well If you’re getting into the boating industry and are going on occasional boating trips. Me and many other users prize it for the quality it brings while keeping us within the budget.

The only downside is that if you’re an experienced boating enthusiast and you go on frequent boat trips or invite several people to go with you for the activity, this is not the product for you. This bunk board carpet was not designed for heavy use and may not be able to withstand the wear and tear over time and continual usage.

What We Like
  • Its lightweight universal design is easiest to install when the floorboards are properly leveled and planed. They can conveniently be fasted with a stainless steel staple gun to avoid corrosion.
  • This marine bunk carpeting is highly customizable, easy to cut and alter, and simple to maintain so it can match the dimensions of the floorboards on the bunk.
What We Don’t Like
  • It is thinner than most bunk padding and carpeting, so if your floorboards aren’t even and leveled, it may not be concealed by this product

While all the other products on this list boast of weight and thickness, this is one that promises ease and convenience, especially during installation.

Most commonly recommended to beginner and amateur boat enthusiasts, this is a trailer bunk carpet that doesn’t require you to spend the big bucks to secure and protect your floorboards. If you’re not looking for something of the heavy-duty type, this might be for you.

11. Value Carpets Trailer Bunk Carpets

value carpets trailer bunk carpets

When looking to refurbish your boat trailer interiors, you can look to this product for reliability and quality.

I found that it’s not only quick to install but also easy to clean and maintain, so you won’t have to worry about the long term wear and tear, as well as fading and unraveling on the edges.

This is a qualified safe bunker carpet because of its effective resistance to mold and mildew, as well as its endurance and stabilization against the deteriorating effect of UV radiation.

I have used this versatile product from Value Carpets both as an indoor and outdoor carpet, and it has proven to be as efficient and functional as the other more prominent brands of marine grade paraphernalia.

With that, this makes for a decent bunk carpet replacement, especially when you’re looking to upgrade your boat interiors without having to spend over the budget.

Although this was rated and certified as a marine-grade material and is deemed fit for usage on boat trailers, this is not made exactly as a boat trailer bunk carpet. However, I can guarantee that it can also serve that purpose. This is mainly marketed as an automotive carpet. Even so, this is a fact that did not seem to faze its buyers.

What We Like
  • A good thing about this kind of carpeting is that it is sold by the foot, so you can get what you approximately need without needing to lay out numerous paddings. Just get the dimensions of your bunk and you can make your estimates from there.
  • It is made with great material that can guarantee a long shelf life and an improved look on your boat trailer’s interiors.
What We Don’t Like
  • This is not considered the best marine carpet for boat trailer interiors in many accounts but still has somehow garnered good feedback from those who had indeed taken a chance upon it.

For an automotive material, it has proven to be versatile and functional, with good material integrity to withstand traffic, as well as a high weather ability to combat UV radiation and other natural elements. This may not be a product from the known brands, but this surely delivers the product you deserve.

12. SeaSense Bunk Carpets

seasense bunk carpets

The last but definitely not the least is this bunk carpet roll from SeaSense, and this has impressed me and other users incredibly. Fade-resistant and charcoal-colored, this durable polypropylene carpet is reliably marine-grade and comes with a durable acrylic backing that not only allows it to grip securely onto the floor but to also reduce the formation of mold and mildew.

As it’s highly customizable, versatile, and efficient, I really liked how easy it is to cut, align, and install. I even recommend it to those who haven’t done it before. Most boat carpet kits aren’t as suitable for customization like this one, and this works well especially when your bunk comes in an irregular shape.

Given its quality, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. You won’t have to break the bank to get a product as great as this while expecting a reliably long shelf life and dependable durability to withstand foot traffic and weather effects.

The only downside that I noticed is that there are a few minor discrepancies with the published dimensions and the actual measurements, and this has been the content of most low-rated reviews. This can be dealt with by purchasing a few extra meters and attach them to areas left uncovered.

What We Like
  • The ease in which the product can be installed does not require much assistance and you most likely work on it on your own
  • It has the right weight and thickness for durability and resistance to wear and tear
  • It comes with a uniform, almost seamless texture pattern
What We Don’t Like
  • Some product variation comes in charcoal grey and some come in black, but this hasn’t posed a major issue for the buyers – just mere speculation.

This trailer bunk carpet material comes off as a trustworthy investment aimed towards beginners who are still yet to go all-in on their enthusiasm for boating. Although it doesn’t rise to the charts as the best carpet for trailer bunks, it still delivers and gives you the value for your hard-earned money, so you might as well give this one a go.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Carpet for Boat Trailer Bunks

best carpet for trailer bunks

Now that we’ve gone over a list of the best products we believe that the market can offer, let’s go over the most common of factors that had made the aforementioned products better than the rest. In a way, this section serves to answer the question, what makes a boat trailer bunk carpet a good one? Let’s begin.

First things first, let’s define the purpose of such a product. A boat trailer bunk carpet serves as the protective furnishing inside the boat bunk that reduces instances of damage on both the bunk and the hull as it is continually loaded and unloaded to the trailer from time to time.

Most of these marine-grade carpets come with perks that offer durability and resistance, and in this portion, we are here to discuss what truly makes for the best carpet for trailer bunks.

Every carpet comes with several features, and it’s in these specifications that we can discern if this particular bunk carpet or padding is the one we truly need. We have 4 key features you need to look for in this regard:

Material Quality

High-quality material can go a long way, and that not only guarantees a long shelf life but enhanced durability and resistance to other natural factors that could lead to the deterioration of the fabric.

This criterion doesn’t only apply to the low water retention and proper texturing of the surface, but of the efficiency of the bottom backing that is attached to the floor. The better the quality of the product, the more you can rely on its longevity, so you can get more of your money’s worth with regards to cost per use.

Weight and Thickness

This is an indicator of the capacity of the product to withstand wear and tear, and this consequently also affects the pricing. If you’re on a budget, you ought to steer clear of the heavy and thick.

However, if you have the dough, then go for the heavy-duty 20 oz marine bunk carpet and paddings.

Sizing and Dimensioning

Each product comes with a specific sizing standard, and what’s important is how the carpeting can completely cover your floorboards.

Some products were mentioned to be delivered at a much smaller size compared to what’s stated in the promotion, so this kind of mishandling can easily cost you more expenditure. That’s why you should always look out for the reviews that instruct on how it just be measured and laid out.

Ease of Installation

Lastly, the bunker carpet you’re getting must not be causing much of a hassle when you’re trying to have it affixed to the floor.

There are many ways to install a carpet to the bunk but always opt for products that can be installed with the use of stainless steel staplers and some heavy-duty glue. Anything more complicated than that shouldn’t be an option.

Care and Maintenance

boat trailer bunk carpet

It may feel like the other way around, that the bunk carpet should be the one protecting the bunk, but like anything that is being used, it has to be taken care of so it won’t easily deteriorate and fall apart due to damage, dirt or grime.

In fact, caring for and maintaining the material integrity of the bunk padding can lead to longer shelf life and better boating experience, so here are a few pointers to consider so your carpet can last a little longer.

  • Vacuuming marine bunk carpeting regularly and loosen up and eventually remove the dirt and debris that is lodged and stuck on the fabric.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution, whether it be store-bought or made on your own, and start scrubbing the areas, one spot at a time to remove all the stains that are not readily apparent because of its dark colors. A garden hose can then be used for rinsing.
  • Avoid using a pressure washer because the impact may cause more damage than intended on the surface, and it may lead to the deterioration of the glue underneath the carpet.
  • When it’s dry, you can also use nylon-bristled painting brushes to fluff the carpet up and thoroughly remove whatever dirt is left after all the scrubbing.
  • Not all boat carpet kits come with UV stabilizing material, so be careful when exposing the carpets to direct sunlight for very long because the colors may eventually fade.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Install Carpet for Boat Trailer Bunks?

Firstly, you need to take the accurate dimensions of your trailer bunk so you can estimate how much square footage or how many square meters you will need for the carpeting.

Once you have the padding material on the ready, lay them out on the floorboards, aligning them on one side then cutting the edges to make sure that they fit snugly.

Always keep in mind to cut carefully because any untidy slicing can cause the upholstery to fray and unravel at the edges, and this can cause the accumulation of mold and mildew on the sides.

Commonly, stainless steel staple wires are gunned against the floorboards to keep the carpet affixed, especially when the bottom backing of the material is designed with a good grip.

However, if you got yourself a heavy-duty 20 oz marine bunk carpet, you might as well include in some top-grade wooden glue or some contact cement to prevent any unwanted removal from the floorboard surface.

Can You Use Indoor Outdoor Carpet on a Boat Trailer?

Some bunker carpets also function as both an indoor and outdoor carpet, while some even function as automobile pads.

This is because such a product is usually designed to have low water retentions and resistance to foot traffic impact, so it can also double as a reliable protective barrier for whatever is beneath it.

With that, the answer is yes. You can use indoor and outdoor carpets for your boat trailer bunker, just keep in mind that you have to maintain the cleanliness and upkeep, since these carpets may not have the feature to resists mold and mildew build-up.

Indeed, they come with high weather ability so you won’t have to worry about it getting worn out after just months of usage, but you shouldn’t also expect it to perform outstandingly especially when put under regular heavy usage.

One good thing to also consider with this option is that when the time comes for you to make replacements, you can then reuse the indoor-outdoor carpets for another purpose.

How Do I Make My Boat Trailer Bunks Slippery?

You can use materials like silicon sprays, provided that you apply them to your boat bunk carpet after it has been unloaded from the trailer. Another thing you can use is bunk slicks, and these are plastic – looking strips that can be fastened to your boat bunks to make them more slippery.

This serves as an aid for your boat so it wouldn’t be difficult for you to load and unload your boat to the trailer frequently, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the usual damages and scratches.

Bunk glides can also do the trick for you, and they can be made of a PVC trim board or Nylon, although the latter is known to be slicker than the former. If you prefer to do it yourself, go ahead and make your own bunk slicks using old starboard material or some scrap marine – grade plastic polymer sheets you might have lying around.

You may also use other materials but always take note that they have to be able to maintain their structural and material integrity even when it is submerged to saltwater or freshwater for quite a while.


Now that we got all of that out of the way, we hope that you have the necessary and adequate information you need when it comes to boat bunk carpets. Still, you can continue with your research and go over more product reviews so you can compare and contrast.

You see, the best carpet for boat trailer bunks are not from a single brand or designed in a particular way. What truly makes it the best is how functional it is for the user and how it can make the entire experience better.

With that, we hope this guide has been of help to you in determining what product works suitably for you. Always remember to never skimp on your investments, especially when they serve to improve your quality of life.

Good luck!

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