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The Best Pontoon Bumpers and Fenders for 2024

best pontoon bumpers and fenders

One of the most difficult challenges when steering a pontoon boat is to have it unscathed and undamaged when bringing into a dock. Experienced boat owners know the unique responsibility of docking the boat safely into the dock without damaging it. But the skills of the boat captain can also be assisted with outstanding pontoon bumpers and fenders. These boat accessories were made to prevent the boat from being harm during the docking process and while on the dock.

Pontoon boat fenders and bumpers are essential accessories that boaters need to protect their pontoon boat. But looking for the best pontoon bumpers and fenders requires a lot of thorough research on the part of the boat owner. For this reason, we have come up with this review to help boaters find the right one for their boat as all products presented were tested for their features and benefits to the pontoon boat.

Best Pontoon Bumper and Fender Reviews

1. VIVOHOME Vinyl Ribbed Marine Boat Fenders

vivohome vinyl ribbed marine boat fenders

If you want the pontoon fendering to be effective during the docking, a boater must choose a product that possesses durability and sturdiness. This is what this marine boat fender from Vivohome is offering with its top-quality marine-grade UV-resistant PVC. I am impressed by this material’s ability to prevent impact and damage when docking. This type of material also gives longevity to the product for about 3 years in terms of usage.

I was also impressed with its design that features a pair of eyelets found on both ends of the boat. This vertical ribs design comes with a puncture-and-tear resistance feature which adds strength and strategically minimizing the effect of rolling out of position. This pontoon bumper duck fender also features a buffer effect which is responsible for protecting the boat from being damaged when a collision occurs during the docking process.

In terms of its usage, I also like how it is easy to use and install. This boat fender comes with the inflating needles and the pump which will help the user in setting up the boat fender easily. The versatility also stands out as it fits all boats that measure between 19 to 29 feet. Aside from pontoon boats, this is ideal for yachts, rowboats, and sailboats.

As a bonus, this boat fender comes with several color options. This will give the boater the chance of choosing the color that matches the boat. Furthermore, the compact design will let you store easily anywhere in the boat including the small ones.

The only minor issue I see in the product is in the fitting. The size of this boat fender is bigger that sometimes it may not fir perfectly especially to a small boat. But this issue is manageable and can be tolerated.

What We Like
  • The marine-grade PVC provides toughness and durability
  • Compact design provides easy convenience in storing
  • Inflatable valves adjust the type of firmness
  • Provides easy-installation and take off
  • Unique design keeps the fender in place all the time
What We Don’t Like
  • Small fitting issue

All in all, this marine boat fender is an excellent choice for your boat with its benefits and features that will surely protect your boat. This is also a durable marine fender that is designed to last long in your pontoon boat.

2. Taylor Made Products Pontoon Boat Fenders

taylor made products pontoon boat fenders

This Taylor made pontoon fenders takes pride in its quality. With this product made in the United States of America, expect this pontoon boat bumpers and fenders to keep your boat safe from docking or even accidental collisions. This boat fender makes the pontoon boat safe with its highest level of protection.

Upon inspecting this product, you will immediately notice a well-built design. This boat fender comes with a contoured shape which provides a great fit to the usual rounded shape of all pontoon boats. This is indeed a dock edge pontoon fender the provides a perfect hug to the deck of the boat. This will protect the boat surface from any damage or scratches during an unintentional collision.

I was also impressed by the materials it’s made which is a marine grade and U.V. resistant marine vinyl. This type of material is known for its durability and sturdiness which also increase the longevity of the product. Meanwhile, a valve designed like the one found on rubber football makes this fender easy to inflate.

In terms of fitting, I was impressed by the way this product was molded in ridge hooks found below the pontoon deck. This design will help the fender secure in his position on the deck. Meanwhile, the securing points found in the design were built to fit most of the different types of pontoon boats.

However, there is an issue with this marine boat fender as it does not stay in one place. The hook is too small for it to secure the fender from moving. For me, this is a good idea that needs to be improved to make it more effective.

What We Like
  • Provides great fit for all pontoon boat designs
  • Easy inflation and installation
  • Promotes easy pontoon fender storage
  • Marine grave vinyl provides durability and sturdiness
  • Does not come with a rope that tangles
What We Don’t Like
  • Does not stay in place

Despite the minor issue, this fender is exceptional for your boat. The fitting to your boat is great and the adjustable strap and the easy-installation feature provides convenience to the boaters. Another great option if you are looking for the best fender in your boat.

3. Polyform G Series Boat Fenders

polyform g series boat fenders

A lot of boaters give a huge thumbs up to this particular boat fender due to its quality. Another product that is manufactured in the USA, this boat fender can also be used as pontoon boat dock bumpers and can protect the boat from the difficult process of docking. It is built with a much thicker and heavier size as it provides the perfect shield to your pontoon boat.

I like that this product does not need to be inflated by the boater as it already comes pre-inflated upon purchase. This will provide convenience to the user with its easy installation feature. In terms of durability, the molded ribs designed provides toughness and abrasion resistance feature that protects the boat from scratches and damages. The polyform material also provides the thickness a boat needs for maximum protection and durability.

During the testing, I also feel that the toughness also stands out in this boat fender. When used as pontoon duck bumpers, it can withstand hard hits and collisions. It can hold the air effectively even if it’s badly beaten and used. A truly great option in protecting your pontoon boat from damages resulting from collision and docking.

As a bonus, the different colors available in this boat fender have made me smile. I am sure that boaters who will show interest in this product will not find a hard time matching a color that will go hand in hand with the color of their boat.

However, the only minor issue with this boat fender is its sheer size. I feel that this boat fender will not fit perfectly with smaller size boats.

What We Like
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • The best value recreational fender in the market
  • Made of polyform material that provides longevity
  • Polyform valves provide long-lasting service
  • Also works perfectly in permanent protected moorings
What We Don’t Like
  • Big size for small boats

Another option to consider if you are looking for fenders that can be installed conveniently. This is a product that does need to be inflated to provide convenience to the boater. The presence of different colors available makes this product also appealing among all boaters.

4. X-Haibei Boat Fenders Dock Bumpers ball

x-haibei boat fenders dock bumpers ball

When choosing pontoon front bumpers or pontoon boat corner bumpers or fenders, it is almost certain that the boaters will select quality and effectiveness in choosing the product. These two factors are always the basis and preference. However, what’s unique about this boat fender is it’s being environmentally friendly as it uses a raw material that does not destroy mother earth.

I can say that this product is a great alternative for the normal boat fender when trying to dock or boating up with another boat. Although this comes deflated when purchased, it can be easily inflated by the boater using the mouth and the inflation needles that come in this product. It is easy to install and used compared to other products.

When we are talking about versatility, this boat ball as they fondly called it can do other functions as well. You can use it as a marker or you can hang it without any issue as it stays without any movement. Aside from pontoon boat docking, you can use it for yacht docking, water safety buoy, mooring buoy, navigation buoy, and even floater. I am truly impressed by its versatility that I can recommend it to every boater reading this review.

Lastly, if you take a look at this boat ball’s size, it’s perfect for the different purposes it can serve. If you want to keep boaters at bay from your dock, then use this as a marker. Or you can use it for other purposes which benefit you and your boat.

However, I have an issue with its storage in the boat. With its size, it will be difficult for this fender compared to the other normal design fenders.

What We Like
  • Provides versatility with the different purpose it can serve
  • Easy inflation and deflation feature
  • A good alternative for normal fenders
  • Environment friendly
What We Don’t Like
  • Difficult storage

For me, this is a highly recommended product and is the most versatile among all the products reviewed. It’s a must for you to have this in your boat with all the purpose it can serve to you and the boat.

5. VINGLI Ribbed Boat Fenders

vingli ribbed boat fenders

A perfect pontoon boat bumper guards your pontoon boat against any scratches or damage. It should be designed to provide the best protection on the boat during docking or other purposes. This is what this fender from Vingli as it provides advanced design and features to make the boat protected and safe all the time.

Upon inspecting the product carefully, I immediately noticed the reinforced eyelet and sidewall. It gives the fender a tough rib which gives the ability to increase its anti-collision property. I am also impressed by the product’s well manufactured and seamless single-piece construction that avoids splitting while extending its longevity.

I also notice the quality of the materials that this product is assembled. Its PVC materials offer UV resistance and anti-corrosion properties which makes it a great product. In terms of texture, this product is resilient and soft which means it can prevent the boat from bumping on docks or the other boats on the side.

Another thing that impresses me is its easy-installation properties. As it comes with its inflator and 4 needles, the boater can easily inflate and deflate it anytime as needed. This will provides convenience to boaters who dislike the process of manually inflating the fenders.

The only issue I see in the product is the quality of the inflation needles. It is so poor that I feel that it can break easily after a few days. There’s a lot to improve in this part of the product.

What We Like
  • Sidewall and eyelet provides full protection and anti-collision properties
  • PVC materials provide durability and toughness
  • The easy-usage feature provides convenience to the boater
  • Single piece construction prevents splitting
  • Comes with 4 needles and an inflator
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor quality of inflation needles

The small issue does not outweigh the quality of this product. I am recommending this to all boat owb\ners who want quality and efficiency in a boat fender. Its features and benefits will make your boat safe from any damage during docking time.

6. MISSION Boat Gear Sentry Dock Bumpers

mission boat gear sentry dock bumpers

Innovation is the word that best describes this boat bumpers for pontoons. This Canadian-made bumper offers a different approach in protecting pontoon boats when docking. The design was created to perfectly match the modern boats of today. Normal boat fenders can no longer protect the new generation of boats with its updated design as claimed by the company but this boat fender is made for it.

If you take a closer look at this fender, you will immediately see the innovation and the difference compared to the other products. It uses a hanging system where it protects the pontoon boat under and over the rub rail with its perfect positioning. The hanging style makes the fender to align at the surface of the boat’s exterior. It will not only protect the boat but improves the overall style of your pontoon boats.

Another innovation I was impressed with is the way they design this product. It is formed with closed-cell cross-linked foam to increase its toughness and durability. Moreover, this is a water-resistant fender that can also withstand the negative effect of the sunlight which makes it a truly impressive fender for any type of boat.

Lastly, this boat bumper also comes with easy installation properties. I mean, compared to the other boat fenders, you will not be dealing with a rope or the issue of being tangled. Instead, you will use a unified strap that can easily be connected to the cleats of the boat or the docks.

However, the only minor issue with this product compared to the usual fender is that this product does not roll between the boat and the dock. But this small issue is tolerable in general.

What We Like
  • Modern innovation protects modern boats
  • Provides perfect position which results in maximum protection of the boat
  • No rope which means no tangled or mold issues
  • Easy installation feature provides convenience to the boater
  • Made in Canada
What We Don’t Like
  • Inability to roll between the boat and the dock

As a whole, this is a perfect pontoon boat fender hangers that will give the highest protection for your pontoon boat. The easy-installation feature will give the boater the convenience it needs since almost everyone is in a hurry when installing a boat fender. The innovative and unique system can also help the boat with the right protection it needs.

7. Goplus Ribbed Marine Boat Vinyl Bumpers

goplus ribbed marine boat vinyl bumpers

Quality is always the major factor that contributes to choosing pontoon front bumpers, pontoon corner bumpers, or whatever type of bumpers or fenders you’ll need. With the boat bumpers and fenders, quality should go hand-in-hand with durability or toughness. The reason? The more durable and tough the fender is, the more it can protect the boat from any damage.

In terms of toughness, this boat fender impresses me with its strength and firmness. It is molded with a non-abrasive PVC material to boost the strength and durability of this product and giving the right protection for the boat. Another material that constitutes the toughness is marine vinyl which provides water and UV resistance properties which result in longevity and stability

Another feature that shows the durability of this product is its design. I was impressed with its 3 mm thickness to provide sturdiness and additional strength. The molded-in ribs design also provides resistance to scratches and tear. All of these features can help in prolonging the lifespan of this boat fender.

Last but not the least, I can say that this product also offers versatility features when used in a pontoon boat. With its horizontal and vertical position, the boat owner can hang it or depend on its need on the boat.

The only issue I see in this product is its sheer size. It may not fit perfectly on smaller boats with its huge size.

What We Like
  • The PVC material provides extra protection to the boat
  • Vinyl material gives UV resistance properties and longevity
  • Thick walls increase scratch and tear resistance properties
  • The striped design gives additional friction and less rolling
  • Easy installation feature
What We Don’t Like
  • Not fit for small boats

If you are looking for a bumper that protects your boat from damage during the docking process, this boat fender is an option. This product gives a unique buffer from collision to other boats to prevent any damage during the docking journey.

8. Extreme Max BoatTector Contour Fenders

extreme max boattector contour fenders

This boat fender from Extreme Max focuses on a different approach when protecting a pontoon boat. By using an unconventional wrap-around design, it offers the same level of protection particularly to the pontoon boats hull and gunwale. With its rectangular design, this is different from the usual round fenders but still offers the same results.

What I like best about this product is the way it is assembled and form. It is called a closed-cell foam construction which gives toughness and durability to prevent it from deflating or collapsing. Furthermore, it is protected with a marine-grade tri-laminate cover and double thermal-bonded seams that enable it to resist the effect of water and UV rays.

For a dock bumper, this product can be easily set up and install. It gives the boater the ability to deflate and inflate with ease depending on how much pressure you want to fit perfectly on the boat. If you want it tighter, all you need to do is deflate it as needed.

Last but not the least, this boat fender also takes pride in its easy storage. With its square design and foldable property, you will not need a bigger space in keeping it in the boat. Also included in the pack are 2 pairs of fender lines to be used with this fender.

However, one downside that I see in this boat fender is that it may not work perfectly when used in tying up with another boat because of its design.

What We Like
  • The wrap-around design protects the boat’s gunwale and hull
  • The closed-cell foam construction provides durability and stability
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Easy storage with its foldable features
  • Includes 2 fender lines
What We Don’t Like
  • Not for tying up with another boat

As a whole, this is still a nice quality bumper that will work well on your pontoon boat. It will give perfect protection to your boat when tied up in the dock. The rectangular design also works well even with small boats as it does not need a large space in storage.

9. Dock Edge Torpedo Post Bumpers

dock edge torpedo post bumpers

This boat bumpers for pontoons takes pride in combining protection and attraction altogether. What does it mean? Its design combines the ability to protect the boat from scratches and tear while also boosting the overall appearance of your docking system with its unique torpedo design and an array of different colors.

However, this post bumper may be attractive but was built to have a rugged feature to provide ultimate protection to the boat. Furthermore, it comes with a large size that can be installed on the leg pipes of your docking system. This bumper can also be placed on mounting brackets to protect the boat from bolts that stick out in the open.

In terms of its quality, I like the way it is designed to come up with a durable and tough post bumper. It is made with marine-grade vinyl the provides ultimate strength and cushioning to protect the boat from any damage. Meanwhile, the wall thickness also caught my attention as it helps in the longevity and durability of this product.

I was also impressed with its easy installation feature. All you have to do is follow the guidelines to install it easily in your docking area. It should also be noted that this post bumper is available in different colors that add attraction to your docking system.

The only minor issue I see in this post bumper is the small slit found at the bottom part. It can open up and destroy the effectiveness of this post bumper.

What We Like
  • Comes with a rugged feature to give ultimate cushion to the boat
  • Marine-grade vinyl provides toughness and durability
  • Wall thickness increases durability and longevity
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to inflate or deflate
What We Don’t Like
  • A small slit found at the bottom tends to open up

This post bumper offers the quickest installation in your docking system. I am recommending this because it not only protects your boat but can also improve the overall appearance of your docking system.

10. Dock Edge PVC Toon Fenders

dock edge pvc toon fenders

In this final part of our dock bumpers for pontoon boats review, we feature a unique fender that is best used on the rail and fence of the boat. It is a fender that offers durability while also offering several unique features. This is also best used to protect the rail system of your pontoon boat.

If you check the quality, this toon fender was molded with rigid PVC vinyl to offer toughness and durability. This will give the ultimate protection to the boat for a long time. I also like the design that allows the fender to fasten on the rail or in the fence safely. I was also impressed by its ability to be adjusted to protect the rail system or even the boat itself.

By the way, this toon fender also comes with a special dual hook system. This special feature will help in fastening the fender securely either on the fence or the rail. I also like the adjustable hooks which allow the fender to be attached to different types of boat rails or decks. It also comes with a versatility feature when installed high or low in protecting the railings depending on what your boat needs.

Meanwhile, this type of fender can be easily installed in the boat. Be it in the fence or rail, the boater will have an easier time installing it. This fender is a good investment and can also be used to prevent catching the dock when mooring the boat.

However, one issue with this toon fender is the quality of the rail hook. I felt that it was flimsy and can be bend easily. I think that it will be destroyed if the strap will be tightened.

What We Like
  • PVC Vinyl provides durability and longevity
  • The unique patented design allows secured protection
  • Can be adjusted to protect the pontoon or the rail system
  • A versatile fender
  • Easy-installation feature
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor quality of the rail hook

For boaters who are looking for a bumper that protects the boat from damage during the docking process, this boat fender is an option. This product gives great protection from collision to other boats and prevents any damage during the docking and other situations.

Who is This for?

best pontoon bumpers

Owning a pontoon boat is not only limited to the enjoyment and relaxation it offers but also to the responsibility of maintaining and protecting it from outside threats. One such threat is the potential danger before and during the docking process where a boat can be damaged from accidental collisions from other boats, slip, and the dock itself. In particular, strong waves can move the pontoon boat during the dock and can rub the other boats or the dock resulting in scratches and other damages.

These threats can be prevented or minimized by using a pontoon fender and bumper. In fact, these boat accessories are for boaters who want to protect their boat from these threats during the docking process. A lot of responsible boaters used high-quality fenders and boaters to take care of the boat and protect it from the threats I have mentioned before.

But what is the difference between a bumper and a fender? A lot of people has this misconception that fenders and bumpers for pontoon boat are the same. But in reality, they are not. The fact is, they share a similar purpose which is to protect the boat from scratches, dents, and other similar damage. To make it simple, the fenders are those that we put in the boat while the bumpers are the ones that we put in the docks.

To sum it up, bumpers and fenders are generally for the protection of the boat. As discussed earlier, these boat accessories can also be used to boost the overall appearance of the boat but this is not really important. Responsible boat owners know the importance of acquiring the best fenders and bumpers and they know that the purchase is for the good of their pontoon boat.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pontoon Bumper and Fender

In the earlier part of the review, we have been discussing the importance of acquiring the right bumpers and fenders of the pontoon boat. This can only be achieved if the boater knows the different factors to consider in buying not only the best but the right fit for the pontoon boat. For the benefit of the readers, here are the different features to check before buying a particular fender or bumper of your choice.

The Right Size

For me, this is the most important factor to consider before buying a fender or a bumper for your boat. If you made a mistake in buying the right fit, there is a possibility that you will just be wasting your time and resources because the fender or the bumper will not be effective as expected.

The simple rule is to determine how long your boat is to determine the number of fenders you need. To determine the size, always remember that for every 5 feet of boat length measurement, it is equivalent to an inch in diameter of your boat fender requirements. It’s up to you to do the math for your boat. As for the quantity, the rule is to buy at least 3 fenders, and that’s the minimum. If you will install lesser than that, it will not be effective as it can be.

Durability and Longevity

If you want to have the most effective bumpers and fenders, it should be durable enough to withstand hard usage in order to last longer more than average. But how will you find a durable and tough fender? You need to do some research on the type of materials it is being formed or manufactured. In our product review, we have featured different materials being used by manufacturers in making durable and tough bumpers. Materials such as PVC among others should be on the product you are planning to purchase to ensure that you are buying the most durable one.

Ease of Installation and Usage

There is a notion that boaters are always in a hurry when installing fenders and bumpers. Because of this, the installation becomes hard and sometimes not done well. In reality, there are a lot of fenders and bumpers that are easier to install compared to the other accessories of the boat. The only problem is, the boaters normally do not read and follow the guidelines well making the installation difficult and takes longer. The lesson? Read the guidelines and the installation will be a breeze.

The Style

This refers to what type of fenders and bumpers you will need to be installed in your pontoon boats. Apparently, there are a lot of different types of fenders and bumpers available in the marketplace. It is all about choosing the right one in terms of the boat’s size, fittings, and needs. The same goes for the bumper where it will also depend on what type of docking system you have and finding the right fit for it.

Resistance to Water, UV Rays, and Corrosion

This is still in relation to the quality of the fenders or bumpers in terms of how it is manufactured and the materials used by the company. We all know that fenders and bumpers are exposed to harsh conditions when installed in the boat or the dock. Conditions such as the rays of the sun, the effect of the water, or the corrosion issue can contribute to the deterioration of a fender or bumper. So for a responsible boater, he needs to acquire a product that has the ability to withstand the effect of these harsh conditions to fully used the product for a long time.

Ease of Storage

Let’s face it, every boat has a space limitation depending on the size of it. In having a fender or a bumper in our position, the boater must also consider the storage of the product. In this review, we have shown fenders and bumpers that can be easily stored in the boat and does not take too much space when it is kept and not in use. Before buying, you must ensure that the fender you will acquire will not take too much space in the boat when it is being stored.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Pontoon Bumper and Fender

pontoon boat fenders

There are a lot of advantages when boaters used high-quality fenders and bumpers in their boat and in the docking system. These boat accessories can provide a lot of benefits in terms of protecting the boat from the difficult process of docking. We all know that docking is not an easy thing to do. Ask experienced boaters and they will say that you need the experience and the skills to come up with a smooth dock and not encountering any issues such as accidental bump to the dock or the other boat.

This is where the importance of the fenders and the bumpers to the pontoon boat. It will give protection when accidental bumps happen to prevent scratches and other damage to the boat.
The fenders will serve as the cushions to prevent further damage when an impact is made with the dock or the other boat. When the boat is tied together, there also a tendency that it will move because of the current and will bump with each other. The fenders will protect these vessels once it happened.

Fenders and bumpers will only be a disadvantage or a liability when you acquire the wrong one for your boat. Once you purchased low-quality fenders and bumpers and it will fail to protect the boat as expected, you will only be wasting your time, money, and resources from buying the product. Furthermore, you will again spend a fortune in fixing the damage which resulted from the inability of the boat fenders and bumper in protecting your pontoon boat.

Care and Maintenance

If you want your boat bumpers or fenders to consistently look good and new, you must know how to properly maintain and clean it. Caring and maintaining a fender or bumper is not rocket science and it only needs your desire as an owner to make it always look good. Whether you own an expensive fender or the other popular ones such as the Bennington pontoon fenders or the Akua pontoon boat fender, the approach will always be the same.

In order to prevent dirt and grime accumulation, you must ensure that the fenders and bumpers should be removed from the water as much as possible when not in use. You also need to have a cleaning solution to spray and take out all the stains it will accumulate when being used. Finally, when storing the fenders, make sure to keep it dry before putting it in your storage area. This is to make sure that once you used it again, it will be fresh and clean before reinstalling it in the boat.

What are the materials needed to clean fenders and bumpers? First, a regular bleach solution can do the job together with regular soap and a comet to be used in cleaning. You will also need a brush that will be used to remove all the dirt that builds up once bumpers and fenders are installed. A pressure washer can also help in removing the dirt quickly. If you own one, this will make your life a lot easier.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Best Brand of Pontoon Bumpers and Fenders?

The popularity of fenders and bumpers has grown over the years resulting in a lot of companies manufacturing different types of these boat accessories. However, to keep your life easier in choosing the right one for your boat, we have compiled and reviewed the 10 of the best bumpers and fenders found in the marketplace today.

In those brands we mentioned, I can say that the fenders and bumpers from Vivohome, Taylor Made Products, Polyform G Series, and Vingli stands out based on our reviews. Special mention to Mission Boat Gear Sentry, Go Plus, and Extreme Max for also manufacturing fenders or bumpers that can serve well on a pontoon boat.

How to Set up and Use?

Setting up and using the fenders and bumpers varies from brand to brand. In our product review section, you have noticed that each product comes in different approved in terms of installing and using it. It is all about reading the product manual and follow the right procedure in installing and using it. Doing this will help in fully maximizing the capability of the fender or the bumper in its purpose of protecting your pontoon boat.

How to Care and Store?

We have earlier discussed the right way to clean and maintain the fenders and bumpers to make it always looks good and new. Cleaning the right way will also help in easily storing the product in your storage area. To find the right storage, it is important for you to find a place that comes with exclusivity and privacy. This is to ensure that your fenders will be kept properly and will not be seen by other people especially the visitors in your boat.


We have reviewed 10 of the best pontoon bumpers and fenders that are available in the market today. This review was made to help all boaters in choosing the right one for the pontoon boat ensuring that the vessel will be protected during the dock and other similar situations.

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