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The Best Jon Boat Seats in 2024

best jon boat seats

Traversing the waters with your beautiful Jon Boat is something that every fisher and traveler would want. The stability that a Jon Boat provides for its passengers is spectacular. And this type of a boat is really convenient for those who are interested in experiencing calm and shallow waters.

However, there is nothing worse than having a beautiful boat with hard and uncomfortable seats. Having the best jon boat seats is probably the best investment that you will make as a boat owner. To think that you spend almost all your time sitting down, it is a must for you to invest in the jon boat chairs of your dreams!

This list is composed of the top 12 boat seats for jon boats that are totally going to suit your beautiful boat. Read on to know more!

Best Jon Boat Seat Reviews

1. Wise 8WD139 Series Molded Boat Seats

wise 8wd139 series molded boat seats

Initially, I was so happy because I felt like I got a great deal for its quality and how premium these chairs are! These seats were so easy to install because the screws matched my boat, and after at least 30 minutes, I was already done with the installation process.

What I really love the most about these seats is how they have a standard mounting pattern of four bolts. They easily mount onto clamp-on brackets with swivels, and I really appreciate this feature because I know that most boat owners like me prefer to have an easy to mount seat because of its convenience.

They also come with a 360 swivel, and what I did was I mounted it on the swivel before I attached it to a piece of plywood that I strapped onto the bench seats. This is a great way to secure the installation of your jon boat swivel seats because it provides safety and security.

Upon using them, I found it hard to believe how soft these jon boat seat cushions are! I initially found myself feeling very comfortable during a 3-hour boat ride when I tested these seats out. With these ultra-comfortable jon boat seats, I barely had any problems sitting down for a few hours.

I also love how these seats are available in many different designs! This is a great opportunity for boat owners to be as artistic as they want to be in terms of designing their boats.

The seats are made of high quality metals too. They support my weight pretty well and they are stable enough to provide me with a flat and soft base. These seats are very sturdy and built pretty well! These seats have enough support to make anyone feel comfortable sitting down.

The snaps that support these jon boat chairs hold up pretty well. They are really sturdy. I find that these seats are really durable even when a heavier person sits on them, they do not budge at all. They maintain their stability and comfort.

However, I find it quite disappointing because there are not armrests. I tried to attach my personal armrests to these seats but still, I had no luck.

What We Like
  • Easily mount onto clamp-on brackets with swivels
  • They come with a 360 swivel
  • Comes with many different design options
  • The sturdy snaps support the chairs pretty well
What We Don’t Like
  • They did not come with armrests

I love these chairs so much! They are really convenient, comfortable, and sturdy. Other than not having armrests, I will still recommend these because of how exceptional they perform. With their stability and comfortable support, these really are one of the top jon boat seats and you will not go wrong in trying these out.

2. Leader Accessories Low Back Boat Seats

leader accessories low back boat seats

These seats are well-made and they manage to look beautiful at all times. The installation process took some time, but it was worth it. These seats are foldable and they come with straps for easier folding in any case that the boat owner wants more space.

What I love the most about the build of these seats is how I was able to mount them on the bench seat of my job boat even without a pedestal! It was easy to do, as long as you are able to reach the underside of the bench. With this, the swivel mount can be directly placed on the bench, and then you just have to mount the seat onto it.

These bad boys are made of the most sturdy marine-grade vinyl upholstery. They also come with a soft, tender, and comfortable compression foam cushion that made me feel like I was sitting on a cloud! But the main feature of these chairs is the extra length of the back cushion.

I immediately felt so relieved to finally see a jon boat chair that supports the whole back! The higher back cushion really adds to the wonderful experience of boat-riding. Imagine going on boat rides without worrying about back pains!

To have such a wonderful jon boat bench seat cushions with a higher back design is something that boat owners have been wanting to have since forever. The fact that I can go fishing and not have any back aches is something that I look forward to the most.

I also love how these seats allow passengers to maneuver their seats in any direction that they want. There is nothing worse than sitting in the same view for a few hours because that will ultimately lead to posture problems and an uncomfortable boat ride!

However, the only problem I had with these boats is that the back cushions do not recline. It would have been better if they could be adjusted, but still a great product.

What We Like
  • Seats are foldable and they come with straps for easy folding
  • Can be mounted on the bench seat even without a pedestal
  • Made of the most sturdy marine-grade vinyl upholstery
  • The back cushion really adds to the wonderful experience of boat-riding
  • Allow passengers to maneuver their seats in any direction
What We Don’t Like
  • The back cushions do not recline

These folding jon boat seats are really the dream of any boat owner. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the quality and comfort that these boat seats provide!

3. Attwood 98391GNMX Padded Boat Seats

attwood 98391gnmx padded boat seats

These beautifully designed jon boat swivel seats provide such a comfortable boat riding experience! I was really excited to test these out because they looked sleek yet cozy at the same time. The camouflage design of these seats gives them character, and they look strapping and eye-catching.

What I love about these seats is that they feature high quality plastic frames and they also come with top of the line hinged back rests. This ensures a pleasant and opulent boat riding experience. I find that the cushion of these seats provide me with the appropriate comfort that I want out of jon boat chairs.

These seats offer such an amazing back support even though it is not that long. It still provides me with great back comfort without being too stiff. It has beautifully lined cushions that feel lightweight, stable, and soft.

Another thing that I greatly appreciate about these seats is how easy they are to manipulate! I can just flip them down and snap them in place without having to worry about removing the entire seat completely whenever I use the boat to travel.

I did not have to strap them in place because they are able to hold their folding position quite well. This is really helpful for boat riders like me who find it quite annoying to manually strap the seats in place just to make a little room for standing up.

The feature of these seats that stands out the most is how they are able to remain in great shape after being exposed to various types of weather. Rain or shine, the seats seem perfectly fine and sturdy. I am really confident in the quality that these have!

But the down side is that the screw holes of these seats are made of plastic and not metal. This is kind of off-putting because the screw holes hold them in place and it has to be made of high quality materials in order for it to be secured.

What We Like
  • Appearance is sleek yet cozy at the same time
  • Comes with plastic frames and they also come with top of the line hinged back rests
  • Easy to manipulate without having to use straps
  • able to remain in great shape after being exposed to various types of weather
What We Don’t Like
  • The screw holes of these seats are made of plastic and not metal

I love the comfort that these seats provide. They are made of the softest cushions and they offer efficient back support. Other than the plastic screw holes, these seats are totally worth the price! I believe that this is one of the greatest cheap jon boat seats that will make any boat owner happy and content.

4. NORTHCAPTAIN S1 High Back Boat Seats

northcaptain s1 high back boat seats

When I received this package, I immediately unboxed it, and lo and behold, a beautifully designed long-back support jon boat chair! My first impression of the chairs is that they look kind of similar to a computer chair, mainly because of their stand.

What I like about these seats is that they come with the right amount of screws that I needed in order to correctly mount them onto a pedestal using the corresponding inlet holes on the seats. However, boat owners with no mounted pedestal will need additional screws to properly mount the seats onto them.

But still, with the quality of these chairs, I could not complain about the lack of screws for the absence of a pedestal. Besides, the installation process was easy, and the seats were quickly in place. The aluminum hinges on these chairs were curated to make sure that the back rests are able to be flipped down – this is important because sometimes, the boat riders will need more space.

I also love how the compression foam padding of these seats feel super comfortable to sit on! For the whole duration of my boat ride, I did not feel any lower back pain of any sort. I actually enjoyed the whole ride, and I immediately felt relieved because these seats have higher back cushions. The extra length of the back support is more than enough to make the riding experience as peaceful as possible.

As a boat owner, I prioritize the beauty of my boat while still having a comfortable riding experience. With these chairs, I got both! The higher back rest is such a game changer. I find them so sturdy and pleasant – they have a luxurious feel to them even though they are extremely affordable!

What We Like
  • Come with the right amount of screws needed to correctly mount them onto a pedestal
  • Aluminum hinges on these chairs were curated to make sure that the back rests are able to be flipped down
  • The extra length of the back support is more than enough to make the riding experience as peaceful as possible
  • They have a luxurious feel to them
What We Don’t Like
  • Boat owners with no mounted pedestal will need additional screws to properly mount the seats

Overall, this swivel seat for jon boats is really worth the price. These chairs are great investments in order to make your job boats more attractive and comfortable to sail in!

5. Shoreline Marine Jon Boat Seats

shoreline marine jon boat seats

Sometimes, there is nothing better than doing things old school. Do you feel like reminiscing back to the times when things were simpler and easier? With these classic cheap jon boat seats, you will surely be taken back in time.

I was so excited to use these seats because I believe that it is quite uncommon for jon boats to have seats that do not have any cushioning or padding. These seats are just straight up chairs that have wide bases and sturdy back rests.

These are seats that are sturdy enough and they are quite easy to put in place. They have standard bolts and there are also complementary bolts and screws that came with the chairs in order to install them easier.

What I love the most is that these seats are relatively light weight. They are not that heavy, so that means that taking your jon boat will not be that much of a hassle because it will still be very light and there will be no struggles with carrying it.

At first, I thought that using these seats will result in having an uncomfortable riding experience, but I was wrong! Even without the soft cushion, I was able to enjoy sailing and sitting on one of these chairs. The great thing is that since they are light weight, it was quite easier to maneuver the boat because of the lessened weight.

However, my only concern is that there was no clamp or swivel mount in the package, only the seats were delivered. Because of this, I had to go out of my way and buy a base that I planned to use with these seats.

What We Like
  • Old school design brings back memories
  • There are complementary bolts and screws for easier installation
  • Relatively light weight
  • Still enjoyable even without the cushions
What We Don’t Like
  • Does not contain a complementary clamp or swivel mount

With the old school design that these seats have, I was totally in awe. I also realized that even without the cushions, these seats were still comfortable to use for a period of time. If you can overlook the lack of complementary clamp and mount, these flat bottom boat seats are perfect for you!

6. Tempress All Weather High Back Seats

tempress all weather high back seats

Of all the jon boat seats on this list, this has got to be my favorite in terms of the design! These beautiful jon boat chairs are double contoured in order to avoid having pressure points – talk about innovation! I must admit, I did not find it that useful at first, but after using these seats and then transferring back to seats without double contours really strikes a difference.

I did not notice how annoying it is when I sit on a specific side of the seat and once I get up, there are lumps and the cushion becomes unequal. But with these seats, thanks the extra time that the company took in order to contour these twice, I had the most comfortable sitting experience.

What I really love about this product is the time and effort that the company put into making these seats. The comfort, safety, and convenience of the boat riders are surely guaranteed with these folding jon boat chairs!

Another amazing thing that these seats possess is the beautifully dense and compact foams that make every sailing session feel so effortless and breezy. With these seats, I had the most comfortable and pain-free boat ride ever.

The cushions are thick – at about 4 inches. This is worth mentioning because, with some seats, you start to feel the frame after sitting for a while. But after sitting on one of these chairs for a couple of hours, I certainly did not feel the frame or anything else other than the cushion! And the fact that these seats have a high back support makes them even more worth the hype!

More on its design, these seats are equipped with stainless steel hinge pins that help in the seats’ capacity to be folded back down. On top of this, the seats come with T-nuts that allow the seats to be mounted onto any standard marine seat spider, slide, or swivel!

Other than that, these seats can also be installed on wood platform if the boat owner is willing to purchase a quick-disconnect swivel mount. If the owner is really dedicated to making it happen, this certainly will not stop them from doing so!

The only hiccup I had with this product is that it has the tendency to retain some moisture after being wet. I’m afraid that it could cause the cushions to lose its resilience, but I would still have to observe how it performs in the future.

What We Like
  • Are double contoured in order to avoid having pressure points
  • Beautifully dense and compact foams
  • The cushions are thick – at about 4 inches
  • Come with T-nuts that allow the seats to be mounted onto any standard marine seat spider, slide, or swivel
What We Don’t Like
  • Has the tendency to retain some moisture after being wet

The beautifully designed seats are worth every single buck! I cannot wait to use these seats more for my future sailing.

7. XGEAR Low Back Fold-Down Boat Seats

xgear low back fold-down boat seats

These jon boat bench seat cushions are designed with the most high-impact and most durable injection molded plastic seat frame that ensure the best sitting quality. With the premium feel of these jon boat seats, I could not believe that it has such a budget-friendly price point!

First of all, these seats are made with thick and high quality cushions that feel firm yet soft at the same time. I can confidently say that with the quality of these seats, I was able to get my money’s worth and even more!

They are really beautiful looking seats and they provide me with the comfort that I wanted. I honestly could sit on them for a whole day and not feel uncomfortable at all! The material that they used in making these seats really stand out, and even just by looking at them, I can tell that they are made of raw materials that are of premium caliber.

Other than these jon boat chairs being made of great materials, I was able to test their durability as well. I had a friend come over who’s a little bit on the heavier side, weigh 230 lbs at 6 foot, he really is a big guy. After sailing with him, the seat did not have any dents nor did it have any lumps.

The cushions remained intact and my friend said that he felt so comfortable during the whole time that he was sitting on one of these high quality jon boat seats! Other than that, they also come with straps so whenever I do fold them down, I could also strap them easily in order to keep them in place whenever I am sailing.

The only down side is that it is a little bit smaller than what I expected.

What We Like
  • Designed with the most high-impact and most durable injection molded plastic seat frame
  • Budget-friendly
  • Really beautiful looking seats and they provide me with the comfort that I wanted
  • Comes with straps for easy packing
What We Don’t Like
  • Smaller than what I expected

Even though these seats are on the smaller side, I could not argue anymore because it is so budget-friendly! And anyway, the quality of these seats is premium and I will recommend these cheap jon boat seats to all of boat owners out there!

8. Millennium Marine B300 Palma Horse Seats

millennium marine b300 palma horse seats

Let us face it – it is kind of odd to use some horse seats as your jon boat chairs because they obviously were not made to be used for sailing. However, the beauty of these horse seats is that they are extremely useful during windy days, especially when you are sailing on rough waters!

Although these seats are not like the usually jon boat seats, these are really efficient in helping the rider become more balanced and stable in waters that are more outraged than usual. These provide the perfect grip and stability for riders and it is probably the reason why I fell head over heels for this product!

Even though these seats are very unorthodox to normal jon boat chairs, they still fit perfectly well on a standard pedestal – this only means that you can use this type of seat and mount them on your pedestal as long as yours have the basic and mandatory holes.

These seats can be mounted easily because they have mounting screws for the canvas of each seat. I find this really helpful because it made the installation process easy and hassle-free. I appreciate companies who go the extra mile to make sure that their customers’ convenience is always prioritized, and I commend MILLENIUM for that.

Now, here’s the thing – I was amazed because these seats are shockingly comfortable to sit on! At first, I did not expect them to be as comfortable mainly because of how they look and because they do not have as much cushion as I am used to. But voila! These seats managed to exceed my expectations in terms of their softness and durability!

Some people may find the design odd, but for me, it is completely useful. The design of this product allows them to provide wonderful stability for the riders, so that is a bonus!

What We Like
  • Extremely useful during windy days, especially when sailing on rough waters
  • Really efficient in helping the rider become more balanced and stable
  • The installation process was easy and hassle-free
  • These are shockingly comfortable to sit on
What We Don’t Like
  • Some people may find the design odd

Even though these seats are not like your normal boat chairs, I still view them to be a suitable jon boat seats on this list because of their durability, stability, and safety for the riders!

9. Banded Gear Avery Universal Boat Seats

banded gear avery universal boat seats

In this day and age, jon boat bench seat with cushions is the most hyped version of jon boat chairs. But more often than not, they have the tendency to retain water after being wet which leads to easier deterioration of the product. They also develop termite infestation which could end up transferring to your boat and that will obviously make your boat age faster – therefore it becomes weaker.

So why don’t we revert back to the type of folding jon boat seats that we grew up using and loving? As I opened this package, I saw the beautiful and simple AVERY boat seats that were neatly wrapped. As usual, I inspected each seat before installing them.

These seats have metal holes for the screws, and I believe that it is a great feature. With this, it just comes to show how durable and safe these are to use. The boat rider will surely appreciate this because you can rest your full body weight on the back support without having to worry about any of the plastic holes breaking. They also offer a great back support, and I think that it is one of the main features of these seats!

I am really happy that I got these jon boat bench seat cushions! The quality is superb, and I really had a blast sailing with these seats on my boat. Honestly, these budget-friendly seats really match up to those that are more expensive, so these really are some excellent jon boat seats available in the market today!

What We Like
  • Really durable and safe to use
  • These offer a great back support – very convenient for those who enjoy leaning
  • These seats really match up to those that are more expensive
  • Very budget-friendly
What We Don’t Like
  • None

These seats are less susceptible to termites and water retention. I believe that these will last for a long period of time. I honestly will continue using these for my future sailing.

10. Wise Pro Casting Deck Seats

wise pro casting deck seats

During the installation, it was as quick as one, two, and three – because these seats are equipped with the standard holes so they are easily mounted to all standard pedestal systems with 4 bolts. I find this really helpful because it ensures the convenience of the boat owners in terms of installing them.

Unlike other chairs, this one only comes with the actual seat. I was shocked because I had to buy the stand and the lock pin separately. However, I was still happy about the quality of this deck seat. These seats have some thick cushions and this makes the sitting experience more comfortable.

What I love about these seats is how they are perfect for smaller people and even for larger people. They hug the bum pretty perfectly and the cushions are extremely soft. They remain soft yet firm, leaving no traces of hollow portions and they do not form lumps at all.

Another reason why this product is worth it, is because it can be used to replace front full sized jon boat seats so that you will have more access towards the front troller as well as the anchor. Having this as the main seat for the boat owner will really increase the comfort level while traversing peacefully along the waters.

It gives the captain of the boat a more comfortable seat while also giving better access that is extremely beneficial for him.

Other than comfort and better accessibility, the price is the most appealing to me. It is very cheap and cost-efficient, while still giving the user an amazing and premium quality. The design also looks so sleek and neat, and overall it is a beautiful and comfortable chair.

What We Like
  • Ensures the convenience of the boat owners in terms of installing them
  • These seats have some thick cushion
  • Remains soft yet firm, leaving no traces of hollow portions
  • Gives the captain better accessibility
What We Don’t Like
  • You have to purchase the stand and the lock pin separately

Overall, these seats are worth the price. They were easy to install and they look very beautiful and pristine. These jon boat seat cushions are everything that I have ever wanted in a chair!

11. Attwood 98395GY Low-Back Boat Seats

attwood 98395gy low-back boat seats

Now, this is the second Attwood product on this list and I think that that goes to show that the quality of their jon boat chairs is top-notch! Upon receiving the package, I immediately liked how they feel. They seem to be made of premium quality materials, and I love how lightweight yet sturdy they appear to be.

The metal frames that are built on these seats are able to resist high levels of impact, and the hinges are made of aluminum metal. With these raw materials, I am confident to say that these chairs were built for some heavy-duty boating action.

Another thing that made me extremely happy as a boat owner is that the cushions were made to be resistant to mildew and other forms of fungi that may start to grow on other chairs. I love this feature because we all know how easily a chair ages once it has been infested with insects!

Other than that, they are also equipped with beautiful vinyl material, so it only means that the seats are really soft and stable. It does not feel hard to sit on, but it also does not feel too soft to the point where one can already feel the frame under the cushion.

Also, the metal frames on these chairs are really sturdy. They can also be disarranged or disassembled easily whenever the boat owner needs to restore his boat in the future.

Lastly, these seats fold down like a dream! With some other jon boat chairs, it is quite a struggle to fold them because of the hinges and then you even have to use straps on others just to make sure that they remain in place. But with these chairs, it does not even take more than a second to flip them.

The only complaint I have is that the paint is quite easy to chirp, fade, and crack. However, repainting them would not be an issue because the quality of the chairs themselves makes up for this!

What We Like
  • They are made of premium quality materials
  • The metal frames resist high levels of impact
  • The metal frames can be disassembled for future restorations
  • Easily folded into place
What We Don’t Like
  • The paint is quite easy to chirp, fade, and crack

I am in love with this product! These chairs really are made of high and premium quality, and I cannot wait to use them further in the future!

12. DeckMate Pro Angler Boat Seats

deckmate pro angler boat seats

I received these chairs and boy, oh boy was I pumped! Upon checking their status, I was able to tell immediately that the cushions on these seats are amazing! These are equipped with 30 oz of vinyl material that is surely not going to fade anytime soon.

The design is well-made, and I was able to test how sturdy these chairs are. At first, I was kind of hesitant about the space between the back support and the base because I thought that it would be flimsy and easy to break.

But I was wrong! Even though the frame is made of plastic, it is still able to resist high impact and weight! Other than being very durable, these chairs are also extremely comfortable to sit in. I had such a great time sailing using these, and I could not be any more contented with this purchase!

This chair offers great stability and comfort for whoever is going to sit on it. It can support larger people while still being very stable, and that speaks a lot for its quality. The hinges are also made of metal, so safety and steadiness of the chairs will always be provided for the passengers.

It is completely well-made and very comfortable. I was able to install these chairs without any form of hassle, and it went on flawlessly! I have a lot of different jon boat chairs in my arsenal, but the quality of this product will stay unmatched!

It is also worthy to take note that even though the waters get rough, the sailing experience while sitting on these chairs is still very comfortable. They provide an amazing grip for the passengers as well as an amazing sense of sturdiness!

However, I think that some boat owners would not look into trying these chairs out because of the price.

What We Like
  • Plastic frame resists high impact and heavy weight
  • These chairs offer great stability and comfort
  • Metal hinges for safety and steadiness
  • Stays steady even on rough waters
What We Don’t Like
  • These chairs are quite expensive

Yes, these chairs are quite pricey but with the quality that you will get, they are worth every single penny! I honestly can say that these chairs are worth the risk.

Who is This for?

jon boat swivel seats

Having a jon boat is one of the greatest things that any boat owner could possibly have. They are great vehicles for sailing in calm waters where one can go fishing or sometimes even swimming. Using boats as a means to see the beautiful bodies of water is truly a wonderful experience indeed.

However, there are instances where boat owners find the need to replace the most crucial aspect of their boats. It is where they spend most of their time during sailing – their seats!

Jon boat chairs are for those boat owners who are in need of new seats. Be it for redecoration, reconstruction, or just for remodeling, new jon boat seats will surely spice up your jon boats!

Those who often find it hard to focus on sailing because they experience back problems are on the top of the list of people who need new jon boat seats. It may be hard to enjoy their experience as they traverse the beautiful waters when they are uncomfortable with their seats.

Another group of people who might need new seats is those who enjoy having a more cushioned seat or those who prefer to personalize their seats. It is a must for them to get a new set of chairs because not only will it improve their sailing experience, but it will be a great investment as well for the beautification of their boat.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Jon Boat Seat

Jon boats are beautiful and compact – they are perfect for traversing serene waters. Having the leisure and time to unwind on a beautiful boat with the perfect jon boat seats for ultimate comfort will surely be the best feeling as a boat owner!

Are you planning to replace your old and used-up seats? Here are some features to consider when buying new jon boat seats!

Size of The Boat Seat

You should consider the correct and appropriate seat size for your boat. To play it on the safe side, make sure to check out the ones that are of the standard size. Take note that there are seats that are smaller and some that are larger, so it is best to see the standard size first.

After seeing the standard ones, it is now time to decide whether you want a smaller one or a larger one, or maybe you are already completely fine with the standard sized seats. It is best to consider the passengers of your boat – are then on the lighter or the heavier side? Make your decision based on that, and you surely will not regret it.

Type of Material that You Prefer

Do you prefer leather? Or just normal cushions? Or maybe you prefer something with little to no padding? Make sure that you consider the type of material that you would personally want to use and not just because it looks fancy or beautiful.

Choose the type of material that will last for a longer period of time. A great example of a long-lasting material is leather because it does not age as fast as other types. Leather is also extremely comfortable to sit on, and the grip of the leather will make sailing more stable and steady.

Choose Something You Can Lean on

Even though sailing is a fun expedition, we all know that we often get tired will traversing the waters. So it is important to choose a jon boat chair that offers a nice leanability option. No one would want a chair without back support, so pick one that does the job well!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Jon Boat Seat


  • Jon boat seats provide the passengers with the ultimate comfort as they sail the beautiful waters
  • Jon boat seats are the perfect investment to maintain regularity and stability during traveling
  • Jon boat seats provide a fantastic aesthetic look to your boat
  • Jon boat seats are the best way to keep your passengers safe during sailing


The only disadvantage of using a jon boat seat is if what you have is not a jon boat but a different type of boat. All jon boats will benefit from jon boat chairs, so get yours now!

Care and Maintenance

jon boat seat cushions

If you are a brand new boat owner and you are unsure of how to take care of your beautiful and new jon boat chairs, read on and see how to care for and maintain them!

Wipe After Each Use

Make sure to always wipe your jon boat chairs after every use. Cleaning them regularly is better than having to purchase new ones just because of a clumsy habit of not cleaning them.

Wiping them often will prevent the build-up of any bacteria or fungi that can damage the material of your seats, so be careful.

Cover the Boat When not in Use

This should already be a given – whenever your boat is not sailing, it has got to be covered! Prevent any harmful things from damaging your boat and your boat seats, and the best way to do this is by putting on a protective coat over the jon boat.

Identify the Type of Seat your Boat has

If you know the type of material that your jon boat chair is made up of, it will be easier to clean them with the correct products.

Get Rid of Mildew from Your Boat Seats

Mold can be very unattractive and it costs some damage to your seats as well. As we all know, boats are very prone to developing mildew because they are always in contact with moisture from the water and the air, so it is best to get rid of them as soon as you see them.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Set Up and Use Jon Boat Seats?

Here are some tips to install your jon boat seats:

1st option: Use a clamp-on swivel

Basically, it is a clamp with a swivel. You just have to position it so that the swivel is centered on the seat, so that when the seat is mounted in place it can clear when it swivels. Just install the retainer brackets – one on the back and one on the back, and tighten the screws in order to secure them in place.

2nd option: Use the rail system

Get two rails – the front locking rail and the rear locking rail. The first thing you have to do is to mount the front locking rail in place so that the sliding plate can be positioned. This basically allows the plate to slide back and forth while keeping the seat from falling back because it retains the slider in place.

How to Take Care of and Clean Jon Boat Seats?

First of all, the cleaning your jon boat chairs has to be done regularly – you have to make a routine for when you clean them. Make sure to use marine-grade vinyl cleaner as well whenever you clean your chairs. This will clean them properly without harming the material.

You can also use UV protection for your chairs – because they are always exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Because of these harmful rays, your vinyl seats may deteriorate faster – they may crack, fade, or peel.

For rips and holes, make sure to repair them as soon as possible in order to avoid the possibility of getting water or dirt inside the seats. This will also prevent further damages due to the rips and holes.

Next, always cover your boat whenever it is not in use. This will prevent staining, dirt, and exposure to other factors that may contribute to accidents in your boat seats.


As a boat owner, I know how important it is to find the best jon boat seats that are available. And for me, I personally believe that the ones on this list are the greatest! Are you looking into getting some new seats for your boat? Who knows, maybe what you are looking for is on here!

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