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The Best Sealer for Aluminum Boats in 2024

best sealer for aluminum boats

Owning an aluminum boat is both a luxury and a challenge. It is a luxury with all the benefits and advantages that you can get compared to other types of boats. It is a challenge with all the things that you need to do when it comes to its maintenance and repairs. Take it from me who has own this type of boat for a few years now.

After a few years of use, it is normal for the boat to show some wear and tear on its parts. From leaking seams or rivets and other similar signs of wear out, this will be a challenge to all boat owners like you. To address these issues, you will need to use the best sealer for aluminum boats to minimize and eliminate all leakage on the boat. With that, we intentionally made this review to help all boaters in finding the best marine sealant for aluminum boats.

In this review, we are not just recommending products that we like. We intentionally conduct a series of tests and chooses the top products that have successfully passed our criteria and expectations. We will be detailing all relevant information and our experiences after using each of the products.

Best Sealer for Aluminum Boat Reviews

1. Travaco Marine-Tex RM330K Gluvit Epoxy Sealer

travaco marine-tex rm330k gluvit epoxy sealer

Repairing boat leaks can be a daunting task but if you use the best sealant for aluminum boats, these issues can be solved without too much hustle. Those leaky seams and rivets need to be sealed off properly to avoid any inconvenience when the boat hits back into the water. For me, this epoxy sealer from Travaco can do the job easily and can produce high-quality results in sealing all leakage of your aluminum boat.

What I like best about this boat maintenance product is its ability to provide superb protection on aluminum surfaces. Our team tries to apply this to aluminum boat hulls with leakage on the rivets and I was impressed with the result. At first, I was reluctant about the result but what I see was a hard protective coating that effectively seals even the smallest cracks. I was impressed with what I saw after the application.

In terms of application, I like the convenience it brings when I applied it to the aluminum boat. At first, I clean the area that needs to be applied then mix the product on a separate container. During the application, I just used a regular brush in applying to the area and let it dry after. And the best about this sealer is it dries pretty fast which for me is quite impressive.

I also like the durability of this product once applied to an aluminum boat. The Gluvit aluminum boat sealer can seal all the leaking for a long time. A friend boat owner has told me that it took around three years before the boat needs another sealing job again.

However, one minor issue with this product is the color when dried. Although it is color white inside the container, it turns slightly brownish when it dries. I would suggest covering it with paint if you do not want the finishing color.

What We Like
  • Seals leakage with complete protection
  • Ability to provide a durable seal that can last for a long time
  • Fills the smallest holes and cracks
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries quickly
What We Don’t Like
  • Turns brownish when dried up

This product works best when applied to an aluminum boat. I have tried it and personally saw how effective it is. It can fix a boat that is leaking badly and can convert it into a boat that is waterproof and free from leaks. It will seal even the smallest cracks and holes in your aluminum boat.

2. TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Leak Sealer

totalboat aluminum boat leak sealer

The Totalboat aluminum boat leak sealer takes pride in being innovative in terms of its size and its use. I was impressed by the flexibility of this product when it comes to its size and effectiveness. Meaning, this is a small-but-terrible leak sealer that can be kept anywhere you want.

When we tried this product on a leaking aluminum boat, I was impressed with the result it gives which is better than I expected. Right after the application, I immediately noticed the effectiveness of this boat leak sealer when it comes to sealing small leaking holes. The leakage was immediately gone and the boat was on the water immediately.

I did notice the quality of the seal which is quite impressive as it penetrates the hole as needed. It absorbed any type of stresses coming from shocks and vibrations to provide the best seal on the surface. I even sand it after the application and have it painted the way I want it. Leakage in any part of your boat will be a thing of the past with this aluminum boat rivet sealer.

Another feature that impresses me was its ease of application. I only used a cheap caulk gun for the application as the cartridge can be fitted with any of its types. I also used the provided dispenser tips and it worked very well. I can tell you that the overall application was smooth and easy without any mixing or messy remnants that need to be clean.

The only downside I see in the product is the need to be used at a certain temperature to achieve the best result. I did the sealing in an area where it is at least 40︒F as instructed. You will need to carefully check the temperature before doing the sealing activity.

What We Like
  • Ease of application
  • Water-proofing properties
  • Can be dispensed automatically
  • The cartridge can fit any type of caulking gun
  • Seals small holes and leakage quickly
What We Don’t Like
  • Temperature requirement during the application

I can say that this product can be a good addition to the list of maintenance products on your boat. It is easy to apply and will seal any leakage problem from small holes to leaking rivets and seams. This product can get the job done as I have experienced before.

3. Amazing GOOP 5400040 Coat-It Epoxy Sealer

amazing goop 5400040 coat-it epoxy sealer

Worn and degraded rivets are one of the reasons for a leaking issue to happen in an aluminum boat. I have personally experienced it with all the years of boating but this can be fixed with the right sealer for an aluminum boat.

The best way to seal an aluminum boat from all leakage issues is to use a product that offers toughness and durability. Aside from the testing process, I used this sealer on my boat and was impressed. The seal was very strong but since I knew that this product was made with kevlar fiber, the superior strength was not a surprise to me at all.

Another feature that impresses me was its quick-drying properties. Once I finished the application, it only takes around 10 to 12 hours to completely dries. The boat was on the water less than a day after the application. Not only that, I have personally witnessed how effective the product was when it comes to providing water-proofing protection since the boat was leak-free once again.

For its application, I was having an easier time preparing and applying it to the areas with leakage issues. All I did was mix it in a container, stir thoroughly, before doing the application. I can say that it can seal small leaks and holes in just a single coat.

The only issue I see in the product was the poor quality container. I feel that if it is mishandled, it might get damaged because of its subpar quality.

What We Like
  • Provides toughness on the seal
  • Easy to prepare and use
  • Ability to seal small leaks and holes
  • Comes with water-proofing properties
  • Quick-drying properties
What We Don’t Like
  • Subpar container

If you need some restoration in your boat, I highly recommend this product to do the job especially in sealing leaking rivets, seams, and those holes found on other parts of the boat. Once it is applied, I can say that your product will be protected from the threats of any water entry. It is the most practical way to let your boat glide with ease on rocks and debris.

4. Hy-Poxy H-450 Alumbond Aluminum Putty Repair

hy-poxy h-450 alumbond aluminum putty repair

The best way to seal an aluminum boat is to use a product that uses aluminum particles in its formulation. This is what I thought when we use this repair kit to an aluminum boat for testing its effectiveness. I did try to check on the components on the formulation of this product and the aluminum particles stand out aside from the special additives and curing agents.

What I like best about this product is how it avoids any type of wastes and unused sealer during the application. I did try to put the exact amount of resin and hardener that I want in sealing the cracks and holes on the boat because it gives you the ability to do that. I was able to dispense the exact amount of sealer that I want which makes this product best for doing small repairs in the boat.

I also like the versatility or the flexibility of this product in terms of its effectiveness to seal different types of surfaces apart from aluminum. I tried to apply it on other surfaces to make sure if it can be as effective and the result amazed me. I was able to apply it on a radiator, tank, bulb, pumps, and HVAC pipes. This putty repair kit can do it all on any surface especially if you are looking for a non-magnetic aluminum finish.

Quality-wise, I can say that this product is of top-caliber. The fact that it is made in the USA will support my claim. I experienced how effective it is in giving strength and a durable seal to any leaking issues in the boat.

However, one minor issue I see in this sealer is the amount of time it takes to thicken when mixing the two parts. You will need a little bit of patience during this part of the application process.

What We Like
  • Built to work best on aluminum surfaces
  • Able to provide a strong and durable seal that will last long
  • Prevent unnecessary waste of sealant during the application
  • Provides the ability to be used on other surfaces apart from aluminum
  • Made in the USA
What We Don’t Like
  • Take time to thicken

If you are looking for a sealer to plug holes for various surfaces, then this product is what I highly recommend. This sealer is effective based on what I experienced as it bonds well while rebuilding a waterproof coating for my aluminum boat. It will be great if you will add this as part of your boat maintenance product.

5. Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant Coating

flex seal liquid rubber sealant coating

A rubberized sealer was my first impression after seeing the result of using this product. The first time I check on this sealer in the container, I saw a liquid rubber inside the can. I was totally surprised because this sealer is different from the other one that I have used previously. But was it effective? Your guess is as good as mine.

The feature that stands out during the application was its ease of application. I did try to use a brush in applying to the surface but was told by a friend that there were other ways to apply this sealer to a particular surface. You can also use a roller, pour it on an area, or dip something to seal in cracks or holes to protect your boat from leaks fast.

If you are looking for a waterproof coating for aluminum boats that produced the best results, then this product is top-of-the-line. I saw how it provides a super-strong flexible rubber that seals any leak issues on the boat’s surface. Apart from the sealing effect, this will help in preventing corrosion and rust on the surface.

Another feature that I discovered during the application was this marine sealer’s ability to be used on other surfaces. Apart from aluminum boats, I know some acquaintances that use this product in their cars, RV’s, campers and trailers, and trucks. This sealer was built to be flexible to be used on other surfaces as well.

However, the minor downside I see on the product is its strong smell. The smell can be comparable to paint which is quite manageable. My advice is to use protection to avoid the smell if you cannot stand it.

What We Like
  • Stop leaks quickly
  • Offers flexibility and can be used anywhere
  • Strong flexible rubber seals any leak issues in the boat
  • Prevents corrosion and rust on the surface
  • Easy to apply
What We Don’t Like
  • Strong smell

This sealer works very well not only on aluminum boats but on other surfaces. I also discovered that this product is non-toxic and non-hazardous which means it is safe to use and will not damage anything during the application. Prevent leaks in your boat with this liquid rubber sealant coating.

6. Gorilla Waterproof Patch and Seal Spray

gorilla waterproof patch and seal spray

Preventing and sealing leaks has so many ways to do it and this patch and seal product from Gorilla is one of the easiest to use. As the team tested it on the aluminum boat, it was very easy for me to apply it to the leakage area with its spray container. This product is one of the easiest to apply on the surface from all the products we tested.

What impressed me the most is how the container and the applicator nozzle were built to be able to control the spray during the application. It was one of the most even and clean coats that I did with all the testing that we did so far. After the application, I saw a self-leveling sealant that covers all the cracks and holes on the surface to where it is applied to.

I was also impressed by the flexibility of this product in being useful to other surfaces as well. I wanted to find out if it was also effective apart from the aluminum surface on my boat. The result was the same in terms of the quality of the sealing and its waterproofing effects. For the record, I have used this sealant in gutters, roofs, windows, and PVC pipes and the effectiveness was the same with these surfaces.

I also heard from other boat owners that this product can also be used on brick, glass, metal, and even wood. It is one of the most versatile sealants that I have used. I have also painted the surface after the application because the sealant allows you to do that. I just made sure to use a primer first before applying the actual paint.

However, one issue I see with the product is its strong smell. I will suggest using some covering on your nose before applying it to the surface for your protection.

What We Like
  • Effectively seals water, moisture, and water
  • Ease of application
  • Can be painted after the application
  • Promotes versatility in terms of using to different surfaces
  • Provides UV and temperature resistance to the surface
What We Don’t Like
  • Strong smell

If you have emergency quick fixes on your boat or other surfaces, this is a great sealant to have. Its ability to be used on different surfaces makes it a good product for DIY projects in your home. Whether it’s a leaking piper or leaking rivets in the boat, this product is the right one for you.

7. Red Devil 0785 StormGuard RTV Silicone Sealant

red devil 0785 stormguard rtv silicone sealant

Great things come in small packages and this is what this boat sealant from Red Devil is known for. It is one of the smallest sealant packagings that I used particularly on small leakage issues on the boat. I have also used it on DIY projects that I did before which requires immediate seal on the surface.

But what impresses me the most with this sealant is its quick-drying properties. I remember it used on a minor leak issue on the boat and was generally impressed with what I saw. In fact, after just 30 minutes of application, I was able to test it by pouring a good amount of water to the surface but the leakage was completely gone.

What I saw was a permanent seal on the small cracks found on the surface of my boat. It produces one of the most durable and water-resistant seals that I saw. It also lasted for a few years before I did another round of sealing. I can tell you that the seal did not shrink or crack for a much longer period.

I also like the versatility as I tried it already on different surfaces not only on the boat but also in my home and on outdoor surfaces. In my years of using this product, adhesion and flexibility have been the most obvious feature of this sealant.

However, one downside with this sealant is the quality of the packaging. I feel that it needs to improve to enhance the brand image.

What We Like
  • Quick-drying properties
  • Provides great flexibility and adhesion
  • Ability to be used on a dry or wet surface
  • Provides durability and will not crack or shrink
  • Made in the USA
What We Don’t Like
  • Subpar packaging

If you are looking for an airtight or watertight seal on any surfaces of your boat, this product can be considered. I have tried and used it before and was generally satisfied with its performance. An added advantage was its size which can be kept easily to any place of the boat.

8. Eastwood Epoxy Steel Aluminum Primer

eastwood epoxy steel aluminum primer

This product is what I called the activator that will be used to mix with an epoxy primer in producing the best sealant in your aluminum boat. I have personally used this way back and have witnessed its effectiveness in sealing cracks and holes in the boat. And I am not just talking about a normal seal but a high-quality seal on the surface with leakage issues.

What I like the most about this product is the ease of application. At first, I first stir the primer thoroughly before mixing this product in a container. Also, I learned that there was no induction time with this specific epoxy system. I also set up the spray gun properly by following the required setup stated on the instruction manual.

During the application, I try to apply it with medium coats using a 30-minute flash between each coating. I did 2 coats to get the right thickness or maybe more depending on the situation. If you want more build, I would suggest a much longer period between each coating. You have the option to topcoat the primer but I did not do it.

All in all, if you try to combine it with the primer, it will be a perfect combination for the perfect sealant of your aluminum boat.

However, one issue that I see in this product is the quality of the container. I feel that it needs to be upgraded in terms of quality to add additional enhancement to the branding.

What We Like
  • Best activator for a primer
  • The perfect partner of the Epoxy primer
  • Provide corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion
  • Can be applied to other surfaces apart from aluminum
  • Easy to apply
What We Don’t Like
  • Subpar container

This product provides corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion to the surface. If you are looking for the best catalyst for the Epoxy primer, this is the right product you can have.

9. 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive Sealant

3m 5200 marine adhesive sealant

When sealing aluminum boat seams, I always prefer the one that provides the strongest seal to eliminate any leakage issues regardless if it is big or small. I have known this product when my friend told me how good it was and he was right. The sealing is extra strong and can maintain its strength even below the waterline.

But what’s the best about this sealant is its ease of application. When I used it on the boat, it was quite convenient and did not have any required mixing of parts or whatsoever. And the best thing about it is that it immediately cured after 5 days from the application. I did use a caulking gun for the application.

In terms of quality, I was equally impressed by the result. It was one of the strongest sealants I used that bonds permanently and eliminates all the leaking. I check on the formulation and it was made with polyurethane polymer that provides resistance from the sun and other weathering effects.

This product also offers versatility in terms of its usage. I have used it on other surfaces aside from aluminum such as wood, moldings, fiberglass, hull fittings, and a whole lot more. This is one of the most effective sealants you can use in the boat.

One downside I see in the product is the tube or funnel which for me does not have a use at all. I suggest using a Q tip or a popsicle stick as an alternative.

What We Like
  • Maintain the sealant string below the waterline
  • Stays flexible even in strong movements on surfaces
  • Manufactured to last for a long time
  • Does not peel or cracked
  • Ease of application
What We Don’t Like
  • Subpar packaging

If you are looking for a permanent seal on any leak issues of the aluminum boat, then this product is the real deal. I have personally used it and was impressed with the result. This product will seal everything with the strongest possible sealing effect.

10. LR Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

lr liquid rubber waterproof sealant

When using a waterproof sealant, I like a product that is environmentally friendly and does not do damage to our beloved mother earth. Using this type of product means that there will be no worries when it comes to damaging plants or animals during the application process. And this is what this waterproof sealant from Liquid Rubber takes with the highest pride as it is water-based and made to be environment friendly.

What I was impressed with about this boat maintenance product is it can provide high-quality protection on aluminum surfaces. I try to apply this to aluminum boat hulls with leakage on the seams and the result was impressive. I doubted the result but what I see was a strong coating that effectively seals all the cracks on the surface. I

In terms of application, I like the convenience it brings when I applied it to the aluminum boat. It is like just applying regular paint but I was applying it with a thicker coating for the best waterproofing result. During the application, I just used a roller in applying to the area and let it dry after. But you can also use a regular brush or a paint sprayer if you say so.

I also like the other opportunities that this product provides once applied to an aluminum boat. The product can seal on other surfaces. A friend boat owner has told me that this product can also be used on ponds, flat roofs, gutters, and even planters.

One downside I saw on the product is the strong smell. If you do not like the smell of paint, then this product has the same odor. Maybe you need some protection on your nose to help cover the bad odor.

What We Like
  • Water-based and environment friendly
  • No solvent composition
  • Non-flammable
  • Provides flexibility and durability
  • Bigger area coverage
What We Don’t Like
  • Having a strong or foul odor

This product works great and I can attest to its effectiveness. Sealing a surface using this marine sealer is easy and will convert the surface with some waterproofing features. This product is a must-have for your aluminum boat maintenance.

Who is This for?

best marine sealant for aluminum boats

As an aluminum boat owner myself, there were a lot of reasons why I choose to have an aluminum boat in my position. Aside from being inexpensive, there were a lot of benefits and advantages that it offers. However, as time goes by and feeling the effects of wear out, an aluminum boat tends to show some leakage issues on different parts of the boat. Whether it’s on the rims, seams, or boat hulls, leaks can be a major headache to any boat owner.

This is the reason why every boat owner needs to have a marine sealer for the aluminum boat to solve any leakage issues. Whether it’s a sealing job to all surfaces of the boat or just an emergency sealing job, the marine sealer will help in protecting the boat from further damage. Overall, the aluminum boat sealer is for boat owners who want to protect their boat from further damage caused by any leaking issues happening on the boat.

Features to Consider When Buying a Sealer for Aluminum Boat

It is difficult for a boat owner to choose the right sealer for aluminum boats with all the available brands on the market. However, to make your life easier, we have intentionally made this review and list the factors to consider before buying a sealer for an aluminum boat. Please see below:

Quality and Effectiveness

This is the most important factor to consider when looking for a sealer for an aluminum boat. Quality and effectiveness refer to the overall caliber of the product and its ability to produce the best results in sealing leak issues on the boat. But how will you know if it is the one?

There are many ways to do it. One, you can do your due diligence and make some research online for customer reviews on the effectiveness and quality of a product. Another option is to test every product that you like to find out which sealer is best for your aluminum boat. You can also ask your boat owner’s friends for any suggestions on the product that they are currently using.

There are many ways to look for a quality and effective sealer for an aluminum boat. It will be up to you to find the best one that will fit your boat needs.

Ease of Application

Applying a marine sealer to the surface differs from each brand but in choosing the right sealant, you need to consider a product that is easy to apply to any surface. This will provide a lot of comforts to you or to anyone who will do the sealing of your boat. The most important thing is to follow strictly the product manual found in every sealant you can use.

Versatility and Flexibility

Another factor to consider when buying a sealer for an aluminum boat is the product’s flexibility or versatility. This refers to a particular sealant to be used on different surfaces aside from aluminum. This feature will help you as a boat owner in doing any sealing jobs located outside your aluminum boat.


The composition of a particular sealant can make or break its ability to provide the best result to solve any leaking issues. You need to choose a product that uses specialized chemicals and composition to effectively eliminate any leaking issues inside the boat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Sealer for Aluminum Boats

best sealant for aluminum

In general, a sealer for an aluminum boat gives every boat owner the chance to protect the boat from any damage caused by any leaking issues on the boat. This product is a must-have for the maintenance product that a boat should have on its list. Another advantage of using a sealant is to protect the boat from the water, moisture, and sunlight and its effect on the surface. It is all about protecting the boat from water invasion and protecting it at the same time.

On the other side, using a sealant that has strong chemical composition can be a disadvantage. Some sealers come with a strong and foul odor while some can damage plants or animals when being accidentally contacted.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for and maintaining a sealant for an aluminum boat is relatively easy. All you have to do is store it in a place with the right temperature. It is also important for any boat owner to follow the direction during the application process to achieve the best result in sealing the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you Seal an Aluminum Boat Hull?

The best way to seal an aluminum boat hull is to find the area where it is leaking. Some of the location that usually leaks are the rivets or the seam. Once you find out the leakage problem, use the best sealant for an aluminum boat of your choice to do the job.

Does Flex Seal Work on Aluminum Boats?

Yes, a flex seal can work on aluminum boats and other boat types as well. However, this product should only serve as a temporary solution and should not be in any way a permanent answer to the leakage issues of the boat.


Having the best sealer for aluminum boats is important in protecting the vessel from further damage with all the leakage issues. It will eliminate and seal every crack or hole found on any surface of your boat. The most important thing is to find the right sealer that will fit all your boat’s sealing requirements.

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