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The Best Boat Trailer Lights in 2024

best boat trailer lights

You need enough light to keep yourself safe as you keep going, and it strongly applies when you’re out traveling, most especially if you’re at sea.

I understand the struggle of your trailer lights going dim or breaking down when you’re just about to move it off of the dock, so I prepared a concise but straight to the point guide so you find the best boat trailer lights that will suit your needs and preferences.

This includes a list of products with their comprehensive details so you can check them out for yourself, as well as a buying guide and a few FAQs that answer the most commonly asked questions regarding the product.

So, without further delay, skim through the best that the market can offer in 2020, and you might find the one you need.

Best Boat Trailer Lights Reviews

1. Wellmax LED Trailer Lights

wellmax led trailer lights

Energy-efficient and cost-effective, these LED trailer lights from WellMax are not only compliant with the vehicle safety standards of the US Department of Transportation, but they are also commended for their enhanced visibility, reliability, and high weather ability.

Hailed by many customers and companies as possibly the best submersible trailer lights, this product is made with a high-quality acrylic lens that completely seals the bulb to keep water out and keep the connections and wiring secure.

I really liked the fact that even at a distance, I can expect these lights to illuminate a wider span of area for a longer time compared to the standard incandescent bulbs, thus reducing the need to keep replacing bulbs now and again.

These trailer lights from Wellmax are considered boat trailer running lights and turn signal lights that come with a side marker, so this enhances the safety factor and allows for better maneuvering.

Another great thing I like about this is its flexible sizing feature which allows it to fit snugly into a variety of boat trailers in different sizes. This feature also makes the product a one – size – fits – all, so you won’t have to worry about the hardware being compatible or if you might need additional components to complete the set-up.

You can truly depend on this product for every situation, and it surely won’t let you down when the going gets tough, even when it rains or shines.

However, I really didn’t like the fact that even though it’s easy to bolt and fasten, some plastic parts of the hardware are easily broken so you have to be more careful when handling the components.

What We Like
  • The stainless steel enclosure is easy to fasten and reseal
  • Long-term usage and reduced chances for damage due to well-protected hardware and wiring
  • Bright lights last very long and operate well during stormy weather
  • Submersible and allows for better underwater visibility when maneuvering
  • The finish looks chic and superior compared to other brands of the same price range
What We Don’t Like
  • Some components of the hardware are cheaper and more brittle, so it can be assumed that it does not impact resistant and should be handled with care

Despite some plastic and acrylic areas being substandard, you can expect this product to last you a good while since it is simple to use and easy to maintain. Just keep an eye on it from time to time and do some necessary repairs and it’ll be good to go on every boating trip.

2. MaxxHaul 70205 LED Trailer Lights

maxxhaul 70205 led trailer lights

Not only are the products of MaxxHaul designed to suit federal standards for transport and travel safety, but they are also keen on providing the necessary hardware to improve your boating experience. You can rely on the brand when you’re looking for the best submersible boat trailer lights available in the market.

As they’re made with top-grade materials for the lights, enclosures, and mounting hardware, I really like that these trailer light kits can be submerged and still be expected to emit super bright light for enhanced visibility even during times of inclement weather.

It should be noted that this particular unit is classified under boat trailer LED taillights and are considered one of the energy-saving and sustainable products in the market. These even qualify as great reliable replacements if you’re using incandescent ones for your boat trailer.

The brand had also improved their harness with protective jackets that are far more superior to the copper coatings of the usual aluminum wiring. This tail light kit also includes LED side marker lamps in the set to complete the setup and reduce the need to look for other parts.

Aside from that, I also like the commendable sealing quality of the product since it can prevent any kind of seepage even if it remains submerged for hours.

The only downside is that some reviews indicate that in a year, the wiring becomes brittle as it may sometimes turn into powder. Luckily, it can be avoided with additional protective coverings like liquid electrical tapes.

Still, some reviews redeem the quality of the product and that this model has been revised and has worked out well for them.

What We Like
  • Wiring includes UV coated jackets so protection from corrosion and sunlight is increased
  • The harness comes with color-coded poles for easier installation
  • Light kit components and parts are complete so there is no need to look for additional parts
  • No leaks and moisture issues because of effective sealing design by the use of rubber tape and high-grade silicone
What We Don’t Like
  • Most complaints on this product focus on the substandard quality of the wiring itself.
  • Might need a bit of disassembling when troubleshooting

With that all that being said, you can expect this trailer light kit to come through for the long haul with enough reparations over time. This works well as a trailer light that you can use for the meantime, or if you’re still trying to work out the need for one.

3. CZC AUTO LED Trailer Lights

czc auto led trailer lights

This one doesn’t only work best with boats but also with trailer trucks, snowmobiles, and towing vehicles. You can expect it to deliver great performance with impeccable durability.

In terms of compatibility, I found this trailer light kit from CZC AUTO reliable as it was built to suit 6 particular functions namely as a stoplight, a turn and tail light, a rear reflector, a right or left side trailer light, a license plate light, and a side marker light.

When it comes to high visibility and reliable brightness, these diodes are subjected to quality inspection and standard testing for such a purpose. It’s also waterproofed and hermetically sealed using Sonic Welding technology to allow for long term submersion and hardware protection.

I noticed that the water can go inside the housing for the LEDs, but I can assure you that no short-circuiting can occur since the sealant secures the PCB or the printed circuit board.

Made with quality and safety in mind, these could just be the best LED trailer lights you can get your hands on.

Not only is the product reliable in both fine and inclement weather, but the CZC customer assistance is also ready to help in troubleshooting. This is surely a product that can give you value for your money.

However, one thing I didn’t like is that it’s designed in a way that if the ground wires are faulty and non-existent, the lights will not turn on. I recommend testing it out and checking the performance first before the purchase.

What We Like
  • Easy to install and mount into the rear or side of the trailer, and even to areas commonly immersed in water
  • Made with 18 gauge copper so it conducts well and is resistant to corrosion
  • Comes with a complete and comprehensive manual to guide your installation, mounting, and usage
What We Don’t Like
  • Most of the complaints are regarding the faulty wiring that comes with the product

If you’re looking for a light kit that is more professional and well-built, this product from CZC can indeed qualify as a commendable set of boat trailer replacement lights. You can look forward to these lights accompanying you on your boat trips for quite a while, just be keen on keeping the hardware and its crevices clean and dry.

4. LINKITOM 2019 LED Trailer Lights

linkitom 2019 led trailer lights

LINKITOM had released an earlier version of this unit, but this one is the latest release with a new and improved design and can be expected to perform as the best waterproof LED boat trailer lights would.

Now that it has incorporated and corrected the faults of the previous design, we are assured that this is one that can make for a great investment. I really like how this entire set has everything I could ever need, and the lamps come with a halo glow that enhances the brightness and visibility. It is also approved and certified by the Department of Transportation to be above the standards and is safe to use.

Even in inclement weather, these trailer light lamps can be expected to resist impact due to their high weather resistance and durability. I also liked how it can remain fully operable to be widely used by several vehicles, including snowmobiles, trailer trucks, boats, and caravans.

These 2019 units were built to last for years, with mounting hardware that is dependable within the duration of your activities. Another great thing about these submersible LED boat trailer lights is how the enclosure can fill up with water without the lamps being damaged or the wire short-circuiting. This is indeed one of the best light kits you can purchase for your boat.

What I didn’t like is that some packages are missing some parts and some of the lights can be bright at first but will eventually dim. Thus, it is important to always check the package and test out the lamps before buying the product.

What We Like
  • No need to buy other components because the light kit is already complete, and it also comes with a couple of complimentary reflectorized stickers
  • You can expect the product to last a long time, giving you a good value for your money as per cost per use.
  • Customer assistance of LINKITOM is more than willing to assist you if there are any faults within the 30-day return policy and you can be given another unit for replacement
What We Don’t Like
  • The light kits are missing parts required for mounting and installation so you must check the product package

Equipment such as this is composed of several parts, so it can be quite a hassle if some components are missing.
Still, many customers commend the product for its great performance and high-quality design once the set-up and installation are done. It is also guaranteed to last you a while so will most likely get a bang for your buck on this one.

5. ONLINE LED STORE LED Trailer Light Bar

online led store led trailer light bar

Leaning towards the more generic type of trailer light, this one is not to be disregarded as substandard. Designed as a clearance trailer light bar that you can mount wherever you deem it fit, this red LED light bar is more dependable than the cheaper other common waterproof trailer lights you find in the market because of its extra high visibility even when submerged for hours.

As it’s certified and rated for reliability and performance, I like how this product can weather the impact of storms and the effects of sunlight due to its superior stainless steel construction. Besides, I was amazed that I was able to get it for a more affordable price because you’re not really paying for the branding.

This one is well-suited for wider trailers and is designed to be a submersible type, given that it has drain holes to keep the interiors of the enclosure dry when the boat is no longer in use. Not only will you save money, but you can also cut your energy usage in half, making this a more eco – friendly and sustainable choice.

This can make for a great substitute for your submersible incandescent lamps if you worry about the costs of most LED waterproof light kits.

On the other hand, since this product is not manufactured by a prominent brand, I highly recommend checking the product and testing the bulbs first to make sure that they all work.

What We Like
  • Installation and mounting are intuitive, easy, and hassle-free, even for amateurs.
  • The red reflective lens is durably sealed and of premium quality, so you can expect a reduced possibility of water seeping in and causing a short circuit
  • The package comes with an instruction manual that provides all the necessary measures to take in a step by step process
  • If ordered online, the shipping is surprisingly fast with the customer assistance being very accommodating
What We Don’t Like
  • Even with the stainless steel casing, the cover of the lens is made of plastic, so it is considerably more brittle and may eventually be damaged over time
  • Can’t be expected to be made of premium quality materials due to the costing

When you’re planning to get LED boat trailer replacement lights instead of the usual incandescent lamps, affordable units like this one can make for a great option. They don’t cost as much as the other more famous brands and can be suitable for those who go boating rarely.

6. CZC AUTO LED Oval Trailer Lights

czc auto led oval trailer lights

Here’s another product from CZC AUTO, and unlike the typical rectangular or square, this one comes with an oval acrylic lens encasement including a rubber grommet and hermetically sealed LEDs. This way, it can easily fit into the standard oval hole on most trailer and truck designs.

This trailer light kit also comes with an LED lamp that promises brightness and high visibility, making it one of the most effective boat trailer LED tail lights you can get to improve your boating experience. It is also waterproof and submersible since it is efficiently built and welded using sonic technology.

I like how I can also use them as boat trailer brake lights since they come with a brightness level adjustment feature depending on the power usage if it is on high power or lower power. Its universal design allows for it to be used on a variety of applications, making it suitable to install on other vehicles like cars, vans, tow trucks, and snowmobiles.

You can also expect great customer assistance since CZC is a brand that has proved reliable in the driving industry in terms of convenience and safety.

However, although the tail lamp lights are especially bright and highly visible, the turn and stop lights emit a dimmer red light so some customers doubt if the product is truly certified by the Department of Transport, also considering its cheaper cost.

What We Like
  • These are well-sealed so you can submerge these in water and no short-circuiting will occur
  • CZC offers dependable after-sales service so you can rely on their quick response and assistance within 24 hours of contact
  • Adjustable lamp brightness comes in handy and allows for better road communication with other drivers
  • If the boat surface includes the oval niche of the same standard size as the lamp, it fits right in so the installation almost hassle-free
What We Don’t Like
  • The oval-shaped lamp may require additional mounting equipment because some vehicles and boat surfaces do not have the hole with the specific size

You will most likely get your money’s worth with these oval trailer light kits from CZC. They may not come with a lot of mounting equipment and will require an existent standard oval-shaped niche in the vehicle, they qualify as boat trailer replacement lights of good quality. This affordable option is recommended to those for are new to the leisurely activity of boating.

7. iBrightstar Square Trailer Lights

ibrightstar square trailer lights

This light kit from iBrightstar works as a brake light and running light, as well as a stoplight and a tail light. It’s also hailed as a bestseller for its reliable ultra-bright and highly visible LEDs.

One thing I really appreciate about this product is its efficient design that allows for better heat distribution that not only reduces overheating but also helps maintain the integrity of the casing’s material. I can easily recommend this as the best LED trailer lights, given its multitude of applications and how it can be used for several vehicles both land and water.

Well-prized for its safety and cost-effectiveness, it is also praised for its durability and high weather ability to remain functional and well-performing despite bad weather.

Since they are considerably more affordable, given its lighting performance, it has been my go-to replacement trailer lights whenever I have my old ones damaged.

All that being said, you can rely on these to last you a good while, with up to 30,000 hours of a working life span, so that will surely give you your money’s worth.

The only downside is that these square LED lamps don’t work as great as submersible led boat trailer lights and can’t be expected to handle full submersion for hours on end. Many customers complain about how water can seep inside the lenses so users have to keep an eye on them.

What We Like
  • It is surprisingly easy to install and mount into the desired location
  • Lamps are bright and fully functional even when exposed to inclement and harsh weather
  • Unlike the common light kits, the wiring plan is more intuitive with more complete components to assemble
What We Don’t Like
  • Can’t be fully submerged underwater and it works best as a trailer light for vehicles on land
  • Requires more maintenance and upkeep, especially after use

Basically, if you’re looking for a low-cost solution to the lighting needs for your boat trailer, then this is a product you can consider getting for yourself. Although it has its disadvantages and doesn’t work as well as the more expensive light kits from famous brands, these can get you by with just a bit of regular upkeep.

Just lookout for any condensation formations inside the encasement and clean them up before the moisture gets to the bulb and it will work out fine.

8. Prolineppi LED Boat Trailer Lights

prolineppi led boat trailer lights

Designed with a rugged construction made of marine-grade wiring, submersible LED lamps, and polycarbonate housing, this trailer light from Prolineppi includes a variety of functions including stoplights, turn lights, tail lights and a license plate illuminator.

It also includes side reflectors for increased visibility even during inclement weather. It has proven to be able to withstand the impact and effects of natural elements for extended periods. Although this product isn’t exactly made by any prominent brands, I still consider it as one of the best submersible trailer lights in terms of quality, durability, and performance.

This product’s high ratings can easily be attributed to how it is built to adapt to temperature changes and weather variations, and it was easily considered a reliable set of LED waterproof trailer lights when upgrading from the outdated incandescent ones.

For the price, you get what you paid for plus a long shelf-life. These can also go in and out of the water and still come out. Another thing I really like is the impeccable brightness of the lights that can stand out at night and still illuminate an area during the daytime.

Nevertheless, although it is built to last and withstand impact, constant uninstalling and reinstalling can cause the plastic parts to be flimsy and bend. This is a product that requires proper and careful handling, especially during mounting and installation.

What We Like
  • The low profile design gives a distinct look to the entire set up and is as well easier to install and mount
  • Shipping is quick with the packaging complete and containing all the necessary components for set-up
  • The entire light kit is resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for saltwater traveling
What We Don’t Like
  • Some parts of the housing are not as durable so a bit of reinforcement may go a long way.

For those looking for competent trailer lights, this affordable option doesn’t compromise performance. Although it has its lapses when it comes to the quality of the housing material, it still delivers the much-needed brightness that can help you maneuver your boat through the waves. Just be keen on checking the package especially when you ordered the product online.

9. Partsam Square Led Trailer Lights

partsam square led trailer lights

This LED trailer light kit from Partsam covers a variety of functions reliably as a stoplight, turn signal light, tail light, license plate illuminator, brake light and running light lamp, so it seals the deal by giving you the entire package.

Universally designed with adequate waterproofing and hermetically sealable acrylic encasements for the light diodes, this can be considered one of the best waterproof led boat trailer lights sold in the market for this year.

Other than being constantly commended for its super bright light emissions despite fog or inclement weather, I like the fact that these square trailer lights can withstand the effects and impacts when exposed to the natural elements and outdoor environment.

Many customers, including myself, also praise the shelf life of this product, even when it is constantly used or left outdoors. If any trouble occurs and assistance is required, the package includes a comprehensive manual and the customer service representatives are as well quick to respond to your queries.

Aside from having these trailer lights mounted into your boat, it is also compatible with other vehicles, namely lorries, vans, cars, buses, semi-trailers, trucks, campers, and snowmobiles.

What I didn’t like is that the wiring diagram required for the set-up to work can get complicated for those who aren’t adept in mechanical work, so you may need to have a guide on the ready.

What We Like
  • Alongside all the given features, the package also comes with reflectorized markers to increase the visibility of the vehicle.
  • The acrylic lens of the LED lamp is engineered to keep water out so there are reduced chances of water seeping into the hardware and short-circuiting the trailer light.
  • Accumulates less heat when used for long periods and adjusts to the existing exterior temperature instead of overheating.
What We Don’t Like
  • The wiring setup requires careful handling for the trailer light to work properly.

The wiring setup requires careful handling for the trailer light to work properly. Getting this trailer light kit may turn out to be a great deal for those who are planning to upgrade their existing filament and incandescent bulbs. It comes with a casing with high weather ability and resistance to impact so you can expect it last you a long while and give you your money’s worth as one of the best submersible boat trailer lights available.

10. Linkitom LED Trailer Lights

linkitom led trailer lights

I have previously mentioned the latest reiteration for this model of a submersible LED trailer light from LINKITOM in this list, and although it has its lapses, it has several commendable features and a more affordable price.

This original model comes with several functions to complete the set, namely stop and turn signal lights, marker lights, amber clearance lights, license plate illuminators, and a wiring harness extending up to 4 feet.

Rated IP68 for the waterproofing, these submersible led boat trailer lights come with a durable sonic welded sealing mechanism and drain holes to keep the circuit board fully sealed and the encasement dry when no longer in use.

The marine-grade aluminum wires are copper coated as per the traditional engineering, and come in distinct color-coding, making the setup intuitive and easier to understand, even for laymen.

Another great thing I like about this product is how it comes with a wide array of uses and can bring enhanced lighting to vehicles such as trucks, trailers, vans, lorries, caravans, and snowmobiles, which are commonly exposed to travel and transport during harsh weather conditions.

I assure you that you can rely on this product to withstand the impact of the natural element without breaking down.

However, one aspect I don’t like about the package and the setup is how it turns out to be bulky and too big for the vehicle once mounted. This may not be recommended if your vehicle is of a considerably smaller size.

What We Like
  • Compatible with several vehicles and is simple to install and mount
  • The LED emits an adequate bright light that allows for road visibility even through inclement weather
  • Diodes are long-lasting and do not burn out easily or overheat, and the encasement seals them off properly to block water from going in when fully submerged
What We Don’t Like
  • Some of the mounting hardware has proven to not be as durable and it ends up falling apart when exposed to harsh weather.

This product model has been improved with the latest 2019 version, but this one remains competent and reliable to some degree. If you’re thinking of checking the brand out without having to go for the more expensive model, this just might do the trick for you.

11. CZC AUTO Rectangular Trailer Lights

czc auto rectangular trailer lights

This list includes several products from CZC AUTO since they have proven to be a reliable multifunctional brand that provides top-grade vehicle paraphernalia that complies with the standards of the Department of Tourism.

This one, however, is designed with an exclusive low profile rectangular light kit that combines a variety of functions of stop, running and turn lights, plate illumination and signal indicators. I have tried installing them on other vehicles without any issues. However, I do believe they make for great boat trailer running lights, especially for boat trucks with around and over 80 inches of towing width.

CZC is known to provide complete packages that include all the necessary mounting hardware, wiring harness equipment, and lighting fixtures with adequate protective encasements.

The marine-grade casing and wiring are well-engineered to provide for optimum LED lighting that does not overheat or easily burn out and won’t corrode when exposed to natural elements or saltwater for hours on end.

However, while they make for great submersible led boat trailer lights, I found them costing a bit more than other typical light kits, so I mainly recommend them to those who are more experienced in the boating industry.

What We Like
  • The wiring instructions for the diagram are intuitive and easy to follow through, making the set – up, installation and mounting process a breeze
  • The customer services are unparalleled in competency and are dependable when it comes to responding to queries and making sure get through with your replacements or troubleshooting
  • These are also quite reliable to use for jet skis and snowmobiles due to the diode’s capacity for high illumination and adaptability to varying temperatures
What We Don’t Like
  • Too much exterior heat may not affect the LED lamps but may shrink the wiring, especially the ground wires, so it’s important that adequate protective covering is placed on the encasement.

Nevertheless, the good thing with investing in established brands is that you can rely on their experience and reputation that they will indeed deliver high-quality products and performance. If you’re looking for a safe option that doesn’t cost as much but will deliver what you require for your boating trips, then this product is for you.

12. MaxxHaul 70094 Trailer Lights

maxxhaul 70094 trailer lights

MAXXHAUL has yet again had a product included in this list, and this bestseller has gained its good graces with many boating enthusiasts for the effective engineering involved in its workings.

This product is more suited for trailers that are considerably smaller in size than the standard 80” and promises maximum safety since it is designed to comply with the traveling standards of the US Department of Transport.

Aside from its high visibility and optimum illumination capacity, I like how this trailer light kit showcases its multi-functionality as a stop, turn, running and brake signal indicator lights, as well as side clearance and a license plate light.

For a lower price, I think this trailer light can compete with the ones with more expensive prices when it comes to material quality and performance. Although these aren’t leading the market as the best submersible trailer lights, this light kit promises uncomplicated and intuitive set-ups and installations, and gives incandescent lighting a good reputation.

As indicated in a good number of reviews, this product will give you the value for what you paid for, and this has been the staple choice for those who still prefer incandescent lighting.

However, what I found as a downside was that the overall construction of the materials doesn’t qualify as corrosion-resistant and may eventually corrode over the years when continually exposed to not only harsh weather conditions but also ordinary daytime humidity and condensation formations.

What We Like
  • The heat of the sun is one of the factors least considered that could affect the quality of a trailer light but this product comes with a UV protective coating as a solution
  • It comes with a universal fit and a design that is compatible with a good number of vehicles for both lands, water, and snow.
What We Don’t Like
  • The plastic components are quite brittle and will require careful handling, especially when working with the fastening of nuts and bolts.

Reasonably priced and adequately competent, this trailer light kit from MAXXHAUL is qualified among the most reliable incandescent trailer lights available right now and is one of the most commended kits for both amateurs and experienced in the boating industry.

Who is This for?

best waterproof led boat trailer lights

Boat trailer lights are meant for boating enthusiasts who often move their boats by trailer and want to comply with the local regulatory body’s enforced laws. Boat trailer lights are vital as they allow for enhanced safety on the road.

It does so by alerting other drivers on the road of the overall width of your boat trailer.It provides you with increased visibility on the road, preventing accidents and injuries to both you and other drivers.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Boat Trailer Light

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you’re out in the market looking for some trailer lights to upgrade your existing ones or replace your broken ones.

These pointers will not only serve as a reference but will also keep you on the right track so you won’t be diverted by other factors like false marketing, advertisements, and neat packaging. We did the research and they are as follows:

Choose Led Over Incandescent Lamps or Bulbs

LED, or light-emitting diodes, are far superior to incandescent lamps in many ways. Firstly, they have good heat distribution properties that reduce overheating, making it more durable and safer to use than the latter.

Another is that it is easier to protect and waterproof, but the main reason why it has taken the market by storm is that it emits an ultra-bright cool white light, thus easily increasing the visibility by a great difference than that emitted by incandescent lamps.

It is with these factors that LED is considered the more cost-effective and energy-efficient choice, and is thus incorporated into most.

Look for Lights With Enclosures, Brackets or Encasements

Since these kinds of equipment are installed outdoors and will thus be exposed to the exterior and natural elements, you should pick trailer lights that come with a protective covering.

Exposed lighting fixtures will not only lead to short shelf life but may lead to a short circuit and could lead to more disastrous occurrences. Having a hermetically sealed encasement could also mean that these are waterproofed and submersible.

In this regard, it is also important to consider the ruggedness of the trailer light. This means that the overall built of the lighting fixture and the hardware should be able to withstand the wear and tear as it is exposed to natural elements every time it is used. Good durability can also mean a longer shelf life, and will thus give you the value for your money.

Consider Fixture Shape and Mounting Hardware

Some trailer lights come in shapes and sizes that may be standard but might not fit the existing niches or inlets in your boat or vehicle. It is best that you check the type of boat trailer you have and which light fixtures are compatible with it before buying the product.

Going for trailer lights that include mounting hardware can also be a more suitable choice since it can be fastened to any side of the vehicle and can be easily transferred.

Make Sure It is Approved By Law

There is a reason why government agencies make the necessary effort to evaluate products and their capacities, and that is to make sure that they are safe to use and can make transportation and travel more convenient.

With regards to trailer lights for boats, the law requires it to include stop lights, tail lights, turn signal lights, and reflectors, so getting a light kit with all of these can automatically qualify your equipment.

Trailer lights that are compliant to the standard of the US Department of Transport are certified for their reliability, quality, durability, and high visibility, so they will cost a bit more expensive but will surely improve your driving/ boating experience.

Internal Hardware and Wiring Should be Marine Grade

It goes without saying that whenever you go boating, there is a bigger chance that you will be out on saltwater, so it is a considerably practical choice to opt for hardware that can withstand impact and corrosion.

Some product packages may not come with a complete set of wiring so you must always check it prior to the purchase. To be safer, you can prepare extra wiring materials in case the existing wiring proves to be faulty, and some waterproofing and protective coverings like duct tape or liquid electrical tape can come in handy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Boat Trailer Lights

best submersible boat trailer lights


  • Boat trailer lights provide enhanced safety for everyone on the road, including you and other drivers.
  • They provide you with increased visibility, especially during bad weather conditions.
  • If you’re using LED boat trailer lights, they are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lights.
  • LED boat trailer lights also don’t overheat and produces light longer than their predecessors.
  • Boat trailer lights ensures that you comply with the local transportation laws.


  • They can be expensive, especially the waterproof models.
  • They need to comply with the standards of local transportation laws.

Care and Maintenance

Marine-grade lighting is often considered heavy-duty, especially if they’re meant to be submersed in water. However, this doesn’t mean they are invincible which is why proper care and regular maintenance is still a must.

With that said, here are some tips on how to care and maintain your boat trailer lights.

Regularly Check the Wiring

As mentioned, while marine lighting is often heavy-duty, the same doesn’t always apply for their wiring which is why it’s ideal to regularly check the wiring for any issues. This is especially important if your boat trailer lights are often submersed in water as electrical problems and water don’t mix.

Double-check your Trailer Light Bulbs before Taking Them out

Boat trailer lights are important for maintaining your safety on the road while transporting your boat so before you take it out for a ride, make sure to double-check your lights. Ensure that everything is in working order and that no wiring is out of place or there are no burnt-out bulbs.

Check if The Fuse on your Tow Vehicle is Fully Functioning

This is because your boat trailer lights run with the electricity from your tow vehicle which is why it’s important that its fuse is up and running before you take your boat trailer out.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are The Best Submersible Trailer lLights?

There is no specific product in this list that qualifies to be the best one of the rest, but it must be considered that every product is designed with a particular need to satisfy, so it’s really up to the customer to choose which one suits him/ her.

However, you can always cross-check the product specifications with the general aspects that make a trailer light reliable and commendable. To be sure, always check product reviews as well as actual product packaging, possibly before your purchase.

Are LED Trailer Lights Better?

Other types of trailer lights can compete in brightness and performance with the LED ones, but one significant advantage in using the latter is that it is more durable, with a longer shelf life.

It is also reliable to stay bright and light up to a considerable distance, without warming up or ruining its encasement with the heat. Aside from staying cool while being used for hours, it is also more energy-efficient compared to other types, especially the incandescent ones.

Are LED Trailer Lights Submersible?

Yes, but necessarily in all cases. Although most trailer lights are built and designed to be waterproof due to the nature of their usage, it is still important to make sure and check the labels of the product.

Upon checking the description of the product, you will be able to see if it is either submersible or waterproof. If it is, then your trailer lights can be submerged and not be subjected to damage. However, if it is not indicated in the description, it is best to keep the lights at a considerable distance from water and other liquids.

When it comes to trailer light kits, choose one with encased LEDs since it prevents water from entering the container and damaging the bulb or the wiring. This kind of design also includes holes from which water can be easily drained out when the lights are no longer submerged or in use.

Do Boat Trailer Lights Need to Be Waterproofed?

Given the nature of its usage, it is important for your boat trailer lights to be waterproofed, and if possible submersible since you cannot control the exposure of these lights to sea or freshwater.

The waterproofing will not only protect the bulbs inside the encasement but will also aid in the trailer lights resistance to rust and corrosion. In the case of your wiring, you can use additional methods like liquid electrical tapes in the termination areas and surrounding it, but not the wire leads. Dielectric grease can also protect the bulb sockets.


Every product had its prized feature and downsides, but one thing to keep in mind is that every trailer light kit is made with a specific type of customer or a particular need to satisfy in mind. With that, we hope this guide has been of assistance to your search for the best boat trailer lights.

These products had been part of our lives, as well as that of the people we know, but there are always more products in the market, especially ones with the latest releases and improved models.

Just be keen on doing your research so you can find the trailer light that can truly take your boating experience to a new level.

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