About Us

Duck's Eye View

Ride The Ducks is the nation's largest amphibious tour operator and amphibious vehicle manufacturer. Our mission is to "create Quack-tastic Experiences" by offering our guests an entertainment sightseeing experience that is fun, informative and engaging.

Our fleet exceeds 95 vehicles, carrying over 1,500,000 guests each year around the United States.

Ride The Ducks International is headquartered in Atlanta.

Our Migration

We hatched this business in 1977 in Branson, Missouri when local entrepreneur Bob McDowell acquired a small sightseeing business and quickly adopted the mission to build a better guest experience.

  • 1977 - The McDowell's launch Ride The Ducks in Branson, MO
  • 1994 - Ride The Ducks agrees to provide vehicles to Boston Duck Tours, a relationship that continues today
  • 1999 - RTD subsidiary Amphibious Vehicle Manufacturing receives USCG approval for patented "Stretch Duck," significantly improving the classic WWII DUKW
  • 2003 - Ride The Ducks of Philadelphia opens
  • 2003 - Ride The Ducks of Stone Mountain Park (Georgia) opens
  • 2004 - Herschend Family Entertainment purchases Ride The Ducks International
  • 2006 - Amphibious Vehicle Manufacturing receives USCG approval for patented "Truck Duck," an entirely new and modern design based on nearly 30 years of operating experience
  • 2008 - Ride The Ducks launches in San Francisco and Newport, KY (across the river from Cincinnati)
  • 2012 - Ride The Ducks becomes an independent company
  • 2014 - Ride The Ducks Guam opens

Our Vehicles

Ride The Ducks is the only amphibious sightseeing company in the world to both manufacture and operate its own amphibious vehicles. This integration provides priceless learning and value to our team in the plant and in the field . . . and most importantly, it sets the stage for our guests to experience a safe, consistent and high-quality tour.

Our Ducks are based on the classic WWII DUKW amphibious design in appearance only.  Today, we build our vehicles from the ground up using the latest in marine design and safety. The vehicles are regularly inspected, tested & certified by the United States Coast Guard to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for our guests. Our newest model, the "Truck Duck," has been approved by the USCG Marine Safety Center for "Partially Protected Water" routes, a designation unattainable by standard WWII DUKWs in any configuration.

Ride The Ducks logo 1986 - 1995

retro Ride The Ducks logo

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