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The Best Teak Cleaners in 2024

best teak cleaner

To be able to maximize the result in putting a teak oil or sealer on teak wood, you need to prepare the surface first. And the need to clean the wood of your boat is important to prepare the surface for a new oil application. Moreover, the best and easiest way to clean is to use teak cleaners in removing old oil coatings, stains, and other similar dirt on the surface. A marine teak cleaner also reduces the need of sanding the surface when removing old oil and all the dirt on the wooden surface.

Teak cleaning products can also be used for other purposes such as cleaning other types of woodworks such as furniture, chairs, and other surfaces on the boat and in your home. It is a good cleaning product to have but the challenge is to choose the right one that will fit your needs. With all the options available commercially, we made this review to pick ten of the best teak cleaner in the market. All products are highly recommended as they have been tested by our team and used by our boat-owner friends to provide the best cleaning result of your teak wood surfaces.

Best Teak Cleaner Reviews

1. Star Brite Premium Teak Cleaners

star brite premium teak cleaners

The Starbrite teak cleaner is your first step in restoring a weathered and faded teak surface on the boat. It is one of the best and fastest ways in cleaning weathered teak and removing all the dirt on the surface. Once applied, the teak wood surface of your wood will be prepared for the next step of the restoration process. Cleaning the surface is important if you want to maximize the result of the restoration and make the teak wood looks good again.

What I like best about this product is the convenience it gives during the cleaning process. With this Star Brite teak cleaner review, I can show all boat owners all the upsides this product brings to your teak wood surface. For one it reduces the need to sand the surface after cleaning because once the teak cleaner is applied, it is good to go on to the next step of the restoration. Furthermore, it will clean the surface without the need of putting too much effort into rubbing the surface.

This teak cleaner and brightener also show a lot of versatility in its usage. I know how it is effective in cleaning teak wood surfaces, especially in your boat. However, I was also amazed at how it is effective with other wooden surfaces and woodworks. It can effectively clean wooden furniture, chairs, the wooden bar in your boat, lounges, and other wood surfaces. Indeed, this is a great product to have.

When it comes to the application, I will suggest using a non-scratch sponge or a spray container and apply it to the surface. It is better to do that than to pour the teak cleaner directly to the surface since it will just waste a lot of teak cleaner.

One issue that needs to improve is the instruction printed on the bottle. I think it needs modifications because it is not clear and precise. It needs improvement, to say the least.

What We Like
  • Eliminates the need to sand on the surface after the cleaning
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to apply to the surface
  • Has the ability to remove stains and the gray color due to weathering
  • Can clean different types of wooden surfaces
  • Does not need hard rubbing
What We Don’t Like
  • Unclear instructions

If you have teak woodworks that weathered so badly, I will highly recommend this product, especially on your boat. It can restore the surface to its original color and glow by removing all the dirt and the gray weathered color on the surface.

2. AquaTeak Teak Cleaners

aquateak teak cleaners

Of all the teak cleaners and brighteners, this product from Aqua Teak caught my attention. This is because of its natural formulation and eco-friendly features. There are not that many products today like this one which offers the unique feature of being environmentally friendly and using a biodegradable formula. This is one of those teak restorer products that bring a lot of upsides not only to the wood but also to the environment.

This teak cleaner was designed to clean the teak wood to prepare it thoroughly before an oil coat. Once it is applied to the surface, it will enhance and maximize the result of your oil coating. It will help in bringing back the life of the wood while also restoring its natural beauty. Meanwhile, this product is all ideal for other fine woods apart from the teak wood of your boat.

In terms of its formulation, I can say that this product is amazing and something to be proud of. It is an eco-friendly product that uses biodegradable formula, meaning it does not damage or destroy the environment. Also, it comes with an innovative formula that makes it easier in cleaning and brightening the surface in one step.

For its application, I say that it is easy to apply on the surface and the quickest way to prepare the wood before applying teak oil or sealer. You can use a stiff brush to spread the cleaner evenly on the surface. Allow the teak cleaner to remain for about three minutes before you do the scrubbing of the surface. To maximize the result, you can apply a teak oil for the best protection and restoration of the surface.

However, one downside I see in this product is the poor packaging. I feel that it is of low-quality and has the chance to break if mishandled during the delivery.

What We Like
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Uses biodegradable-formula
  • The quickest way to prepare the surface from oil application
  • Can be applied to all fine woods
  • Easy to apply
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor quality container

This product will clean all the teak surfaces of your boat. It is also versatile and can be applied to other surfaces apart from teak wood. For sure, it will help in restoring the glow and the natural finish of the wood to make it look new again.

3. Bayes High Performance Teak Cleaners

bayes high performance teak cleaners

Having a weathered and grayish teak boat deck can be frustrating but there are a lot of ways to rectify and bring back the glory of all teak surfaces on your boat. The best way to start is to use a teak cleaner that will remove all the stains and grayish color of all the teak surfaces of your boat. This teak cleaner from Bayes is one of the best teak furniture cleaners that will bring back the shines and protect all the wooden teak surfaces of your boat.

But what impresses me the most about this boat maintenance product is of being natural. Meaning, its formulation is composed of non-toxic biodegradable ingredients that naturally remove the dirt on the surface while also protects it from outside threats. This product is with natural essential oils and lemon the prevents the sunlight, seawater, and chemicals in the marine environment from affecting all wooden surfaces in your boat.

But how effective this product is? The fact that it will penetrate inside the wood means that it will prevent it from getting dry, cracked, faded, or turn gray. Also, this teak cleaner can be used on different woodworks in the boat and our home. Be it furniture, chairs, fixtures, and other wooden surfaces, this product can easily clean and remove the stains, dust, and dirt on the surface of the teak wood.

Meanwhile, the application of this teak cleaner is easy. You can use either a soft brush or pad to clean the water first using soft and water. After drying, you can spray the teak cleaner directly or apply it using a cloth and spread it evenly to the surface. Then polish the surface by using a new cloth. For cleaning and maintenance, use this teak cleaner to keep the surface clean and maintain the condition of the wood.

However, one minor issue with this product is the quality of the bottle container. The cap, in particular, does not look good and might get removed easily. It needs improvement in my opinion.

What We Like
  • Made with natural formulation and ingredients
  • Can be used for maintenance on teak furniture
  • It cleans, shines, and protects wooden surfaces
  • Provides maintenance for teak wood furniture
  • Made of non-toxic and biodegradable materials
  • Made in the USA
What We Don’t Like
  • Subpar container

Despite the minor issue, I am recommending this boat care product to all boaters who want a natural and environment-friendly teak cleaner in their boat. This product is effective and does all the little things necessary to keep the teak wood surfaces maintain their top physical condition and cleanliness.

4. Golden Care Teak Cleaners

golden care teak cleaners

The Golden Teak cleaner is a high-performance teak cleaner that will clean, restore, and protect teak wood surfaces in your boat. I also consider this as one of the top teak cleaners for outdoor furniture available with its ability to be effective and efficient on different types of woodworks. So, this boat care product will work not only on your boat but also on your home and other places with wooden surfaces.

When you see your furniture look grayish and weathered, there is still a big chance of restoring its natural color. With the Golden Teak cleaner, you will be having a high-performance cleaning agent that also brightens the surface all in just one step process. It will protect the teak surface from the usual threats to the marine environment such as sunlight, seawater, moisture, molds, mildew, among others.

I also like the formulation which is mainly water-based and environment-friendly. Meaning, it uses chemicals that does not bring any side effect to the environment once applied. It uses the latest technology to come up with the most effective cleaner and brightener you can use on the different wooden surfaces. The result will be a glowing teak surface and a wood that will last longer than expected.

In terms of application, this product is easy to apply. Just follow the direction stated on the product to maximize the result. As a bonus, there is a scrubbing pad included once you purchase this teak cleaner and use it in your boat or somewhere else.

One downside I see in this product is the subpar quality of the container. I feel that it may break easily if not handled properly.

What We Like
  • High-performance teak cleaner
  • Cleans and brightens the surface in one step
  • Water-based and environment-friendly cleaning agent
  • Brings back the original color of the teak wood
  • With a free scrubbing pad
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor quality container

If you want a product that performs beautifully in cleaning and restoring all teak surfaces of your boat. It is easy to use and the teak cleaner will remove all the dirt on the surface, remove the gray color, and restore the original color of the surface. Highly-recommended for your boat.

5. TotalBoat Teak Cleaners

totalboat teak cleaners

This next product is another highly-recommended teak cleaner that cleans and restores the teak surfaces of your boat with efficiency. It is a two-bottle two-part cleaning solution that will clean the weathered and faded teak surface and restores its original color after the application process. Also, it is not only made for boats but also for other wooden surfaces and woodworks in our homes and other places.

In terms of application, this product is different compared to the others I reviewed. It has two bottles where bottle A will be used in removing dirt, stains, molds, graying, and the weathering of the surface. The second bottle will neutralize the effect of the first bottle, brightening the surface and restoring the original teak color of the wood. I like the innovation of the application and also the result which will make the surface good as new.

I also like the versatility of this product in terms of its use on different wood surfaces and woodworks. Although it is designed primarily for marine applications, this product can also be used on outdoor furniture in our home. Whether its table, chairs, ottomans, and other wooden surfaces, this teak cleaner can also get the job done on these woodworks

After the application, you can let it dry for 48 hours, and if you want to go further, add a teak oil or a sealer to maximize the result. I will advise this to strengthen the protection and make the wood extend its life longer than expected.

One downside I see in this product is in the application process. I would suggest using rubber gloves to protect your hands from the strong chemicals in this product.

What We Like
  • A two-part cleaning solution that cleans and restores surfaces
  • No need for heavy sanding
  • Not just for the boat but also other outdoor woodworks
  • Brings back the natural color of the surface
  • Removes dirt and stain on the surface
What We Don’t Like
  • Need rubber gloves during the application

This teak cleaner is a class of its own. Its two-part cleaning process is unique. It is also easy to use and does need a lot of coating to maximize the result. I am strongly recommending this product for the maintenance of the teak surfaces of your boat.

6. Semco 2Part Teak Cleaners

semco 2part teak cleaners

This is another two-part cleaner that cleans and brightens any teak surfaces on your boat. Whether it’s the boat deck, furniture, wooden bar, lounges, or any wooden surfaces in your boat, this product is highly recommended. Again, this is different from the other product we review because this teak cleaner consists of two gallons that work independently but provides the best result in cleaning and brightening any wooden surface of your boat.

The first gallon will be used to dissolve and soften all the dirt, stains, and sealers that have been used on the surface before. While other boaters will be using and cleaning teak furniture vinegar to dissolve the dirt before using the teak cleaner, the first gallon will do the job for you. The second gallon, meanwhile, will do the neutralizing of the surface and its brightening. Applying the second gallon is the step where you will be enhancing and improving the natural color of the teak wood.

What I like best about the SEMCO product, is that it has been proven in making high-quality cleaning products for at least 50 years. And this teak cleaner is no exemption. It is one of the simplest teak cleaners I have seen in a while and also one of the best that provides thorough results and effectiveness. I have seen it deep cleaning the wood while removing all the dirt on the surface including the grayish color found on the teak surface. It will bring back the natural color of the teak wood after the application.

The only issue I have with this product is the strong smell. I would suggest that you use hand gloves and an eye mask for protection. It is also advised that you do the application in an area that has good ventilation to minimize the smell.

What We Like
  • Removes stains, molds, and other dirt on the surface
  • Protect the teak surface from external threats and harsh marine condition
  • Restores the natural color of the wood
  • Neutralize and brightens the surface
  • The two-part teak cleaning process
What We Don’t Like
  • Strong smell
  • Need hand gloves and facemask during the application

This is a product that I highly recommend because of its proven history in the boating industry. It is a high-quality product that cleans and brightens the surface. If you are planning to purchase a teak cleaner Lowes, then this must be on your list.

7. Better Boat Teak Cleaners

better boat teak cleaners

This teak cleaner from Better Boat is one of the most all-around teak cleaners that I have to know in my years of being a boat owner. Aside from removing dirt on the surface and restoring the natural color of the teak wood, this teak cleaner can also be used on woodworks outside the boat. Be it in your home, office, or other places, this teak cleaner can do the job efficiently. I also like that this product is made in the U.S.A. which ensures its high quality and effectiveness.

This teak cleaner can remove grease, stains, grimes, and other dirt found on the surface of the teakwood. It works fast and easy to use while being effective on all outdoor woodworks and other wooden surfaces. It also restores the natural beauty of the surface by removing the grey color of a weathered teak surface after the application, you will see a more bright and natural color from the surface of the teak wood.

I also like the versatility of this teak cleaner in its usage in different types of woodworks. It can be used to clean and treat furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets, teak hulls, boat decks, and so on. It can be used for boats and other places as well. It is a multi-purpose teak cleaner that will do its job effectively and convincingly.

In terms of application, this product is easy to apply on the surface. If other teak cleaner uses other stuff to soften the stains such as cleaning teak with Oxeclean before the application, this one does not need the same. You can apply it directly, do a light scrub, and rinse. You will be surprised by how effective it is in cleaning and restoring the surface right after the application.

However, I have some issues with its smell. I would suggest that you do the application in an open area or with good ventilation to minimize the smell.

What We Like
  • Remove grease, grimes, stains, and other dirt on the surface
  • Restores the natural color and beauty of the teak wood
  • Cleans another type of woods aside from teak
  • Easy to use
  • Made in the U.S.A.
What We Don’t Like
  • Having a strong smell

Using this product will impress you with its effectiveness in cleaning and restoring the weathered teak surface. All you need is to follow the direction and you will see an amazing result. I am recommending this product for purchase to restore all your wethered teak surfaces in the boat and make it looks new again.

8. DEFY Wood Deck Cleaners

defy wood deck cleaners

This product is different from the other products we reviewed because this is an oxygenated bleach cleaner. However, it works the same as the previous products we have recommended because of the product’s cleaning features. It will remove the dirt, graying, and weathered finish of the wood surface and will able to safely clean the surface.

But how this product works? It is the same as other teak cleaners. It deeply cleans the wood surface while opening the pores of the wood and preparing it for the next step which is teak oil or sealer. Also, if you have a weathered wood surface that has become grayish, this oxygenated bleach can remove it and restore the natural color of the wood surface.

In terms of versatility, this product can do it all. Meaning, it can be used on other wooden surfaces and woodworks not only in the boat but also on the house as well. Whether it’s the furniture, chairs, cabinet, and other woodworks, this wood deck cleaner can work wonders on the wood surface. Using this product is much better than using a teak cleaner oxalic acid.

For the application, this wood cleaner comes in a concentrated formula and can create 5 gallons of water. All you have to do is mix 5 gallons of water into a tub of wood cleaner to create a cleaning solution. Then you can apply it with a brush, mop, or sprayer and you are good to go. It can clean about 1000 square feet of the wood surface.

Meanwhile, one minor issue I see in this product is the safety during the application. You need to wear gloves to prevent the solution from touching your bare skin because it might have negative effects on it.

What We Like
  • Gently removes the graying of the surface from a weathered wood
  • Clean the surface and open the pores to prepare for oil application
  • Restore the natural beauty of the wood surface
  • Safe for plants and grass
  • Easy to apply on the surface
What We Don’t Like
  • Wearing gloves during the application process

If you are looking for a wood cleaner that offers great results to your boat, then this is a good option. It is effective in removing the dirt on the surface and restores its natural beauty. If you are planning to buy a teak wood cleaner Lowes, then this should be on top of your list.

9. Loveable Teak Cleaners

loveable teak cleaners

This teak cleaner takes pride in being an environment and eco-friendly product. Meaning, it is using safe chemicals and other biodegradable materials in its formulation. With this product, you will have the luxury of not choosing between cleaning ability and dangerous chemicals. It will clean the surface of your wood without damaging the surface or the plants or grass around. You do not need to protect yourself while also cleaning the wood surface.

As I mentioned earlier, this product contains safe and biodegradable chemicals. It comes with a neutral pH rating and will not damage the existing finish or stains on the wood surface. It will just remove the dirt found on the surface and make it looks clean and new without sacrificing the safety of anyone. It will clean teak and bamboo furniture and other similar woodworks at your convenience.

I also like this product’s ability to clean without exerting too much effort on scrubbing. It will bring a lot of convenience to the user especially because it can be used on so many surfaces. Any exterior or interior furniture can be cleaned and protected by this furniture cleaner. It will play a good role not only on the boat but also inside your home.

For its application process, this is easy to do because it already has a spray container. You can spray it directly to the surface but this will waste a lot of the solution. My advice is to used a piece of cloth and used it to spray the cleaning solution before applying it to the surface. This will avoid unnecessary waste of the wood cleaner.

However, one issue I see in this product is the quality of the container. I feel that it is made of low-quality plastic that can easily be damaged or broken if not handled properly.

What We Like
  • Eco-friendly wood cleaner
  • Contain safe and biodegradable chemicals
  • Ideal for teak and bamboo furniture
  • Can be used on outdoor and indoor wood surfaces
  • Does not contain harsh formulation
What We Don’t Like
  • Subpar container

If you want the wooden surface of the boat to be always clean and well-maintained, then this is a product I can recommend. With its safe and biodegradable chemicals, it will be safe to use whether on the boat or inside the house.

10. STAR BRITE 52416 Teak Cleaners

star brite 52416 teak cleaners

This product from Star Brite is designed to restore a badly weathered teak surface. Badly weathered means when you see the teak surface having a gray or black color teak. It will clean and brighten the surface in just one easy step and make the surface look new again. However, if you want to maximize the result of this cleaning solution, teak oil should be applied to the surface for the best finish.

What I like about this product is it cleans the wood without having to exert more effort in scrubbing the surface. It will remove all the dirt on the surface and brighten the teak in just one easy step. After the application, you will see a restored surface, free from the dirt that has been accumulated for so many years. Gone also are the black and gray color that is usually found in a weathered teak surface.

If you want to brighten the surface, I would suggest using an oxygen bleach first on the surface before using this product. When the bleach softens the dirt and other stains, then you can use this teak cleaner and brighter to get the job done. It will increase the intensity of the cleaning and will also brighten the surface of the teak.

For its application, it is the easiest thing to do. All you need is to spray it to the surface of the teak wood. Then used a stiff bristle to evenly spread to the surface. Then let the cleaner remain for about 3 minutes to let it penetrate the wood. After that, you can scrub in the direction of the wood grain and then rinse with water.

However, one minor issue I see in this teak cleaner is it needs teak oil to get the best result. This is normal though because this was only designed to clean and restore the weathered teak surface.

What We Like
  • Clean the surface without the need for too much scrubbing
  • Protect and clean teak surfaces in one easy step
  • Easy to apply on the surface
  • Easy to use
  • Made in the U.S.A.
What We Don’t Like
  •  Need to be paired with teak oil to maximize the result

This product will be perfect for restoring a weathered teak surface. If you are facing this problem, I am recommending it for your boat. It restores the surface quickly similar to the Interlux Premium teak restorer but on a different process. Also, it needs teak oil to maximize the result.

Who is This for

marine teak cleaner

The teak cleaner is an integral part of the cleaning and maintenance of the teak surfaces of your boat. But unlike the teak oil and the sealer, this teak cleaning product is designed as an initial step to the bigger maintenance activity which is putting the teak oil or sealer to the surface of the wood.

For example, if you are using a West Marine Teak Cleaner on the initial step which is preparing and cleaning the surface. It will be good to use a West Marine teak oil to maximize the results in the restoration and protection process of the wood surface.

Boat owners can use teak oil in removing dirt on the surface of all teak woods. It is designed to removed stains, molds, mildew, and other types of dirt on the surface of the wood. Other teak cleaners can also restore the natural color and beauty of the wood. These products can remove the gray or black color of a weathered teak surface. After the application, the surface will return to its natural and more glowing color.

The teak cleaner is also for boat owners who want to have go-to maintenance and cleaning products for all the teak surfaces and other woodworks in the boat. These teak cleaners can also play a different role and can serve as a cleaning solution when there is the need to clean the furniture, chairs, wooden bar, lounges, and other places of the boat. It can also be a cleaning agent for all your furniture and woodworks inside your home. Be it exterior chairs or all the furniture found inside your house.

To sum it all, the teak cleaner will play an important role for all boat owners in the maintenance of your boat, particularly on all the teak surfaces. You can use it for cleaning all the dirt and old coatings before applying teak oil and sealer. It can also be used on spot-on cleaning to any wooden surface on your boat and in your home.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Teak Cleaner

Before buying a teak cleaner, there are features that you need to consider before choosing the right brand for your boat. Please see the list below:

Cleaning Effectiveness

As the initial step in the restoration of a teak surface, the teak cleaner must do what it is supposed to do which is to remove stains, molds, and other dirt to prepare the teak surface for the other procedure in the restoration process.

The teak cleaner must also be able to remove the old coatings completely so that once the teak oil and the sealer will be applied, maximum protection and restoration will be achieved. After all, the main reason for buying all these maintenance products is to make the surface looks new and glowing again.


Choose a teak cleaner that can also restore the natural color and beauty of the wood surface. When you are dealing with a faded or weathered teak surface, you will notice the becomes grayish or blackish. If you are buying a teak cleaner, choose one that can remove the gray color of the wood and brings back its natural color on the surface. It will not only make it look new and it also helps in extending the life of the teak wood.

Ease of Application

When you have a teak cleaner that is easy to apply on the surface, then it should be a big bonus for you. Remember, when you are cleaning a weathered teak surface, you are dealing with a different type of dirt that has been on the surface for a long time. And this dirt is not hard to remove from the surface. But if you have a teak cleaner that does not require too much scrubbing and can effectively remove all the dirt with ease, then that is the right product for you.

Other Features to Consider

There are other features that need to be considered when buying a teak cleaner. One is versatility which is the teak cleaner’s ability to be used on different types of woods. A good example is the Iosso teak cleaner and Wessex teak cleaner, two products that are not included in this review but show versatility in being effective to other wood aside from teak such as mahogany, acacia, among other fine woods.

Another feature that you look at is the ability of the teak cleaner to be used as a spot-on cleaning solution not only in the boat but also in the house. A teak cleaner which will be used as a go-to cleaning solution is a good investment, to say the least.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Teak Cleaner

teak restorer products

There are a lot of advantages when using a teak cleaner. For one, teak cleaners are an integral part of the restoration and maintenance of a teak surface and if used properly, they will play a big role in the restoration and the protection of the teak wood surface to make to good as new.

Teak cleaners can also be used in cleaning other types of wooden surfaces aside from teak. So, if you have a neglected wooden chair outside your home, a teak cleaner can clean it and return its once glowing natural color. This product can also be used in the maintenance of your house. It can clean different types of surfaces that can get dirty over time or other woodworks found inside your home.

For the disadvantage, some of the teak oil can have this strong smell that can bring some negative effects to your health. Others contain strong chemicals and can cause damage to the environment. The most important thing is to know the teak cleaner you are buying. Also, follow the safety guideline during the application process.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance and care of the teak cleaner vary from brand to brand. There are teak cleaners that will be used periodically to clean the surface of the teak wood. Some require a longer time in cleaning and maintaining the surface. It all depends on the brand and its scheduled cleaning and maintenance activity.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Teak Cleaner do You Need?

The amount of teak cleaner you need will largely depend on the size of the teak surface you need to clean. The bigger the surface, the more teak cleaner you will need in cleaning the wood.

Can you Pressure Wash Teak Wood?

If you think about it, using a pressure washer can help in the cleaning of the surface easily. However, I will not advise it because the pressure washer can damage the surface of the teak wood. The force coming from the water might be too strong for the wood which will cause it to fall apart.


To be able to maximize the restoration and cleaning of the teak surface in your boat, the need to use the best teak cleaner is important. Using the teak cleaner is the initial stage that will prepare the surface from the other cleaning and maintenance procedures that will be done on the teak surface. The more you choose the right teak cleaner, the better is the result for the protection and restoration process of all the teak surfaces of your boat.

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