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The Best Boat Seat Pedestals for 2024

best boat seat pedestal

Only a few know it but pedestal seats for boats are an integral part of the sea vessel. It provides comfort and safety to the user while seating on the boat. The pedestal absorbs shocks and protects parts of the body such as the knees and back of a person. These benefits will ensure a smooth ride on the boat that prevents fatigue and tiredness.

Meanwhile, the benefits mentioned shows the importance of having the right boat seat mount and pedestal in a sea craft. This is the reason I made this content to review the best boat seat pedestal available in the market today. The review is based on personal experience and the quality of the materials and features being used in each product.

I am hoping that this post can help boat owners who are planning to buy a new pedestal. Choosing the right one for your boat will come a long way to have a smooth and safe ride.

Best Best Boat Seat Pedestal Reviews

1. Attwood 91320-ADJ Swivl-Eze Pedestals

attwood 91320-adj swivl-eze pedestals

One factor that I considered in choosing a seat pedestal is its ability to do height adjustment. As a boat owner, you must anticipate the different types of people who will be using your boat. Their physical features particularly the height can make or break the usefulness of the seat pedestal.

The point mentioned above is the reason why I recommend the Attwood boat seat pedestal. I am impressed by this product’s ability to do height adjustments from 11.5 inches to 17.5 inches.
Furthermore, if you take a closer look at this boat accessory, you will see a well-built and dependable boat seat bracket mount. This will make the overall structure of the pedestal strong and sturdy.

What if a heavy or fat person will sit on your boat seats? Well, this is not a problem at all as this product is supported by a heavy-duty post. A 9-inch diameter based which provides strength and sturdiness to the pedestal.

This boat accessory also features a lock handle which is made of stainless steel parts. Meanwhile, if you are into dark colors, you will definitely like this product’s black powder coating. The color gives not only the unique appearance but the ability to last long in difficult marine conditions.

The only issue I have with this particular boat pedestal is in the installation process. I have a difficult time installing it as I ask for help from someone. Although, this is not really a big issue for me.

What We Like
  • Height-adjustment capability provides value to the boat owner
  • Black-powder coating provides the ability to withstand strong weather conditions
  • Heavy-duty post provides durability and strong support
  • Lock handle promotes ergonomic feels
  • Durable and reinforced pedestal
What We Don’t Like
  • Hard installation process

Overall, this is still a good product to have if you are looking for the durability and longevity of a boat pedestal. I like the height-adjustment feature and the strong overall structure of the post to provide strong support to the boat seat.

2. Wise 8WD2002 King Pin Power Rise Pedestals

wise 8wd2002 king pin power rise pedestals

A lot of boat owners know the need of having a strong and sturdy boat seat pedestal base to make the seat withstand heavy usage. And this is what this wise boat seat pedestal is proud of. A King Pin Type pedestal base that is .75 inch in diameter provides strong support to the boat seat. Moreover, this base can easily be adjusted from 22.5 inches to 29.8 inches.

Another feature that I like from this product is its ability to change from a leaning post to a seat. And this can be adjusted easily to provide comfort to the user during the ride whatever is his preference. I am also impressed by the way it can rotate 360 degrees which provide more fun to the user. The height adjustment lever and the integrated seat mount are also two features that are worth looking at.

Another factor that I consider when buying a seat pedestal is its longevity. And this product should be one of those durable pedestals that you will use for a long time. The swivel in particular is die-cast aluminum. It also comes with a black powder coat finishing which can withstand the hard conditions of the oceans.

Meanwhile, I have a minor issue with this product, particularly on its flexibility. This product only fits King Pin type bases which means you need to make sure if it fits your boat.

What We Like
  • Quick and easy height adjustment
  • A strong and sturdy pedestal base provides support to the seat
  • Can be converted from a seat to a leaning post
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Swivel is die-cast aluminum with a black powder coat finishing
What We Don’t Like
  • Fits only to King Pin type bases

Nevertheless, this is still a great option for your boat and is highly recommended by me. The features and benefits outweigh this minor issue. I like its ability to be converted from a seating post into a leaning post which gives a nice option to the user.

3. Springfield 1603825 Taper Lock pedestals

springfield 1603825 taper lock pedestals

The Springfield boat seat pedestal is not just your ordinary pedestal found in the market. It comes with a taper lock system which fits perfectly to taper lock style bases. This type of system takes pride in its easy installation and removal process. So if you are a boat owner, you will no longer have a hard time putting it in your boat.

Stability is also a big factor when buying a seat pedestal and this product perfectly fits the bill. What about a Lund boat seat pedestal that fits perfectly in your boat? This is what this product is good at. As it fits decently while securing and easily adjusting to your boat seats promoting comfort and safety to the user.

What are you getting when you purchase this product? Firstly, you will get a 2 ⅜ boat seat pedestal with a manually adjustable post. You will also get a non-swivel with trace-lock features. I also want to emphasize that this post can be adjusted up to 3 inches, from 13” to 16 inches in height. As a result, no need to worry for those visitors of yours that towers over everybody as you can easily adjust your boat seat with ease.

However, the only downside of this product that I see is the quality of its release tab. I have personal experience of how hard it is when releasing it. I feel that the quality is also poor that it got me thinking it might break easily.

What We Like
  • Easy installation and removal process
  • Provides stability to the boat seats
  • Secure and adjust easily to your boat seats
  • Can be adjusted up to 3 inches.
What We Don’t Like
  • The release tab is hard to release

To summarize, this is still a perfect boat seat pedestal that offers high-quality features and benefits that will make you satisfied as a boat owner. The prize is also competitive when compared to its competitors in the market.

4. Attwood 97749-7 Swivl-Eze Lock’N-Pin Pedestals

attwood 97749-7 swivl-eze lock'n-pin pedestals

For boat owners who are looking for a boat seat pedestal kit that comes in a package, this product is recommended. The package includes all the mounting hardware needed when installing a boat seat. The package will bring a lot of comfort and security to the buyer when installing the product to the boat. As I have mentioned earlier, it is not easy to install the pedestal and the seats into your boat.

Furthermore, if you are looking for aluminum finishing in a kit, then this pedestal kit is perfect. It comes with a brush aluminum finish which is impressive as it enhances the appearance of the pedestal. The aluminum finish is also known for its durability and can withstand the harsh ocean climate.

Meanwhile, the kit also includes a post colored in black and measures approximately 11 inches in height. Below the post is the e-coated seat mount that comes with a spring. The spring feature should bring a lot of comfort and enjoyment to your visitors while they are riding your boat. Below the post is the aluminum base plate which is measured at 7 x 7 inches which provides strong support to the pedestal and the seat.

As good as this product is, one minor issue I notice with this product is its difficulty in removing it from the mount. Yes, installation is a breeze but unmounting it from the base is really hard.

What We Like
  • Easy installation process
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Includes all the mounting hardware
  • Competitive pricing
  • Sturdy aluminum base plate
What We Don’t Like
  • Unmounting from the base is hard

Nonetheless, I will still recommend this pedestal package for purchase. The product is in great condition, affordable, and offers a variety of features that will provide several benefits to your boat.

5. Leader Accessories Locking Boat Seat Pedestals

leader accessories locking boat seat pedestals

What is the best boat seat pedestal with the nicest appearance? There are many to mention but this adjustable boat seat pedestal from Leader should easily stand out. Made with anodized aluminum material, this result is a pedestal made with a matte and brush finishing. The finishing looks nice and elegant and should look good when installed in your boat.

In terms of its physical features, the pedestal’s platform is measured at 13 inches by 7 inches while the height is from 14 inches to 20 inches with manual adjustment. But what impressed me the most is the quality of the base which is made with solid aluminum. In my opinion, the base is so strong that it can hold even a 240-pounder sitting it for a long time. That’s how strong this product is.

In terms of the installation, I can say that its normal or just the same as the other boat seat pedestal. It should fit perfectly to your boat and should be installed easily in no time. Furthermore, the need to read the instruction manual diligently will help during the installation process.

Meanwhile, the only minor issue I can see from this product is the quality of the adjustment knob. It does not look good and the quality is poor. The knob is the weakest link and should be improved by the company in the future.

What We Like
  • Made with anodized aluminum material
  • Matte and Brushed Satin finish
  • Easy installation process
  • Sturdy and well-built base
  • Competitive pricing
What We Don’t Like
  • Low-quality adjustment knob

However, this is still a good pedestal to have in your boat. The quality stands out and it should bring a lot of benefits upon installation in your boat. I am impressed with the pedestal’s base as it provides strong support to the boat seats.

6. Wise 8WP21-374 Adjustable Pedestals

wise 8wp21-374 adjustable pedestals

Another factor that should be considered on a pedestal is its ability to give flexibility to the boat seats. I am talking about allowing the seats to move from different directions when used. For sure people will love it when the seats move freely up and down, forward and backward, and then rotate at 360 degrees. Not all the pedestal in the market have this special feature.

And this is the reason why this adjustable pedestal from Wise is special. It provides the flexibility I was talking about with its 7 inches travel site slide feature that makes it move forward and backward. The 12 inches to 18 inches height adjustment and the 360 degrees rotation complete these incredible features. Besides, the presence of a locking knob controls the user’s rotation experience depending on his preference.

Meanwhile, I am also impressed with the boat seat pedestal post which is refined with anodized aluminum material. It looks good along with its 9-inch diameter base. I can also say that the aluminum boat seat base looks so strong as it provides support to the chair. For sure, it can withstand those heavy pounders who will be on your boat.

However, as good as this product is, I was kinda disappointed with the absence of any hardware needed for the attachment and the installation process. It should be present considering the importance of the hardware during the attachment process.

What We Like
  • Height adjustment, travel slide, and 360 degrees features provide comfort and enjoyment
  • Thick, strong, and sturdy aluminum post
  • Well-build 9-inch diameter base with mounting holes
  • Competitive pricing
What We Don’t Like
  • Absence of installation hardware

To sum it up, I still like this product overall despite the minor issue. Having several features like the movement and the strong base should enough to convince you that this is a perfect pedestal for your boat.

7. Shoreline Marine Seat Pedestals

shoreline marine seat pedestals

There are boat owners who love simplicity in looking for a fishing boat seat pedestal. What I mean is those boat owners who are just looking for a simple boat seat pedestal extension to their boat. If you are the same with the one I mention, then this product should be perfect in your boat.

What I like most about this product aside from its simplicity is its sturdiness. If you take a closer look at this pedestal, I can say that it is well-built. It is made of steel and was constructed to have strong support for the boat seats. Furthermore, the height is 7 inches and comes in black color which also fits well with any color theme of the boat.

For sure, this is a simple pedestal that offers comfort to the user. And this comfort includes the installation process where this product is different from the others. Unlike the other products I reviewed, this is probably the easiest seat pedestal you can put in your boat. Whether you are using it as a seat riser or whatever purpose it may serve, this product should help you in many ways.

Another thing that stands out for me is the affordability of this pedestal. Compared to the others, the price is much more cheaper. So, if you are looking for affordability, this product should be highly considered.

However, the only downside with this boat seat pedestal is its flexibility as it does not fit in all seats. The bolt pattern is different compared to the other regular boat pedestal.

What We Like
  • Sturdy and strong pedestal post
  • Made of steel
  • Easy installation process
  • Affordable
What We Don’t Like
  • Does not fit on all sits

For me, this is not a major issue especially if you just looking for a simple seat riser to compliment the boat seat. The affordability is also a big factor if you want to consider this pedestal to your boat.

8. Springfield 1632013 Power-Rise Stand-Up Pedestals

springfield 1632013 power-rise stand-up pedestals

For boat owners, having a pedestal that can be converted from a seating post to a leaning post can be a luxury. When you have a long ride and you have the chance to either seat and stand while enjoying the views, this type of pedestal should be a handful. And this is what this stand-up pedestal from Springfield is good at.

When you are talking about a stand-up pedestal, the height adjustment should be the best feature in a product. For this boat seat pedestal, the height can be adjusted to 7 inches, which is from 22.5 inches to 29.5 inches. For me, this is enough to keep the user comfortable whether he is sitting or leaning over in the boat. As an added feature, this pedestal also has 360 degrees rotating feature for the user to enjoy.

Another feature that stands out with this boat accessory is its minimal installation requirements. Unlike other products, this pedestal does not need any special process upon installation.

Furthermore, this boat seat swivel pedestal is perfect for long people, 6 footers to be exact. If you pair it with a strong and sturdy base, this can also carry and sit people weighing more than 200 pounds. Please be reminded to use only Threaded King Pin bases which is the exact fit for this pedestal.

The only downside in this product is the absence of a base on the item. You need to purchase the base separately which is an added expense on your behalf.

What We Like
  • Can be converted from a seating post to a leaning post
  • Height adjustment setting offers flexibility
  • 360 degrees rotation feature
  • Minimal installation requirements
What We Don’t Like
  • Base not included

To sum it up, I will recommend this product specially for boat owners who are long measuring 6 feet and above. The height adjustment feature will provide comfort and enjoyment during the boat ride.

9. Oceansouth Shock Absorbing Adjustable Waverider Pedestals

oceansouth shock absorbing adjustable waverider pedestals

Let’s face it, the ocean is not always calm. There will be some times that you, as a boat owner will encounter large waves or even rough seas during your boat ride. However, what if I tell you that there are tracker boat seat pedestals that are made for this situation? This is what this boat seat pedestal from Oceanrider is good at.

To be able to have a smooth ride even if the seas are rough, this product comes with a gas-powered height adjustable feature. The height adjustment setting will enable the pedestal to somehow normalize and absorb the shock felt by the user. This will let the pedestal assist you with a smooth sailing ride even if there are large waves in the ocean.

Another factor that impressed me the most is the shaft which is constructed with aluminum anodized polished. This feature will make this part of the pedestal corrosion-free while making the shaft sturdy and durable. Furthermore, the base is also coated with aluminum which means it is also corrosion resistant and can withstand the harsh ocean environment.

The only issue I have with this product is its price. Compare to its competitors, the price is way much higher but this should be understandable with the different features it offers.

What We Like
  • Shock absorbing feature provides comfort even in rough seas
  • The aluminum anodized shaft provides strong support to the seat
  • Corrosion-resistant base
  • The gas-powered height adjustment feature
What We Don’t Like
  • A little bit pricey compares to its competitors

I will still recommend this product for purchase for the simple reason that the features outweigh whatever minor issue it has. The shock absorption feature is a good selling point that I can be proud of with this product.

10. AQUOS Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestals

aquos adjustable boat seat pedestals

If you have a boat or sea vessel being used for fishing, recreation, or even cruising, you need to find a boat seat pedestal that is perfect for your boat. Flexibility should be an important factor to consider when your boat is used in different activities. Moreover, the seat pedestal should be durable enough to withstand different weather conditions in the ocean.

This is the reason why I recommend the Aquos adjustable boat seat pedestal. I am impressed by this product’s ability to do height adjustments from 22 inches to 32 inches. That is 10 inches height adjustment that can be beneficial for tall individuals. It also comes with swivel properties powered by gas-lifting runners to ensure a smooth 360 degrees movement.

Furthermore, if you take a closer look at this boat accessory, you will see a well-built and dependable boat seat pedestal mount. A 9-inch diameter based which provides strength and sturdiness to the pedestal. This will make the overall structure of the pedestal strong and sturdy. To add, the seat base is designed and engineered to provide maximum support and offers corrosion-resistant properties.

The only downside I see in this particular boat pedestal is in the installation process. Although, this is not really a big issue if you ask for assistance.

What We Like
  • The gas-powered height adjustment feature
  • Corrosion-resistant seat base
  • Sturdy and strong base tube
  • 360 degrees movement feature
  • Ergonomic and stainless-steel lock handles
What We Don’t Like
  • Hard installation process

Overall, this is still a good product to have if you are looking for the quality and durability of a product. The gas-lift swivel provides a unique comfort while the base tube provides great support to the boat seats.

Who is This For?

adjustable boat seat pedestal

Boat owners have the responsibility to maintain and keep the sea vessel in good condition. For this reason, the boat owner must invest in boat accessories not only for maintenance reasons but also for enjoyment and recreation. But who are the people who must invest in a boat seat pedestal?

  • A boat seat pedestal is for boat owners who want to provide comfort to himself and the people riding his boat during long sea travel. This boat accessory can also provide safety to the user when traveling on rough seas. Imagine if you are riding a boat without this accessory during this time? It can lead to very uncomfortable and hazardous situations
  • This accessory is also for boat owners who want to be comfortable when driving on their boat. Some seat pedestals are used as seat risers, meaning they are used to adjust or lift the seat of the boat owner to be comfortable while driving.
  • The boat seat pedestal is also for boat owners who want to provide relaxations to all of the people on board his boat. There are seat pedestals that can be converted from a regular seat post to a leaning post. This feature will bring a lot of enjoyment and relaxation while on a long sea journey and enjoying the view.
  • The seat pedestal can also be used to maximize the relaxation inside the fishing boat. There are fishing boat owners that want to relax while they are doing their usual routine during fishing activity. The seat pedestal will provide comfort during this idle time while waiting on the catch.
  • More than relaxation, safety should be the priority for every boat owner especially to all the people inside the boat. And this boat accessory provides additional safety measures during long hours of sea travel.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Boat Seat Pedestal

Buying a sea pedestal that suits your needs is quite a challenge. You cannot just go to a retail store or go online and buy on Walmart, Academy, or Amazon right away. There are factors or even features to consider before buying your boat seat pedestal.

Brand Quality

In my opinion, this should be the first feature to be considered when buying a boat seat pedestal. I mean, there is no wrong in going for manufacturers that have been proven to produce high-quality sea pedestal. With many brands out there, the safest choice is to choose a proven and trusted brand.

Materials Made

Most of the seat pedestals are made with aluminum or stainless steel materials. These two are completely different in terms of giving a solid foundation to the product. Those made with stainless steel provide a solid foundation but also comes with a higher cost. Seat pedestals made with aluminum is not as expensive but is also softer metal compared to the stainless steel.

Height – Adjustment Feature

This feature is an important factor to consider when buying a seat pedestal on your boat. If you are buying it as a seat riser for yourself, you must take into consideration how tall you are. Furthermore, it must compensate for the height – adjustment feature of your boat. For the other parts of the boat, you must consider the height of the pedestal with the area where you want to install the pedestal.

High-Quality Post

The boat seat pedestal will have a better performance if it has a high-quality post. A post that is sturdy and strong enough to carry whoever is sitting on the boat seat. Therefore, you need to select a pedestal that has a strong foundation and was manufactured to withstand heavy people on the boat.

Installation Process

There are boat pedestals that offer an easy installation process on your boat. Choosing this type of product brings a lot of convenience to you. More importantly, installing it will not require you to ask for help during the installation process.


The price of a seat pedestal should be considered before purchasing. The price should be considered for your budget. Most often, our budget limits our capabilities to select our choices. But this should not always be the case, there are a lot of products out there which are cheaper but offer better quality and performance.

Other Features to Consider

Choosing the right seat pedestal brings a lot of factors and even features to consider before finally choosing the one. Some brands provide special features such as gas-powered height adjustment, 360 degrees feature, forward-backward feature, and a whole lot more. These should also be considered before purchasing the product.

The most important reminder for you is to choose a product that brings a lot of comfort and relaxation into your travel. It should also provide a lot of safety, security, and stability so that you will have a relaxed and stress-free boat ride.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Boat Seat Pedestal

boat seat pedestal base

There are a lot of advantages when using a boat seat pedestal. This is an accessory that provides a lot of benefits if installed to your boat. Meanwhile, there are few downsides that you can get if the seat pedestal is not used properly. The list below will discuss everything.


  • As stated several times in this review, a seat pedestal provides comfort and convenience inside the boat. Whether its seating or just leaning while looking for a nice view during the ride, the product should promote comfort to the user.
  • Adding a seat pedestal means upgrading your boat for the better. Putting and installing it means you are improving the boat and make it more comfortable and adding a lot of styles. The upgrade is for future visitors riding on board in the future.
  • Aside from relaxation, enjoyment is a word that a seat pedestal can provide to the user. If you are comfortable sitting and you can turn around while enjoying the view, that is pure fun and enjoyment.
  • For fishing boats, adding a seat pedestal offers a more relaxed fishing activity while waiting for that much-desired catch.
  • A seat pedestal also provides comfort and assist you when the ocean is rough. The boat seat should be the safest place to be in when dealing with the rough seas.
  • Adding set pedestals in your boat means improving the overall physical appearance of your boat. As a boat owner, you should be happy when everyone on board sits comfortably while inside the vessel.


  • Poor quality seat pedestals can bring unnecessary inconvenience to you and other people in the boat. It can cause accidents and other uncomfortable situations if not installed properly.
  • Seat pedestals are costly and if it does not fit your budget, then wait for the right time before making a purchase.
  • Some seat pedestals are not durable enough to last longer on harsh marine conditions.

Care and Maintenance

boat seat pedestal mount

How do you care and maintain a boat seat pedestal? Most of the brands featured in this review are high-quality and have a proven track record. I can say that these products were made to eliminate a lot of maintenance requirements. However, as a boat owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your boat to avoid unnecessary inconvenience in the future.

  • You need to make sure that the seat pedestals in your boat are constantly clean regularly. Failure to do so will make the dirt accumulate on the boat accessory and can deteriorate the quality and the foundation of it.
  • For the manual lock-handles, it is important to check it regularly or before using the chair. Doing this will ensure that the lock handle properly engages the pin. You must also check if the locking pin keeps the post lock all the time.
  • For the air-powered handle, checking the activation handle regularly is advised to ensure that the air-cylinder is working just fine. If the post does not adjust, then the handle has a problem.
  • It is also important to check the inside part of the pedestal and keep it clean. It should be free from any contamination by removing foreign debris. This unwanted debris can restrict the movement of the pedestal when being used.
  • If you need assistance from experts for repair, do not hesitate to ask for help. The manufacturer’s customer service can also help when something goes wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Set-up and Use?

In the earlier part of this review, we have discussed the different types of boat pedestal that we are recommending for purchase. In the review, it has been mention several times that the installation process will be difficult compared to normal. However, I will try to show you how to set-up and install a boat seat pedestal based on my experience.

But before the installation process, the need to inspect your boat and find a suitable area to put the seat pedestal is important. This step is important to avoid sensitive areas in the boat such as fuel tanks, wire harness, and other similar places. It can help in preventing damage and avoid possible accidents during the installation process.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to install a boat seat pedestal.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to prepare all the materials needed during the set-up. These materials include a screwdriver, masking tape, marker, and a drill. You will also need a marine adhesive sealant and epoxy resin.

Step 2: The next step is to put the pedestal on the desired place to start the installation process. Using the marker, you need to draw the circles found on the screw holes in the pedestal base. After illustrating the holes on the floor, put the seat pedestal away.

Step 3: Using the drill, make a one-inch hole to each of the circles you have drawn previously. After the drilling process, you need to put epoxy resin on the sides of the hole. The resin will prevent water penetration from the deck to the flooring. Allow the resin to dry for 3 days before continuing the installation process.

Step 4: Continue the process of installation after a few days by making pilot holes in the middle of the holes which are filled with epoxy resin. The size of these small halls should be half the size of the mounting screw you are going to use on the base.

Step 5: Apply the adhesive sealant to the holes full of resin. You will also need to spread it over the boat flooring which will be covered by the base of the pedestal. Put the pedestal to the exact place where the resin-filled holes and the holes of the mounting screws should coincide.

Step 6: Fasten the mounting screws thoroughly until such time that the seat pedestal becomes steady and secure. After screwing, let the adhesive sealant settled on the base approximately for one day. After that, tighten the screw to the bottom to finish the installation process.

How to Care and Clean?

To all my boat owner friends, caring and cleaning your boat seat pedestals is a broad topic. I felt like there are many ways to properly clean and maintain your boat seat pedestal to its highest standard.

The first thing that comes to my mind when maintaining a seat pedestal is to follow what is in the product manual in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Failure to do so will mean that the pedestal’s quality and efficiency will be affected if not maintained properly. After all, the company or the manufacturer knows what is the best way to maintain the pedestal to its highest standard.

General cleaning of the boat seats and pedestal should also be a priority when cleaning your boat. As time goes by, dirt accumulation into the different parts of the seats and the pedestal will happen. Because of this reason, cleaning is the answer to wipe out accumulated dirt whether it’s on the seats or the pedestal.

There are also other small steps that you can do to keep and maintain the quality of your pedestal. Covering both the seats and pedestals when not in use will come along in preventing the dirt from going inside the boat accessories. You can also familiarise cleaning agents that are needed to properly clean and maintain the boat seats and the pedestal.

What are The Different Boat Seat Pedestal Classifications?

It was in 1996 when the American Boat and Yacht Council formulated safety codes for seat hardware to ensure the safety of the consumers. These safety codes serve as guidelines to all boat owners to select the right and safe boat pedestals in their respective boats. The classification is as follows:

Class AD (Also known as Class AO)

This classification pertains to the boat seat and pedestal when used on the driver or the helm station while the boat is moving. To have this classification, the boat seats and the pedestal must adhere to the following requirements:

  • The seat should be designed to be occupied even if the boat is moving at any speed
  • Uses a locking mechanism for every seat movement
  • Seats can be exchanged with the driver seat as it meets the other requirement of this classification
  • Comes with a positive locking swivels that can hold out 150 lbs. of force
  • Seats with before and after adjustment should have the ability to endure 300 lbs for at least 180 seconds
  • Seats with up and down adjustment feature must have a positive lock mechanism
  • Support 10 impacts of 225 lbs

Class AP

This classification pertains when the boat is moving but the seat and the pedestal are not on the driver or the helm station. To have this classification, the boat seats and the pedestal must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Comes with a positive locking swivels that can hold out 30 lbs. of force
  • The seat should be designed to be occupied even if the boat is moving at any speed
  • Uses a locking mechanism for every seat movement
  • Seats with before and after adjustment should have the ability to endure 300 lbs for at least 180 seconds
  • Seats with up and down adjustment feature must have a positive lock mechanism
  • Support 10 impacts of 225 lbs

Class B

This classification has the fewest requirements and is being used by fishing boats and other seats being used when the boat is not moving. There are only two requirements in this classification:

  • The seat should be designed to be occupied when the boat is moving at 5 miles per hour
  • Should be able to sustain loads that are half the velocity of the Class AD and AP classifications


We have reviewed 10 of the boat seat pedestals that you can use in your boat. I have shown you the different features and benefits of all the products to help you choose the right one for you to buy. But it all depends on the type of your boat and the different activities your boat is being used.

For sure, selecting the right boat pedestal will consume your time. But our review will help in so many ways by giving you different insights about the product. All you have to do is examine all the products then personally assess what’s best for your boat. Improve your boating experience today by buying our recommended boat seat pedestals.

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