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How to de Winterize a Boat

how to de winterize a boat

It’s important to properly de-winterize your boat before taking it out on the water for the first time in the spring. If you don’t, you risk damaging your boat and its engine. Not to mention, you could be putting yourself in danger if something goes wrong while you’re out on the water.

Therefore, in this blog post, we’ll provide you with a checklist of things to do to prepare your boat. So whether you’re a seasoned boater or a newbie, read on for tips on how to de-winterize a boat!

A Detailed Guide on How to De-Winterize your Boat

Make Sure the Boat is Clean

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure your boat is clean. Get all the dirt, leaves, and other debris off the boat and its surfaces. This preparation step will help you spot any potential problems with the boat and its engine.

If you cover your boat through winter with a tarp, then it is a breeze to dust off the boat. However, without protective sheeting, you have a laborious process of cleaning your boat waiting ahead.

Once your boat is clean, it’s time to start de-winterizing it.

Check the Boat Battery

The first thing you’ll want to do is check the battery. Make sure it’s fully charged and in good condition by using a battery tester. If the battery is still working, you should clean it, especially rust marks on its terminals, before re-installation.

If it’s not, you’ll need to replace it before taking your boat out on the water.

Check the Fuel

The next thing to do is to check the fuel system.

  • Check if the flue lines have any cracks on them
  • Replace the fuel filter
  • Drain out the stale gas that goes bad without the fuel stabilizer. If you remember to fill the tank with a fuel stabilizer before winter comes, then you can use the gas

Check the Oil

You’ll also want to check the oil level in your boat’s engine. If it’s low, you’ll need to add more oil before taking your boat out on the water.

Furthermore, do not forget to check the boat’s outdrive to ensure that your engine runs smoothly. You might also want to replace the oil filter after a long winter to avoid corrosion.

Fill the Cooling System

Make sure you check for crack signs on the system’s hoses and rubber impeller. Then, make sure you drain the strainer before filling the cooling system again.

Inspect the Thermostats and Pumps

It is also important to see if the impeller on the water pump and the thermostats are still intact or require immediate replacement.

Check the Hull

does it cost to de-winterize a boat

Before taking your boat out on the water, you’ll want to check the hull for any cracks or other damage to the boat’s exteriors.

If you spot any problems such as cracks, you’ll need to get them fixed before taking your boat out.

Flush the System

You’ll also want to flush the system by running fresh water through it. This will remove any salt or sediment that may have built up over the winter.

Check the Propeller, Inflate the Tires and Safety Gear

You’ll want to check the propeller for damage. If it’s been damaged, you’ll need to replace it before taking your boat out on the water.

Furthermore, remember to inflate the tires to the recommended pressure level to later use as fenders for your boat.

All your boat safety gear must be in place and work properly, especially the personal flotation device.

Check the Steering, Flares, and Horns

Finally, check the steering system to make sure it’s working correctly. If there are any problems, you’ll need to fix them before taking your boat out for a spin.

By following this checklist, you can rest assured that your boat is ready for a fun summer of fishing and

How Much does it Cost to De-Winterize a Boat?

The cost of de-winterizing a boat can vary depending on the size and type of boat and the location.

Generally speaking, the average cost to de-winterize a boat is between $100 and $200. This price range covers most boats up to 30 feet in length. The price may be higher for larger boats or those located in colder climates. Additionally, some people choose to hire a professional service to de-winterize their boat, adding to the overall cost.

If you’re looking to save money on de-winterizing your boat, there are a few things you can do yourself. However, if you’re not comfortable doing these things, it’s best to leave them to a professional.

Additionally, live in a warmer climate. You may be able to get away with not de-winterizing your boat at all. This is something you’ll need to talk to a professional about, however, as every boat is different.


De-winterizing your boat is vital in getting it ready for the summer. Make sure to check all the important parts of your ships, especially the engine and battery. You must replace all the worn-out or cracked pieces and stack all the essential supplies.

By following this checklist, you can ensure that your boat is in good condition, then, you are ready for a new boat trip!

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