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The Best Jon Boat Lights for 2024

best jon boat lights

One essential must-have kit for boaters is the best Jon boat lights for safer navigation at night or during limited visibility conditions.

I would be happy knowing that you use these Jon boat navigation lights, and no longer need an electric torch or flashlight to ensure your visibility and prevent collision with other boats.

These best lights for a Jon boat are effective and convenient for professional mariners and boaters. They provide a secured trip on your Jon boat!

These Jon boat lighting ideas will guide you on why you should buy one to improve your boating experience and ensure safe navigation that officially adopts maritime rules.

Here is a list of the best lights for Jon boats in the market, with our honest review for your ease of use.

Best Jon Boat Light Reviews

1. Seapon Led Boat Strip Lights

seapon led boat strip lights

This Seapon light kit includes a 5-meter length marine LED green strip with ten LED strip clips and screws. It is easy to install for fishing or as entertaining lights on the water for various occasions. It has 50,000 hours of run-time and low power consumption of 12 volts DC making it energy-saving and eco-friendly.

These flexible LED lights for Jon boats are best for under gunwale, boat deck, fishing night, cockpit, accent, center console, courtesy, and interior mountings. It can be used for pontoons, kayaks, jons, trailers, and party boats. A must-buy marine lighting, with high-intensity and high-reliability 5050 SMD LED light for a Jon boat, worth your money. It provides a standard power supply to lengthen the marine lights’ lifespan as well.

I like this Jon boat light strip for its self-adhesive sticky backing with clips and screws for customized mounting. Make sure you are cutting every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks, and you are not bending the corners to avoid damaging the strips or causing uneven luminous problems. Use flex ribbon for curving around bends instead.

Its IP65 LED lights’ waterproof feature can protect against temporary submersion or from water jets at any angle. I do not recommend cutting these LED light strips if you can’t avoid submerging them into the water for extended periods, as it can damage the LEDs.

What We Like
  • Continuous length, packed with 5-meter marine LED strip lights
  • Smooth and even spread of luminous light
  • Designed against water jets from any angle or temporary submersion
  • Value for money with energy conservation and long lifespan
What We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable to submerge the lights for extended periods of time

This Jon boat light kit is the best choice in showing your boat’s status while also conserving energy. Be careful, though, not to bend the corners as it can damage the strips. If you plan to submerge them, then better to leave the length as is.

2. Shangyuan Boat Navigation Lights

shangyuan boat navigation lights

This kit has two bulbs with 3.8 inches red and another 3.8 inches green 6-LED marine strip lights for a Jon boat that can serve as navigation lights, bow lights, stern lights, port lights, and starboard lights in a small boat, sailboat, pontoon boat, and kayak.

I installed them easily with no written instructions and was amazed by their brightness that is just right for navigation. I love these new LED boat navigation lights, which are more stylish and effective than the standard “pole style” Jon boat lights. The lights come with a black base, two 10″ connection wires , screw sets, and foam tape bases. You will have to provide your own switch and power supply. Another good thing is that the lights sport a PC lens with waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof ABS housing.

I like to use them on my duck hunt boat for days over brackish water in the winterI plan to use them again to see how they will do in the harsh light during summer hunting. It’s energy-saving, low temperature, low power consumption, and has over 50,000 hours of running time for my led strip lights for the Jon boat.

What We Like
  • Sleek and modern LED strip lights, effective than standard pole style lights
  • Better LED light brightness for a great navigation
  • Value for money with energy conservation and longer run-time features
What We Don’t Like
  • Lights don’t come with a switch and power supply; provide them separately

This kit is easy to install with free-supplied mounting mechanisms. With its longer run-time, you can comfortably enjoy this energy-friendly and highly-mobile Jon boat navigation light kit.

3. Attwood 14192-7 Deck LED Navigation Lights

attwood 14192-7 deck led navigation lights

Another product you should have on your Jon boat navigation lighting system is the Attwood LED light kit. Mariners and boaters consider this Attwood model one of the safest water-resistant, marine gray finish, which I am very fond of. The most durable deck-mount Jon boat LED lights are provided in the market.

I highly recommend it as a nighttime LED lights for Jon boat. Especially for kayaks and other manual personal watercrafts that seem hard to mount a lighting system. Switches seem good. Its red/green LED bow and white LED stern lights are bright, making it visible even in dark conditions.

I love its mounting as I can screw it down to wood, polycarbonate, or fiberglass surfaces, and use its VHB adhesive pad that sticks firmly as the name “Very High Bond” implies. It is very good to mount to a smooth surface.

I like the telescoping feature in which I can customize the lights’ height. However, you should avoid pulling its sections apart as there is no stopping mechanism. Pulling them while wet may cause them to fall off and sink into the water. They have no rope or tether. Thus, it is better to put a cover on the mount before installing them.

What We Like
  • Easy to mount lighting with a screw or a supplied VHB pad
  • Works well without the need for an electrical system
  • Lights are sealed in a shockproof cover and a shatter-proof polycarbonate lens
  • Can extend all the way up with a pole at 24 inches tall
What We Don’t Like
  • Need some ropes or tether to secure the pins in holding the lights into the bases

Attwood’s navigation light kit is designed, engineered, and built with a never-fail mode to fit your choice. Secure its sections and you are good to go!

4. Interwebz Boat Bow Navigation LED Lights

interwebz boat bow navigation led lights

I love this best selling Interwebz light kit for its unique pair of sleek and brighter 12-inches red and green LED strips that comes with two sets of 6-feet long wires. It is certainly my best alternative to the typical “pole style” navigation lights.

Though using a dimmer switch to adjust the lights is possible as they are way brighter in all angles, mount them on the correct sides and within a certain angle of visibility. Otherwise it can raise safety issues that requires you to solve them to conform to Coast Guard specifications. Then, run the long wires to a 12V battery on your boat. They are also best for bass and ski boats, providing a low-profile appeal.

Putting the lights right-on or near the black rub rail gets a clean look and helps blend in with the boat background, which I’m fond of. The LED lights are fully weatherproof with an IP68 rating and hermetically sealed for extreme marine conditions.

These Jon boat running lights come with super-strong 3M backing adhesion that fits the continuous immersion of the lights in water but may not work well when stuck on dirty or slimy surfaces. I advise cleaning the mounting surface completely when applying the adhesives for the best results. I even tried reinforcing it with a clear marine-grade silicone adhesive to lengthen its longevity.

What We Like
  • A soft silicone covers the light making it secured and bent easy.
  • Super strong backing adhesion that sticks well in clean surfaces
  • Efficient LED lights that consume less than half of an ampere
  • Waterproof casing with IP68 rating suitable for continuous water immersion
What We Don’t Like
  • Brighter LED lights that need to mount within certain approved angles of visibility

Get your money’s best value with this boat bow navigation LED lighting Kit, built to withstand extreme marine environments. I recommend that you buy this for a whole new boating experience. Make sure that these well-lit LED light strips are on the correct sides and within approved viewing angles and you’re all set!

5. Obcursco LED Boat Bow Navigation Lights

obcursco led boat bow navigation lights

This light kit fits marine boats, specifically for pontoons, yachts, Skeeters. I agree. It is quick to install this pair of bright 12.6-inches LED strips with LED lens styles and 6-feet long power wires. You can easily connect the power wires to a 12V battery and run with energy-saving power consumption.

This emits vivid and bright light making it visible a mile away. It makes the boat very appealing with its high-color reactions. I believe it is best to mount these LED strips near or beneath the rub rail on the bow’s correct sides, about 112.5 degree arc viability. Not mounting them on correct angles can raise safety issues and may endanger other boaters. It is perfect for the front-sides of a marine boat adhering to wildlife and marine lighting regulations as well.

The LED lights are built waterproof with an IP67 rating to withstand heavy downpours or submerge in water. It comes with ultra double-sided 3M adhesive pads, which I like sticking after thoroughly cleaning the mountings. I have to clean the surface to ensure the super-strong adhesion works smoothly for my Jon boat light strip.

I am confident this kit will be great, having positive and negative power wires with thicker rubber insulation. It can endure direct sunlight, splashes, and saltwater. Giving a highly-fair value for my money. It is fit for fishing, sailing, and duck hunting, and even as duck boat headlights.

What We Like
  • Giving off a cool appearance of the boat
  • Vivid brightness that is visible for a mile stretch
  • Easy to wire positive and a negative lead wire directly to a 12V power circuit
  • Super strong backing adhesion that holds up to extreme environments
  • High value for money at a very reasonable price
What We Don’t Like
  • Correct angle to mount the lights following maritime specifications

This navigation light is a notch higher for safer navigation. Get this Jon boat light bar kit to enhance your boat’s appearance that adheres to maritime regulations.

6. Bright Eyes Aluminum Portable Marine LED Lights

bright eyes aluminum portable marine led lights

Another boat lighting kit you’d want in your portable boat safety tools is this pair of Bright Eyes’ portable boat lights, which are best for boat bow or stern, and emergency backup safety lights for maximum visibility. It is easy to install around any pole or cylindrical object on your boat.

Tighten the covers before using them, even if they are waterproof and encased in hardened anodized aluminum to withstand varying marine conditions. I am thankful for its three light modes – solid brightness, strobe, and slow blink. Plus, these LED aluminum boat lights come with eight pieces of lithium-ion batteries that I can use instantly. I recommend that you always bring extra batteries to ensure that you have them for backup.

This pair of bright LED lights are best for pontoon, jon, fishing, skeeter, and even other marine boats to get maximum attention from boaters. Believe me, it’s easy and quick to use, especially if you stay late on your boating trips. These green and red identifiers gave my money value at a fair price and adhered to maritime regulations.

I’d suggest you check where you like to mount this Jon boat stern light or boat bow light in angles of viewing within the specifications of the law. Place the red and green lights on the correct sides, so you have nothing to worry about.

What We Like
  • Portable boat safety light
  • Easy to carry, store and use waterproof backup lights
  • Bright LED aluminum navigation lights
  • Three lights’ modes for ease of navigation and safety
What We Don’t Like
  • Lithium-ion batteries may run-out unknowingly, so bring extra pieces upon use

This product is your best portable safety light. Buy this pair of navigation lights, and you’ll realize that it is your wisest decision.

7. LED Row Marine Navigation Strip Light

led row marine navigation strip light

A perfect kit by ONLINE LED STORE for kayaks, pontoon, jon, bass, fishing, and small sailboats. The kit comprises a pair of red and green LED Single/Dual Row [66/132] LEDs on each strip, fully waterproof with an IP68 rating, flexible housing, and 6-feet tin-coated copper wiring.

I like its super-bright single-row LED light strips with 66 LED designs that are already over half of most dual-row LED strips. What I don’t like that makes me confused about this product is that I’ve been checking for any indication or label of the lights’ color before mounting them but found none on the light strips.

Though, the lights are unbelievably bright, even in full daylight! That is three times as many LEDs as similar products have, making it the best light bar on Jon boat.

I recommend these LED light strips for their completely silicone-sealed and high-rated LEDs with a clear lens cover for full and extended underwater submersion. I love how it works well as underwater fishing lights. Its flexible housing makes it ideal for a small sail, row, paddle boats, or as add-on navigation lighting for larger boats.

Install it safely without drilling holes in your boat. Instead, use the double-sided backing tape and its 6-feet wiring with enough length to fit. It feels so useful to have each strip with a tin-coated copper wire for easier installation and better connection.

What We Like
  • Fully submersible IP68 rated LED lights with silicone seal
  • Very bright light with 66 LEDs in each single-row strip
  • 6 feet of tin-coated copper wiring for easier and better connection
  • Can both be used as bow light and underwater fishing light
What We Don’t Like
  • No label or indication of the light strips’ color

This Kit is best for boat bow navigation lighting. It’s no stress to install the lights, and it doubles as underwater lighting for fishing. In short, it is a very bright light noticeable even with limited visibility!

8. HONG 111 Marine Boat Lights

hong 111 marine boat lights

The HONG 111 kit contains 10 pieces of 3.8″ 12V waterproof marine 6-LED lights, 11-inch wire connection, free screw set, and foam tape bases. The LEDs are insulated in clear PC lens and flexible plastic housing made of high-quality ABS material. The LEDs are built with 50,000 hours of life span for a longer all-weather maritime boating experience.

The LED lights are available in blue, green, red, and white designed for use as Jon boat interior lighting, boat deck lights, courtesy cockpit decoration light, night light, and boat navigation lights for Bow and Stern. I believe these LED lights make my jon boat good, and it fits on a pontoon, dinghy, sailboat, bass, kayak, yacht, and other small boats.

What I liked the most was installing these light-weight LED lights to my jon boat, with 11-inch wires to connect to my 12V DC power source. It’s easy to use the 2 wires with one black as negative and another as positive.

However, since this is equipped with more flexible plastic covers, after I placed the foam bases on the back and put the screws on, I almost snapped the lens cover in one of the lights. You should be careful not to make the same mistake. Thankfully, there were no cracks.

What We Like
  • High-quality ABS materials for an all-weather boating experience
  • Small energy-saving LEDs with a low-power draw resulting in a longer lifespan
  • Comes with free screw set and foam tape bases
What We Don’t Like
  • Too much tightening of screws may damage the casing

This product offers an appealing, secure, and fit appearance for your Jon Boat

9. Boaton Marine Led Navigation Lights

boaton marine led navigation lights

Another nice and bright LED product, the Boaton LED navigation lights, with 18 5050 LED chips and IP67-rated Lens that are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Best fitted for boat navigation lights, boat stern lights, deck lights, courtesy lights and boat interior lights on marine pontoon boats, dinghies, kayaks, bass boats, jon boats, trolling motors, yachts, and so on.

I like the 3M adhesive for its very high bond backing and flexible strip housing that allows me to use it for free bending. It is easy to install on, above, and below the boat’s rub rail. It has 32″ thick and professional marine cable wire connections. Mounting them on incorrect angles of viewing can raise navigation issues from the maritime authorities, and in the worst scenario, it may endanger other boaters.

But, I think it can be mounted on irregular surfaces in correct sides and angles of viewing because of its flexible silicone-sealed shell and professional wiring that adhered to Coast Guard regulations.

I feel safe using these LED light strips that are super bright, making it visible from 4 miles away. I recommend using these marine lights so you can have a good vision on your boat too. These aluminum boat lights are available in green, red, blue, and white to provide your boat with a very appealing look.

With its energy-saving features, a lifespan of 50,000 hours, low power draw, and low temperature, using these LED strip lights is safer and more appealing than other similar products in the market.

What We Like
  • Install easily with very high bond adhesive. No need for the screws
  • Safer and super bright energy-saving LED light visible up to 4 miles
  • Easy to install in limited boat space and best for kayak and small boats
  • Thick and professional marine cable wiring
What We Don’t Like
  • Mounting the lights at a viewing angle that conforms with the maritime laws

Please get this Boaton product for an easy and simple boating experience while looking good and adherent to maritime rules.

10. Bravodeal LED Navigation Lights

bravodeal led navigation lights

These four pieces of Bravodeal LED safety lights, which come in green, red, and white, are your mini LED boat lights. They provide a simple, effective, and inexpensive backup for boat safety, and night fishing navigation. I have seen other boaters use them on their dinghies, racing sailboats, day sailors, pontoons, and kayaks.

It is easy, portable, and safe to install navigation lights on a Jon boat. You can mount it on a boat bow, stern, mast, or even on paddles without the need for any other tools. It has flexible loops that can clip on any tubes from about 5/8 to 1-inch diameter. You can clip them to a rub rail and on square objects as well.

I have tried using them at early dawn and I even stayed a bit longer at night without adding weight to my boat. I love it for being compact and handy. You can use one button to control or adjust the three light modes function – steady on, strobe, and flash. They also come with free CR2032 batteries!

You should check the lights, batteries, and rubber housing before and after using it. Though waterproof, I advise you not to not immerse them in water. Avoid moisture or water, tear the silicone when replacing the batteries, and switch the power off when doing so. Check online for instructions to replace these kinds of batteries too.

What We Like
  • Powered by LED CR2032 batteries that come with the package
  • Compact and portable, easy to carry along
  • Energy-saving that leads to a long service life span.
  • One button to control three-mode functions
What We Don’t Like
  • Not waterproof, and lights may slip out of the silicon rubber housing

Let this product by Bravodeal make your boating adventures wonderful. Go on light-weight fishing or hunting with stylish and light-weight LED safety lights on your Jon boat.

11. Botepon Led Navigation Lights

botepon led navigation lights

Another top product is the Botepon LED navigation lights, which come with two 12-inch,18-chips German-imported 5050 LED red and green strip lights, emitting a super-bright light ray that is visible up to 3 miles.

Each strip is set with a strong 3M backing adhesion for ease of installation. This Jon boat light bar is made of a flexible, high-quality silicone shell that bends along with the mounting surface curves on your boat. However, unlike other flexible strip lights that can work on sharp edges, please don’t try putting it on sharp corners as it may damage the LED chips and may weaken the adhesion of the 3M tape.

There are 32-inches AWG wires with one black as negative and the other positive, both connecting to a 12V DC power source. I suggest you take extra care in using them to run for over 10,000 hours while moving your boat safely above the waters. Stick the strip light safely using double-sided backing to your boat’s correct side and make sure you abide to legal specifications.

I believe the fully enclosed waterproof-designed LED lights with an IP67 rating in this product can withstand heavy rain or seawater splashes. Use them as marine boat deck, courtesy, navigation, bow, stern, and night fishing lights on pontoons, dinghies, yachts, kayaks, and other small boats.

What We Like
  • Professional marine LED lights with fully enclosed waterproof design and IP67 rating
  • Best for both bow and stern lights
  • Strips are highly flexible to handle reasonable curves
  • Sticks well to smooth surfaces like fiberglass
What We Don’t Like
  • Mounting the LED strip lights on sharp corners of the boat

Install these Botepon lights on your boat bow and stern to make your boat legal and safe at night. Enjoy these great navigation lights made of high-quality and waterproof materials that are extremely easy to install.

12. PSEQT Boat Interior Navigation Strip Lights

pseqt boat interior navigation strip lights

The PSEQT 10 pieces 6-bulb LED interior lights are one of the bestsellers universally fit for interior and exterior navigation, specifically as courtesy, anchor navigation, utility strip, marine deck, transom step, cockpit, port starboard, cabin, stern, atmosphere, and side marker lightings.

These waterproof LED lights work for pontoons, jons, kayaks, yachts, sailboats, barges, dinghies, fishing, and other marine boats. I love how these are built with high-quality, durable PC Lens and ABS Housing for boat interior and exterior lightings.

The LED light comes in blue, white, red, green, yellow, and the lens in blue, clear, red, green, and yellow. Each strip light has an IP66 rating, waterproof, anti-collision, and dustproof LED lights that run up to 50,000 service hours. The lights can work under extreme boating environments and adhere to coast guard rules.

I used the two wires to connect to a 12V DC power source. There is one black wire as negative and the other as positive.

It helped me a lot having the strip lights with a black foam base and screw set. I put two screws into the plastic housing and tighten them through the mounting surface just enough to not damage the light’s housing.

What We Like
  • Fit for any boat or marine vessel with 12V power source
  • Super bright 6-LED chips output with low power draw, making it energy-saving
  • High-quality ABS materials, perfect for decorative, utility, and exterior lightings for boats
What We Don’t Like
  • Drill holes for screw-type mounting and wire connection

Enjoy the best value of your money with these sturdy and durable strip lights. Make every boating venture safer, convenient, and legally compliant to marine boating experience.

Who is This for?

jon boat navigation lights

What is A Jon Boat Light?

A Jon Boat Light is an LED light with white, red, green, and blue colors that work for all boat parts. It displays boat navigation lights at night and during restricted visibility conditions.

Who are These Lights for?

Mariners and boaters use these lighting kits for Jon boats on varying marine environments with wide choices on how to install navigation lights on a Jon boat for anyone who has a marine boat.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Jon boat light

Brand Value

The entry of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) has changed the way marine lighting is built. LEDs are now the trend for their compact, efficient, long-lasting, and bright light emission features. Leading marine LED brands ensure that they have these features to enhance boating experience by adding illumination anywhere boaters need.

Choose a Jon boat LED lighting kit from trusted brands. Follow product information and check for trends as well as new releases from top-rated manufacturers.

Light Quality

The light quality is the amount of light that LED lights emit, referred to as flux or lumens. The quality of light may differ with LED lights brands. Know the quality of your LED light emission as it is critical to your boat. Your safest bet is a marine-grade LED light with higher flux or lumens.

Product Durability

Durability comes with quality to be top-notch such as those built with anodized aluminum or thermoplastic housing, silicone seal, and high-waterproof ratings of IP67 or IP68 to withstand unpredictable environments.

Power Efficiency

Most boats have electrical systems with a voltage range from 12 to 24. A 12V LED light is common for jon boats. Look for compatible boat LED lights, portable, or mini-LED lights with the best Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) performance for your safety and efficiency. Make sure you check the EMI and its performance for different uses.

Power efficiency comes along with the EMI performance of your LEDs and depends on your intended distinct purpose. For power savings, I suggest using LED lights with higher lumens per watt. The higher the LED lumens are, the less energy they consume compared to other LED models, and thus, the more efficient they are.

Color Intensity

Each LED light color intensity, or temperature has natural daylight (5,600 kelvin), warm (yellower), and cooler (bluer) light emissions. Cooler lights have higher kelvin and warmer lights have a lower value. Choose LED color bulbs, lenses, and enclosures based on your needs and marine rules.

Illumination Angle

The quality of light determines the angle of illumination as affected by the lens. It varies from a super bright LED light visible a mile away from your boat bow to a wide beam stern or deck light reducing dark shadows.

Easy Installation

Set-up your boat LED lightings with attachments like foam bases, screw sets, wires, and strong backing adhesion, and also those that are easy to strap or loop to any square or cylindrical objects.

Adherence to Maritime Requirements

Follow your maritime requirements and restrictions to know the specific boat lights for your boating needs. Knowing these maritime regulations depending on your location will help you abide them. It will also provide you with information on specific navigation or boat lights you can use during the day, beyond the sunset, and during limited visibility.


The cost of LED lights is based on materials, features, and quality. Choose LEDs based on your budget and the features you need. LEDs can be initially costly but can be cost-effective later on as they offer great savings in the long run.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Jon Boat light

jon boat led lights

Led boat lights have their pros & cons, as we see below:


  • Energy-efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe
  • Wide application
  • Longer lifespan
  • Easy


  • High initial cost
  • Power/voltage sensitivity
  • Not ideal for winter

Care and Maintenance

Clean your LEDs with marine-grade cleaner. Be careful not to break the lens and housing. Check all LEDs, and replace them in case of wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few more tips that can guide you through buying Jon Boat LED lights.

What is The Best Brand of Jon Boat Lights?

Choose for marine navigation lightings from Shangyuan, Attwood, Auzkin, Boaton, Bravodeal, Interwebz, Leaningtech, Linkstyle, Lumitec, Obcursco, Partsam, PryEU, Seapon, TH Marine, etc.

How to Choose Good LED Lights?

Boat navigation lights can ease your boating needs with lighting solutions that can provide light for your visibility without drawing much electricity from your power source or battery.

If I were you, I would love to choose sturdy and efficient LED lightings from reputable manufacturers that I can use in extreme environments, such as in heavy downpours, seawater splashes, and muddy places. Choose LED lights that you can mount to your Jon boat for ease of handling while you are underway.

Finding deck lights that can become handheld lights is, I think, best for you to focus the light on illuminating specific spots. You can consider the use of underwater LED lighting-type to help you see the water condition around your boat. It can keep you safe when natural light is low or during periods of diminished visibility.

What Types of LED Boat Lights are Available?

The LED lights evolved its main purpose as a lighting source into multiple applications as boat lights. The types of boat lights do vary for reasons of safety, convenience, and stylish boating ambiance. Some of the LED light types are navigation, anchor, all-around white, docking, underwater, search, emergency/back-up, and cockpit efficient lightings for interior and exterior boat sections.

Why do you Need to Install Jon Boat Lights?

The maritime law requires marine boat navigation lightings on any boat during specific times of the day and restricted visibility. Using proper lightings on your bow, stern, and deck sections of your Jon boat is a legal requirement and, at the same time, a safety precaution that you can develop into a good habit.

Installing boat lights is mostly about safety and illumination. It is now an evolving trend in terms of style and intensity, I suppose. I believe you can be creative, artistic, and legally compliant all at once by installing lights on your boat. Everything you need to light up your Jon boat for safe, practical, and stylish boating is in this review.

How does a Jon Boat Light Work?

LED lights are semiconductors, and they permit energy to flow in one direction. The light source comes from its material composition placed closely together or known as the “positive and negative junction.” Once the energy flows through the junction, it releases the light.

To optimize your LED lights, consider the light’s weight to the size of your Jon boat. LED lights that are too big to go on a small boat may wear the boat down. While LED lights that are too small for your big boat, may not provide enough coverage, and you will likely end up having to replace it with a better light.

I suggest always thinking of consistency and compatibility to match every LED light feature to your boat lighting needs when factoring in size, span, and serviceability.

How to Install LED Boat Lights?

Installing boat LED lights is easy and quick. You can mount the light on the boat’s exterior with a wire and run it through the hull. Directly connect the lights using a drain plug to the battery, and drill a hole for the screws. Lastly, run a wire through to the light and the battery.

How do you Wire a Light Bar on a Jon Boat?

A Jon boat light is usually manufactured in one piece or set for your boat bow, stern, or anywhere on your boat, easy to install using wire leads, screw sets, and foam bases. You can wire them to your other navigation lights or a separate switch directing them to a fixed DC power source.

LED lights also come with self-adhesive backing, which you can easily stick to a mounting surface. Portable ones with removable batteries are the easiest, and you can quickly strap and loop them around any pole, square, or cylindrical object on your boat.

How to Power your Jon Boat Lights?

Your first option is to power your Jon boat lights with electrical wiring connections for your fixed lightings from a 12V battery on your boat. I recommend planning your circuitry to include all switches and controls. Conceal the wirings to send power to your navigation lights equitably. Keep your electrical plan to protect it from exposure to water.

Removable battery-powered or rechargeable LED lights are your second option, especially if you have no fixed power source. Mount them on your boat’s key areas for ease of access and visibility with strong self-adhesive backing for a more permanent solution. Leave access to the battery in case you need to replace them.

What is the Best LED Light Color for Fishing?

When you go fishing, green and white lights are mostly used to attract baitfish and in most night fishing needs. All boat anglers enjoy a quiet night and a wonderful atmosphere fit for fishing with the best-LED color visibility. I would recommend choosing underwater LED lights with IP68 material ratings and good lumen counts to ease navigating the waters.

Consider investing only in the best underwater boat lights that are cool, up-to-standard, provide good coverage, and have a long lifespan. I believe simple and easy-to-install green and white waterproof underwater LED lights are great for first-time boat riders. It is also best to use these on your boat’s exterior rather than using them as your Jon boat interior lighting to prevent bugs inside the boat.

Are these Lights Coast Guard Approved?

Legal maritime boat light requirements are the same for all marine boats. A Jon boat light is not different from what the law requires of a boat navigation light for safe boating in between the hours of sunset and sunrise, log-light environments, and reduced visibility conditions.

Ensure your LEDs’ lights are red and green for the bow and white for stern sections of your Jon boat. Mount them within a certain angle of viewing and arc viability that conforms to the Coast Guard specifications.

Stay safe for night boating on the water and in reduced visibility conditions by carrying on your Jon boat the legally required set of bow and stern navigation lights. When you engage in after-dark recreational boating, bringing with you more light, especially deck lights, is necessary.

Where can I Buy Them?

You can get authentic Jon boat LED navigation lights through Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, GistGear, Lowe, Online LED Store, SportingJack, Walmart, etc. Check for distributed dealers of lights for Jon boats on most online platforms to ensure you purchase it at a fairly reasonable price.


You now have these choices of LED lights to complete your Jon boat lighting needs. Thank you for reading this far. I hope this thorough and unbiased review helps you compare each brand or model with the features you need.

Choose one that you need for the best value of your money at a fair price. Also, opt for stylish and high-quality durable LED lights that the maritime law approves. Head out to the store and get your best Jon boat lights promptly!

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